My Favorite Dairy-Free Snacks

You guys might not know by the way I torture myself with foods containing dairy, like, all the time but I am lactose intolerant. I’ve been trying my best to find snacks that don’t contain dairy but still taste GOOD. It’s been a pretty tough journey… almost every delicious thing in the world contains some kind of dairy in it. Even most brands/flavors of POTATO CHIPS. Crazy, right?!

But… if you do read my Recipe Reviews, you may have noticed that we NEVER cook with dairy products.

Luckily, I have been able to find a handful of snacks that are actually REALLY tasty but, never will I say that these are better than your regular dairy-filled treats.

rsz_34799170c78a8d027672f119a7d3a060 (1)Nature’s Bakery – Honey & Oat Bars in All the Flavors

If you’re a fan of Kellogg’s Nutri Grain Bars, you will LOVE these. This dairy-free version is the only snack on this list that I’d truly say is better than the dairy version. These are organic with no high fructose corn syrup so they’re loads better for you, too. While I highly recommend these Honey & Oat Bars by Nature’s Bakery, I do NOT recommend their brownies!

rsz_skinnypop.jpgSkinny Pop – Microwave Popcorn in Sea Salt

There’s not one single other microwave popcorn that doesn’t contain dairy in its ingredients besides this one. The container that this popcorn pops in is SO cool. It’s all flat and cardboard then, it turns into a box shape just like in the photo. We did melt a little Earth Balance vegan butter on top and we also had to add just a few more dashes of Himalayan Pink Salt but, after all that, it tasted spectacular!!

rsz_1chocolate-chunk.jpgBack To Nature – Chocolate Chunk Cookies

Mmm, mmm, good!! You won’t miss the dairy in these at all and they don’t taste like clay, not even the after taste! These taste like straight-up chocolate chip cookies… and who doesn’t love those?! Even my boyfriend will eat these when I buy them.

rsz_goodthinsGood Thins – The Potato One in Spinach & Garlic

These are wonderful. They’re light and crispy. It’s spinach & garlic flavored so I would never assume that they’d need dairy in them in the first place but trust me, for a lot of other brands– something like this would definitely contain dairy.

rsz_bearnakedBear Naked – Granola Bites in Peanut Butter & Honey

Ooh, these are so chewy and delicious!! I love them, they’re healthy and tasty!! I also tried their other flavor: Chocolate & Sea Salt which was okay but I’d never buy it again over this one.


rsz_enjoy_lifeEnjoy Life – Soft Baked Cookies in Double Chocolate Brownie

These do have a little bit of a weirdo taste to them, they taste like they’re missing something (probably dairy, right?) but they’re still edible and decent compared to other dairy-free cookies I’ve tried. They’re good enough to satisfy your sweet tooth and you won’t have to force yourself to quit eating them. One or two is enough. I never even want a third one.

rsz_brownies1Lehi Roller Mills – Double Fudge Brownie Mix

It’s super tough to find any boxed baked goods that don’t already have dairy in them or that don’t tell you to add some into the mix. Sometimes, I crave a warm, sweet treat so one day, I desperately read the boxes of all the mixes in the baking aisle until I found this one!! Not only is it completely dairy-free but, they also use wheat in these and you can’t even tell. They’re moist and fudgy, just perfect, they are! You’ll love ’em, too!! I know it!!

rsz_kettle_chipsKettle Brand – Potato Chips in Jalapeño

Jalapeño flavored potato chips are by far my favorite but, nearly every other brand for some reason adds dairy into theirs. Kettle Brand potato chips only include dairy when it’s supposed to… like when the flavor is Parmesan Garlic or something. If it’s BBQ, Dill Pickle, Salt & Vinegar etc. they’re all dairy-free!! I couldn’t even believe how hard it was to find these gems. Potato chips are so important to me, I almost put this one in the Dairy-Free Substitutions post! ;D

Are you dairy-free or vegan?? If so, please, fill me in on what you’re snackin’ on!!

XO, Hunida

Featured Image by Brooke Lark

36 thoughts on “My Favorite Dairy-Free Snacks

  1. I feel like every lactose intolerant person I know has this same issue and tortures themselves the same way. It’s good you’ve found SOME THINGS

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  2. I didn’t cut out dairy, I just make sure I have lactose free everything. With all of the different dietary needs out there these days, there are lots of options. Even cottage cheese (if that’s your thing). I don’t have any issues with cheese thankfully, only milk, so I probably eat way too much cheese. 😂

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  3. My poor digestive tract… here I am thinking cheese is my only downfall and they put dairy in freaking potato chips (but how?). I need to check out some of these snacks! I am headed towards a vegan-ish diet and it would be nice to have a list of my favorite snacks that don’t lacerate my small intestine. -__-

    Dom |

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    1. YES, GIRL!!! There’s dairy in freaking everything. Most labels will say “Contains: Milk” so you’ll know which potato chips have it… MOST of the time. I’ve bought things and read the ingredients completely and saw milk ingredients even without the “Contains: Milk” warning! SO YES, be careful if your stomach hates dairy!
      I’ll make another post like this for you when I can find another handful of yummy snackies. 😀 & If you come across any yummy vegan snacks, I’d love to know about them!!!

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  4. Those granola bites sound absolutely delicious! I’m not dairy-free, but I still really want to try them. Granola bites are super good but they are often so unhealthy. Also, I never knew Kettle was mostly dairy-free! They are my favorite brand of chips and I like them even more now that I know they limit their ingredients like dairy when it’s not needed. That is super awesome!

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  5. I literally tried leaving a comment for this post yesterday but it didn’t go through. Some error within the app maybe or the entire WP system. Idk, anyway, these all sound good. I’m sure I’ve seen some of these in the organic isle, and they look good too. I’ll hav to try them 😃

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  6. Oh that reminds me, Alex told me about some milk yesterday that was supposedly lactose free, but it’s still milk. He didn’t tell me the name of the brand, probably didn’t know,but it’s worth looking into maybe?

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    1. Oh my, you are dairy-free AND gluten-free? That must be so tough! I personally like the Back To Nature cookies better than the Enjoy Life but not sure if either one of them are gluten-free!! 😦


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