May 25, 2018

Good evening, folks. 🙂

Today, boyfriend had the day off. We had an appointment at the DMV to register our car. We awoke at around 11a and made it to our appointment right on time at 12:15p. We registered our new vehicle; we were lucky to receive some credits from our last vehicle because the registration hadn’t expired yet.

Yesterday, boyfriend did have to go to work. I started a new a book called, Start Without Me, but I’ve only read the first two chapters so far. I watched The Carrie Diaries while I ate a chopped salad kit called Sunflower Crunch with some chicken I added in for dinner.


Boyfriend and I had a drink together before I went into work. He got home rather late so I didn’t get to work until like midnight. I got too drunk… again. I know you guys are tired of reading that and I should probably stop letting it happen so often. I more than likely embarrassed myself somehow and I’m always nervous to face going back into work but I’ve got to… I also am pretty sure I misplaced some money… ugh. I am so bad. I left work around 3a. I’m not drinking a drop of liquor tonight, I promise!


Anyways, after the DMV appointment, we came home, shared a salad because we were hungry but it was too early for dinner. We watched 2 episodes of 13 Reasons Why then, it was time for boyfriend to start cookin’. I continued watching the series while he cooked, he’s able to see the TV from the kitchen thanks to the peekaboo wall above the sink. I am completely horrified at the ending and I just actually wish *SPOILER ALERT* Tyler would have got his revenge on Bryce and Montgomery. Maybe I’m a horrible person but they shouldn’t be out and about, free and roaming the streets, they’re evil humans. *END SPOILER ALERT*

We watched the last episode by the time boyfriend finished dinner so while we ate, we watched Boy Meets World. We were in the middle of an episode when we finished eating so we waited until it was over before we went out to get our espressos from Starbucks.


I typed up my favorite quotes from the two books I’ve finished recently and then I started writing this.

I’m probably gonna go get ready for work now.

Have a fun and safe weekend everyone!!


XO, Hunida

17 thoughts on “Journal Entry #97

      1. Oh I was talking about the first one! If that last picture is the other cats I can’t see it cause my stupid computer won’t load the image 😫😫😫

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  1. OK I just finished 13 reasons why too and felt similarly and then I was like “why the heck do I feel like this?! I should be so thankful that they just talked Tyler off the ledge.. “…. I wonder if it was done on purpose to emphasize that the monster is “us” those on the other end of the shooter who can prevent it from happening by being kinder, speaking up, etc. etc. (the whole butterfly effect thing). And emphasizing what a complex matter it is.. I’d be interested in hearing what the producers were trying to say in that ending. I feel like we need a few more episodes because we all do want justice for tyler, right?! Or maybe they were bringing to light how easy gun access is and how many close calls are had.. idk. I haven’t had time to talk to anyone about all this so thanks for mentioning that you were watching it and sharing your thoughts!

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    1. I KNOW! I was talking with my sister about the show & she was like “you’re crazy, if he got in there with the gun, he would’ve went way too far!” lol. But I really wanted justice for Tyler. so so bad. They do have those episodes at the end where they talk with the cast & producers but I didn’t watch them. I have this feeling they’re going to make a 3rd season… like that ending was a huuuge cliffhanger! Thanks for sharing your thoughts with me!! It’s always interesting to hear others’ thoughts & opinions!! ❤

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  2. What a laid back day. 😊 and your kitty is so cute, which one is that one again?! Lol

    And I felt the same way!! JUSTICE FOR TYLER because I felt almost scarred for life after seeing that. I wanted to so badly to believe that Montgomery was his own person and was just influenced by Bryce out of fear, but man oh man… as soon as he walked into that bathroom and didn’t leave Tyler along I hated him immediately and even more when he did that to him. Ugh. I was rooting for Tyler as he drove to prom but I’m also glad that as scary as it was for Clay, he stopped Tyler from doing that because it would have affected innocent lives. Other people shouldn’t suffer for the wrong doings of a few individuals but I guess this was a way for the producers to show how easily people can get a hold of guns and how people can be driven over the edge. Like, it’s so weird to think about it, but for once, you felt sympathy for a killer, though he didn’t kill anyone, imagine if he had gone in there, you probably would have felt very guilty for taking his side but it’s also a way to empathize and to understand why people do the things they do. I feel like a few episodes were showing you what life was like from Tyler’s perspective so they made you feel sympathetic towards him that it was hard to say “wait, that’s sooo wrong” as he was driving there. I have a lot of thoughts on a lot of stuff that happened in those episodes lol. But anyway,..

    Idk, a lot happened in that last episode they will most likely make a 3rd season because they can’t just end it like that. Montgomery deserves some kind of punishment because what he did was so fucked up and it was HIS doing. Bryce told him to leave it alone but he just COULDNT!! That makes my blood boil.

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    1. Thank you! That’s Twinkle Star. My only girl cat. 🙂

      Gosh yeah Montgomery is so fucked up… he needs help. And so do his friends that helped him!

      I was rooting for Tyler too lol agh I know he prob would have lost control but he really deserves his justice!

      I’m feeling like there will be a 3rd season too but hannah wont be in it. At least that’s what Buzzfeed said Haha.

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      1. Cute cat! Lol
        Yeah I still can’t believe people are that evil in real life.
        Well clay practically said goodbye to her so that’s probably why lol. After all that her story doesn’t matter as much anymore because everyone else has their own shit going on.

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