Journal Entry #91

May 11, 2018

Hey you guys! Brace yourself for a long, photo-filled post. I have to update you all the way from Tuesday since I haven’t written a proper Journal Entry since Monday.

Sooo, here we go!!

On Tuesday, boyfriend had to work during the evening. I also worked that night so I had to eat dinner without him. I chose to walk to La Bahia.


I ordered the same chicken dish I got last time I went there.


I ordered it to-go so I could walk it back home and watch a couple episodes of The Carrie Diaries while I ate. I think I worked from 11p-2a? Boyfriend and I stopped for a drink before I went in. We were feelin’ a little tipsy when he dropped me off at work and I exclaimed that we should road trip to Cali the next day (Wednesday) since he was given the next 3 days off! We both agreed on it.

On Wednesday, we woke up bright and early after only sleeping 4 or so hours. We set our alarm for 8a and I woke up right when it went off– yes, I was that excited.


Boyfriend packed most of the stuff for us while I was at work the night before but I had to pick out the clothes and bathing suit I wanted. I didn’t even look at the bathing suit I chose until I got to Cali (of course) and the top’s strap was somehow broken. I could have chose ANY of my other 3 suits but I was half asleep, packing haphazardly. That will teach me a lesson to do things last minute!!


After I got all my stuff together, we didn’t shower or anything… we just went straight into the car and onto the road!

The main reason we were going to Cali was because I MISS CAMBODIAN FOOD so, so much. There are no restaurants here in Vegas and all of my family lives in Minnesota (minus my mom, she’s in Arkansas). The nearest place for me to get some Cambodian food is Long Beach, CA where they have Cambodia Town!


I slept most of the way there! I woke up only like 20m before we got to the Cambodia Town street sign (^). Perfect timing as I didn’t miss the photo op, lol!! ;D Last time we visited Long Beach, we went to the restaurant Hak Heang so that’s where we decided to go again but, next time… I think we want to try somewhere else. I saw on Yelp a place called Monoram that looked really wonderful. Plus, Monoram is one of my little brother’s middle name.


We ordered the “Family Dinner #1” to share. I think the amount of food was perfect for boyfriend and me so maybe they should call this the “Couple’s Dinner.”


I loved being around people speaking Khmer and that the waitresses spoke Khmer to me. 😀 I really wish there was a restaurant around here that I could go to. I am deprived of my childhood foods.


The family dinner included: Khmer Style Beef Sticks with Jrouk (^). Jrouk is just pickled veggies, I think? I’ve always ate it and never really wondered what it was, it’s delicious and mostly always served with these beef sticks– they were perfect and tasted just like home.


The Prahok (^) has always been my number one, favorite Khmer dish; it was what I was craving the most… I slept in the car for 5 hours and woke up to this disappointment. It didn’t even taste right. It honestly tasted like ground chicken in oily curry sauce?! Super coconutty, with no fishy flavor… it was just… not right. I was so sad, we barely ate any of it.


We did enjoy the Sour Fish Soup (^) a lot. Boyfriend said it was his favorite dish out of the whole dinner and I have to agree; the fish chunks were plentiful, big, meaty and the pineapples were nicely tart and boiled to the perfect tenderness! I wish I had a bigger belly so I could have ate some other dishes I’ve been craving– but hey, what do people always say?? More reason to go back, right?!

After our big dinner, we hopped back into the car and right back onto the road!


We had already stayed in Hollywood before, walked around LA and stuff so this time, we wanted to see San Diego which was (supposed to be) only an hour away and known for an amazing, fun nightlife. I found this freakin’ amazing hotel on Expedia when I got off work on Tuesday night/Wednesday morning. When I booked it, there were only TWO ROOMS left so we got super lucky to snag one of ’em! I was also lucky to have racked up enough Expedia Points to only have to pay half of the price of the room!!


I slept the 2 hours (because of traffic!!) there and when I finally woke up, we were already turning into the drop dead gorgeous scenery of the Paradise Point Resort & Spa!!!


This resort had EVERYTHING. They had morning yoga classes, a phenomenal gym with tons of workout equipment, FIVE different pool areas, one with a swim-up bar, one for adults only, a few different restaurants, a spa, a golf course, its own private beach where you can rent jetskis, paddleboats etc., surfing lessons, bonfire areas with wood provided… seriously, they have absolutely anything you can dream of having at a resort hotel.


With all the amenities; you can only imagine how HUGE this place is so we were a bit lost in the maze at first. We had such a hard time finding the lobby, their directional signs weren’t helping at all either!! But man, did we have some awesome timing!! Check-in time was at 4p and when we finally found the lobby it was only 4:08! Woo hoo!


My jaw was on the ground when we walked to the check-in counter. I didn’t hear one word the guy was saying (I had a TON of questions for boyfriend when we finished up, haha) because I was in awe, staring at the beauty of it all and taking these photos. It took the guy awhile to get us all checked-in but I didn’t mind because I was busy enough looking around.


We finally got our room keys and parking permit for our car. We drove around looking for our room, you can bet we got lost again but not for too long this time because they gave us a map!! I loved how the rooms are set up. It felt like small little neighborhoods.


Each room had a patio with lounge chairs, too, but neither of us ever went out onto ours since our car was parked right in front of our door, we were smoking weed that we didn’t want all of the other guests to be able to smell!!

The room we had was SUPER NICE. Like I said, there was only two rooms left when I booked and neither of the two rooms had the one king-sized bed. We got a room with two queen-sized beds instead. I wasn’t mad at all about it once we walked in.


There was a seriously large walk-in closet equipped with a chest of drawers and everything. The big window is the sliding door to the patio. The bathroom was insane. First of all, that big wooden slab next to the TV is the sliding door to the get into the bathroom. (Note to self: I NEED A HUGE WOODEN SLIDING DOOR FOR MY FUTURE DREAM HOME’S BATHROOM.)


Second of all, I’ve never in my life seen prettier floor tiles!! I also loved the shower head and the free Keurig usage with complimentary K-Cups!! There was also a cute little kit with a nail filer, q-tips, and cotton balls. Full-size body wash, shampoo & conditioner, body lotion, and a shower cap!


Okay, okay! Enough gushing about our room already!! San Diego was actually a LOT colder than Las Vegas. At night it was 61 degrees and we compared it to home where it was 90 degrees at the same time. It was already a bit chilly after we unpacked our stuff in the room but, we had to use one of the pools. I mean we DID pay a resort fee!! I left my phone on the charger so there are no pictures of the pools… SORRY!!!

I read on Yelp that the best pool was the Waterfall Pool so we had to get in the car and drive to this said “best pool of the resort” and then we had to walk a ton more to get there. We thought it was worth it at the time because there was a pretty waterfall (not that it was in the pool or anything… it was just like a decoration) and there was no one else there. I found a way to tie my bathing suit strap so that it was wearable but it wasn’t comfy at all. I ran straight into the hot tub because it was FREEZING outside.

Boyfriend and I did the naughtiest thing in the hot tub!! Right when he finished, a family with a baby in a stroller came in just to test the waters but they walked right out. Again, we had that awesome timing!!! ;D

Boyfriend went for a quick swim in the pool while I stayed in the hot tub. We walked back to our car, drove back to our room. We took a fast shower together, tidied ourselves up just a little, got back in the car and drove to Little Italy!!


We walked around for awhile and salivated at all of the Italian dishes on the tables of the outdoor patios that lined every single sidewalk.


I was thinking we could find a place to have a respectable sangria and some unique appetizers but, it seemed like everyone else had the exact same idea because the establishments with the best, most frugal options had lines out the door!


After walking around and passing the same places a few times, we somehow found this cute little winehouse called M Winehouse!!


There weren’t many customers here at all and we were helped right away. I had lost hope, I thought we were never going to find a place without a wait. But, of course, this place DID NOT have any food. Oh well though… we had walked up an entire appetite!!


I was ready for a full-on second dinner and we were planning to hit up the Gaslamp Quarter after Little Italy so we knew we’d be able to find a place to eat there.


After we drank our sangrias and the sun had went down, we walked back to our car and drove to the Gaslamp Quarter to find dinner and a place to drink a fancy cocktail.


We could not find that big lit up sign that says Gaslamp Quarter. We even asked for directions to it and still didn’t find it!! What the heck? Boyfriend and I must be directionally challenged.

I told boyfriend to just pick a restaurant, any restaurant (there were SOOOO many) and I’d find something to eat there– no matter where it was! After walking around Little Italy, we both were craving some Italian food. Boyfriend chose this restaurant called Operacaffe, amazing Italian without a 30 minute wait.


We decided to sit outside because there were heaters hanging above us, we stayed nice and toasty under them. We both love people-watching too!! It was such a nice spot to enjoy our dinner.


The complimentary bread with olive oil & balsamic vinegar dip was like nothing I’ve ever had before. I could eat basket after basket of this stuff!!


We ordered the clams in white wine sauce to share (there was another option of red sauce too– it was so hard to choose!). The clams were meaty and they weren’t gritty like some clams we’ve had at other restaurants. The sauce was to die for! And the garlic bread?! YUMMMMY! We pretty much cleaned this plate out!


I ordered the Bolognese (^)!! I wish I could eat it again right now. It was one of the best (but honestly, I can’t say the number one) Bolognese dishes I’ve ever ordered. It was perfectly seasoned and so wonderfully beefy. There is no cheese in this dish but they do offer to shred some Parmesan on top. I cried a little when I denied it to save myself from the trouble.


I forgot what the pizza boyfriend ordered was called but there were black olives, ham, artichokes, and mushrooms on it (and probably more that I can’t remember). He let them shred some fresh Parmesan on top and they gave us some extra spicy red pepper flakes that we both topped our food with!!

After we were full to the brim, we walked around some more. We were on the hunt for those fancy cocktails I love!!


Yelp was kind of useless showing us less than half of the options than we actually had, we couldn’t find the exact place we wanted to visit but there was one on the top-rated list that we ended up walking past!!


It was called The Tipsy Crow! It had an upstairs area that had couches and a pool table. I went up just to look at it but only for a second because we had already ordered our drinks on the main floor before we realized people could go up the stairs. There was also a downstairs that was closed off. Some customers came in and were bummed about that. I wonder what’s down there? Anyone else ever been here and know about the mysterious basement?


I ordered a sort of Moscow Mule with tequila and Chambord in it and boyfriend ordered some fancy Bourbon Old Fashioned. His was way too strong for me and mine was a bit too sweet for me, I’m picky with cocktails, I guess!!

ALSO, anyone that lives in Cali or visits there a lot… PLEASE explain to me the yellow bikes and green scooters that are parked messily all over the city?!? Why are there so many everywhere, how do they work, and why do people just leave them around so carelessly?! We couldn’t stop saying “what the hell?!” every time was saw an abandoned bike or scooter.

Anyways, boyfriend ordered a scotch on the rocks but I was so full I couldn’t have another drink. I didn’t really want one either! I was feelin’ so happy already and having so much fun. 😀

Free selfies stand!!!

We headed back to the hotel after once again failing to find the lit up Gaslamp Quarter sign. We smoked a blunt in our car, that’s when I posted Journal Entry #90, and then snuggled up in the comfy ass bed, watched the big ass TV, and fell asleep rather quickly. We set the alarm for 9:30 and woke up even before the first snooze ended!! I was ready to find a place to eat breakfast. San Diego has a crazy amount of restaurants. I needed to hit as many spots as I could in the very short time we had there!!

Also, check-out time was 11a and I was not trying to get charged for oversleeping haha.


We took a shower together and packed up all of our things. Boyfriend rolled up a few blunts for the road and then, we were ready to go! We went to the lobby to check out, smoked a blunt in the parking lot before we left, and looked on Yelp for a hot breakfast spot that wasn’t TOO hot because you know us, we HATE lines and since there are just so freakin’ many restaurants… I don’t feel it’s worth it to wait in line when you can find an equally good place that just isn’t as hyped up.


We chose Mission Cafe which had great ratings and was said to be really packed but not often was there a wait except for on weekends and holidays– it was neither of those things on Thursday so we decided to give it a shot. We actually were lucky to get a spot that was just cleaned up right when we walked in the door.


We sat in the cute corner booth next to the window.  The place was PACKED:


Our waitress was ON TOP of her shit though and she came to our table right away. She immediately got us waters and took our orders when we were ready.


We started with coffees… duh!! Boyfriend ordered the Hammerhead that was just coffee and espresso. It was SOOO tasty. I forgot what my cup of coffee was called but it had Mexican chocolate and cinnamon it. It tasted like hot chocolate more than coffee but I loved it.


It was SO hard to decide what to order off their menu. EVERYTHING sounded good!! We shared a side of the freakin’ fantastic Rosemary Potatoes:


These potatoes, you guys, MMMM!!! Look at them! (^) Those burnt pieces were the best things ever!!!


Boyfriend had this mega stuffed breakfast burrito with chips and salsa on the side. I can’t remember what it was called and I couldn’t tell ya what exactly was all up in it but I can show you!!:


I took one bite and I immediately did that weird thing where you flare your nostrils and roll your eyes to the back of your head and accidentally let out a tiny moan.


I didn’t think it was possible but MY breakfast was even better (^). I had the croissant sandwich without any of the dairy (it included cream cheese and some other kind of cheese)… and I added bacon which they mixed into the eggs. The croissant melted in my mouth and the eggs were bursting with flavor and meaty bacon chunks. It also came with fresh sliced fruit!!! Gosh, it was SO good!!! ❤ ❤

After our late breakfast, we started our trip back home.


I slept the entire way except for the last 50 minutes. I woke up and read Hidden Bodies until we made it home!!! I had like 40 minutes left in the book when we got home so I finished reading it before we went out to eat. Driving 5 hours can really make a person’s stomach growl!!


We were sick of driving so we went somewhere close by. Guadalajara at the Boulder Station Casino. We’ve been here once before for food and a few other times for margaritas. The best thing about this place is the unlimited chips and salsa & beans bar.


We weren’t hungry enough for an appetizer plus, we had the chips, salsa, and bean dip to eat!! I ordered the same thing I got the first time we went to this restaurant. It’s called the Chicken Cockoletero… I think. I probably spelled it wrong and I definitely pronounced it wrong when I ordered it because the waiter announced what it was when he presented it to the table and it did NOT sound like whatever I ordered.


I love their rice, it’s addicting!!! The beans were good too but I had to remove the cheese. The chicken was dry and it wasn’t as good as I remembered but I still ate it all!!


Boyfriend had the Shrimp Chimichanga, it was ginormous! The shrimp was plump, juicy, and well-seasoned. He liked it a lot! I never ate it all together, I just had a shrimp (or two, hehe).

There is also a Grand Cafe in the casino so we stopped for some sweet treats. Boyfriend was smoking a cigarette and you’re not allowed to smoke while picking a treat so I had to choose one for him. I got him a cinnamon roll and for me, a chunky brownie:


There was a Starbucks in the casino too so of course, if you give a Hunida a brownie, she’s going to want a coffee to go with it!!! (Like if you give a mouse a cookie, you know?!)

I ordered a plain iced coffee with a little caramel sauce, almond milk, and two shots of espresso. Boyfriend ordered some cold brew thingy. We ate the cinnamon roll at the tables of Starbucks but I saved my brownie for later that night at home because I wanted to toast it in the oven!!

Today, we woke up around 2p. Boyfriend works like the next four maybe five days in a row so we can’t go grocery shopping. We don’t cook when he works (I know I’ve mentioned this before) so our food would go bad before he had time to cook it for us if we went today.

I had to go to Sephora anyways, needed new mascara, again. I accidentally let mine dry out because I didn’t screw the cap on tight enough… it could have lasted a lot longer. We went to the Galleria Mall in Henderson. We had never been before. There’s a Sephora inside the JC Penney’s at this mall and there was also a few dining options so we were able to make two stops at one mall.


We bought my mascara and headed to the World of Beer Bar & Kitchen that we found on the directory inside the mall. We had to walk outside to “the plaza” to get to this bar & kitchen though.


It was Happy Hour so we ordered two $5 shareables:


The first one is Tuscan Hummus with pita bread, cukes, and I think an attempt at an Israeli salad. I was not a fan of this hummus but the grilled pita bread was delicious especially at the charred parts. The second one was the 2 fried chicken sliders. The chicken was super crispy, the garlic aioli was nice and simple, the pickle tasted fresh. I liked these a lot.


We ordered this fruity cider to share since we were at the World of Beer, we felt obligated to try one. I can’t remember the name of the one we tried but it was pretty good! I’m not a fan of a beer but I’m starting to like certain fruity ciders!!


Boyfriend ordered yet ANOTHER fried chicken sandwich for his main dish. It was buffalo flavored and entree sized though and it also had some cheese/other toppings on it. He chose sweet potato fries for his side (with absolutely no influence whatsoever from me ;D).


We were seated right under a fan and I was getting so crabby because everything was blowing around and my goosebumps and arm hairs were flaring up, it was SO fucking cold!!! Then I got even more crabby when I received my dainty and overpriced dish:


I chose the IPA Salmon. Okay, the sauce on the salmon was good… not really boozy like I was hoping for, a bit overly sweet… but that’s not what I’m complaining about. I was hoping for a bigger slab of salmon, too… but still not what I was crabby about. The broccoli was drenched in butter but it didn’t say it would be on the menu. I’m lactose intolerant and still… I wasn’t mad about this particular issue. The mashed potatoes were listed on the menu as just “mashed red potatoes” when I took a bite of this pile of shit… it had this nasty, sour taste. There was all kinds of crap mixed in there. Boyfriend tasted it and hated it too. He thinks it had sour cream and butter and string cheese melted in it. LOL. I don’t know what the fuck was really in it… it was just disgusting and completely inedible!


After dinner, we went to Walmart for cat litter and new razor heads for me but I also bought cotton balls, a new nail lacquer, and a new eyelash curler! 😀 My old one was pulling my eyelashes out so I needed a new one. We also had to stop at Starbucks for our iced espressos before we could come home. I started this post right when I got home and gosh, I’M STILL HERE!!

OH ONE MORE THING!! I got my Birchbox today!! I got so many fun products to try!! AAAAND my Ipsy and Sephora are both on their way now too. 😀 I can’t wait to see what else I get to try this month.

I REALLY GOTTA GET GOING NOW. It’s late as fuck and I haven’t done my makeup yet. Sorry for any spelling errors or messy spacing, I’m gonna post this now and re-read and edit it if I need to when I’m done with my makeup!!!

Toodle loo!! Stay safe this weekend!! ❤

Thanks for reading and sticking it out to the end of this post (if you did!!!). I love you all so much!!

XO, Hunida

36 thoughts on “Journal Entry #91

  1. Your coffee legit LOOKED like it had cinnamon. And I LOVE when I get lost on trips. It just makes for more adventure! And your room was soooo beautiful! Honestly I wanna do a road trip to California sooooo badly! I’m glad you caught us up cause you low key took your time posting a journal entry but I’m cool with it cause all these food pictures gave me satisfaction!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hahah yeah, I couldn’t drink the last sip of that coffee because it was pretty much a pool of cinnamon! The room really was so beautiful!! You totally should road trip to Cali someday. It’s so big and there’s SO much to see, do, and EAT! ;D I’m sorry I took my time with posting a journal entry haha, I’m happu I was able to make up for it with this post!! ❤ ❤ Thanks so much for reading it all!! 😀

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I am so glad you had fun!! I love impromptu adventures!!
    The bikes and scooters parked everywhere are rentals and right now people can basically leave them anywhere and the renters will pick them up soo..we kinda see them everywhere at this point.
    The food looked yummy and the resort looked amazing! Those bathroom tiles were gorge! Great post!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh my gosh! We just saw bikes everywere!! lying on the curb on side of the streets, in the middle of beautiful grassy areas… I hope they figure out a way to make people abandon them properly so it doesn’t look so messy and no one gets hurt!!
      Thanks so much for reading and commenting, Jess!! ❤


  3. Looks like you guys had such a fantastic time!! What a fun trip! I don’t think I’ve ever had Cambodian food, but I definitely want it now, that looks amazing! Also, what a pretty resort. That was such a great find!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. We did have a fantastic time. 😀 It’s really hard to find Cambodian food anywhere so I understand a lot of people haven’t tried it before. & YES GIRL we got so lucky with finding that resort!!! Thanks so much for reading & commenting, Tialla. ❤

      Liked by 1 person

  4. *gasp* is that fried banana on the first food photo??! From La Bahia?
    That is so cool that you guys kind of spontaneously decided to go to Cali. That must have been pretty awesome.
    I’m sure I’ve already told you but I don’t think I’ve ever had Cambodian food. But that’s so cool the waitress spoke Khmer. But sucks that dish didn’t taste so well 😞
    And the resort looks soooooooooo beautiful!!!!!! Oh my gosh!!!! My jaw is on the floor too haha I can imagine it looks so much better in person.
    I always kind of laugh when people say 60 degrees is cold because that’s like perfect weather over here for us Oregonians lmao. But i understand though, you guys come from hot land, you’d probably die over here during the winter no joke lol. I still can never get used to when it drops to 32 degrees lol anyway I’m gettin off topic…
    The bread at that Italian restaurant looks soooooo good!!!!!!! I’ve never had clams but I’d eat pizza any day haha. My favorite food lol.
    And if those bikes are like anything we have here in Portland, it’s probably a bike shore system. We have one and our bikes are orange. Lol. You have to get a pass or a membership and you just ride the bike to wherever you need to go lol. I think this month it’s free I’m not entirely sure how it actually works, I just know a little bit about it more or less. It’s pretty cool though. Here in Portland people are big on bikes to get around, especially downtown, and I think we still have a bike counter on Hawthorne bridge that counts the number of cyclists each day lol. The other bridges might have counters too for all I know 😂😂😂
    Your coffee or hot chocolate and croissant sandwich loook delisssshhhh!!! You guys hit the best food spots ever lol.
    And your dish at the Guadalajara restaurant, the green stuff looks like nopales (cactus) but I could be wrong. And the cinnamon roll and brownie look good too. Ugh. I want donuts!!!
    Sucks the IPA salmon wasn’t good, it honestly doesn’t even look good. I can see how sloppy the broccoli looks too lol. It’s supposed to be more firm lol
    Phew I cannot believe how long my comment is. I’ll show myself out 🙈

    Liked by 1 person

    1. YESS!! I love fried bananas. My boyfriend hates them!! Do you like them? How about the banana chips?! 😀
      Cali was so fun and ugh, I wish I could cook Cambodian food like my mom so I could introduce you to some dishes. The resort really was amazing– I wish I had gotten some pictures of the pool areas & stuff!!
      Yeah I’m always freezing cold, when it’s like 70 I’m like “babe I need to grab a sweater” hahah Minnesota gets to like negative 30 in the winter but I’m already used to the heat I guess!! It’s like 100 here right now almost everyday.
      They had the weird rental bike system in Minnesota too, but just for the downtown area and you were supposed to park them neatly back where they belong… not just lay them around wherever you wanted to!
      Lol that breakfast spot really was so delicious!! Food is seriously like the most important part of my day!! Haha.
      I’m actually not sure what that green stuff was in that dish haha. It was yummy though!! It tasted kind of sour? I want donuts too. 😀
      LOL yeah, when I saw the salmon dish come out, I was instantly disappointed before even tasting it. It looked so skimpy.
      I love your long comments, Rossy!!! ❤ Thank you so much for leaving me one & reading all my crap!!! ❤

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I love fried bananas too. I used to eat them all the time when I was little. I still can’t make them exactly the way my auntie used to make them. It’s like the plantain has to be perfectly ripe but still green. Idk. It’s weird. And banana chips…like the dried fruit? No lol.
        Tell her to send you the recipes and give it a shot. ,h mom only taught me a few recipes and I’ve been trying to perfect them ever since lol.
        Lol yeah you started to get acclimated to the weather, but here it’s constantly changing lmao. Raining one minute and sunshine the next haha.
        Oh ok. We have them downtown only as far as I know, but they do have little orange racks all over town as well lol. But yeah, in some places it might not work haha.
        Awh no problem. Sometimes I wonder if people get bored by my unusually long comments lmao.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. My grandma makes really good fried bananas too! Haha. I’ve never tried it on my own. I can’t make anything because we don’t want to have to go to the Asian store plus the grocery store lol. We hate grocery shopping enough. 😛
          Those bikes look so big and heavy haha. I don’t get bored of your comments, ever!!! ❤

          Liked by 1 person

              1. The trick is to go early when everyone is at work lol. The stores are practically empty and our Fred Meyer usually just have old people buying their food in the early morning and afternoon lol

                Liked by 1 person

  5. Looks like you guys had a little fun and spontaneous trip ☺️💜 so much food! I’m glad you guys got to finally go to that Cambodian place you’ve been craving! Sounds like you guys had quite the adventure, though, and that hotel was really nice! You guys definitely lucked out ☺️

    Liked by 1 person

  6. What a cool trip! I want to go to Cali so bad. That Cambodian food looks really yummy. I wish I could try some. We don’t have any places here either. The room you guys stayed at is so awesome looking! Any hotel I’ve ever stayed at was just really ugly and outdated. That bolognese and pizza looks absolutely mouth watering! Somehow I always stumble upon pictures of food when I’m hungry too. 😛 That breakfast burrito looks amazing too! I actually like breakfast burritos more than regular burritos.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I hope you get to visit Cali one day, Britney! We’ve never stayed at such a nice hotel, either. Usually we go for the cheapest option on Expedia lol. I think I like breakfast burritos better than regular ones too! They seem more right, if that makes sense?!

      Liked by 1 person

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