Journal Entry #89

May 07, 2018

I really was going to write this earlier but my internet was out all day. I thought it was something to do with the internet company but turns out, one of my cats (stinkin’ naughty Benji!!) chewed through the coaxial cord and I didn’t know how to fix it… boyfriend fixed it right when he got home, of course.


Sooo, all I did today was snuggle with Twinks (^), read Hidden Bodies, and catch up on my WP reader. I ate a boxed soup by Back To Nature and I was really impressed. It was delish with a lot of pretty big chunks of chicken. I called the Cox company to see what was wrong with my internet while I ate… I scheduled an appointment for them to come fix it but like I said, we got it working now so boyfriend called to cancel that appointment, lol.

I just got done doing my makeup so after this post and blunt, off to work I go.

On Friday night, it was SO busy at work. I became exhausted and couldn’t pull myself to work past 3a… which was probably too early. I should’ve stayed later because it’s not always that busy and once June hits, it gets really sloooow until like January. I still feel a bit guilty about it.

On Saturday, boyfriend worked and I was planning on going to work so I had dinner without him. I walked to the Laos Asia Market and tried their Beef Pho for the first time.


It was the best pho I’ve had in such a long while but it was just a bit overly salted and did end up giving me a huge headache (along with some beef jerky I also bought and ate here) because of the MSG.

I didn’t go to work because I felt sluggish and I feel like even if I hadn’t had the headache, I would’ve stayed my lazy ass at home (I’m bad, I know) but the headache did give me a good reason not to go and made my guilt disappear for the night at home.

Boyfriend got home around 10ish. He ate some leftovers from the night before and we watched Gerald’s Game on Netflix but I fell asleep before it ended.

On Sunday, boyfriend and I both had the day off!! He worked today and he works tomorrow so we thought it wouldn’t be a good idea to go grocery shopping since we don’t cook at home on the days that he works. We woke up pretty late, like around 2p. We lounged around in the bedroom for a bit then, we decided to find a place to eat.

We decided on SkinnyFats which we’ve only been to one time before because it’s 20 minutes away. I remember it was delicious though and I wanted to try so many things on their menu.


I don’t even remember if this is the same one we went to the first time (there are a few locations) but boyfriend said he thinks it’s a different one. Their exterior is SO freaking cute and there was huge billboard that you could see from a mile away saying “SkinnyFats is HERE!” with an arrow pointing down at the building. The only other establishment nearby is Hustler the strip club, ha.


The interior was lovely, too. Super hipster and rustic… artsy fartsy, trendy stuff. You know I loved it!

Aaaand, the best part, my memory served me right because their food was TOP-NOTCH… not to mention, it came out lightning fast.


If there are appetizers on the menu, you already know we’re ordering one. We decided on the PIMP SHRIMP! It’s tempura shrimp with pico and some sort of cilantro creme, I think? all in a cucumber boat! I loved it. Last time we got the chicken cucumber boat.


We also ordered the hummus and pita side dish. It was dainty but the hummus was amazing. The pita had a little too much sea salt on them though!! Maybe I am just sensitive to salt?!? I don’t know… boyfriend said they were salty too?!


Boyfriend ordered the Cherry Popper burger with sweet potato fries for his side. I don’t remember all that was on it because it was a LOT. I know there was an egg though because I can see it in the picture and I remember boyfriend had streaks of egg yolk down his arm afterwards, hehe. It was so juicy and packed with all the flavor. Mmmm, the fries were nice and crispy too!


I ordered the Chickawaffadopolis!! Unlike traditonal chicken & waffles this didn’t use bone-in chicken. Instead, they put crispy tenders but I wasn’t that disappointed. Other chicken & waffle connoisseurs may be upset with this set up but it wasn’t a problem for me after I tasted this chicken. The waffle was crispy but still fluffy and I already mentioned how awesome the chicken was, right?! All together, dipped in syrup… just wow, it’s a HUGE party in your mouth!!!

We went to Starbucks for some espresso fueled frappucinos. I worked on posts and stuff for my blog the rest of the night while boyfriend played some loud shooting game on his phone lol. We smoked so much together we had to go buy more weed last night when we originally planned to not buy it until today!!!

We went to bed around 2a and I stayed up reading Hidden Bodies until 3:30a. Boyfriend fell asleep only a little bit before me.

Today, I already told you all about in the beginning of this entry and I really gotta get to work now!!

P.S. I wrote those movie reviews! I’ll post it on Thurs. instead of what I had scheduled. πŸ˜€

Goodnight!! ❀


XO, Hunida

45 thoughts on “Journal Entry #89

  1. Here in Europe, Sweet potato fries are not popular at all, but I love them. Maybe more than regular ones!
    So I make them at home. I also make home made pita, at least once a week. Because it’s YUMMMMMM πŸ˜€

    Liked by 1 person

    1. They have just become super popular in the last 2 or 3 years here, like nearly every restaurant has ’em now! Hopefully Europe will be the same eventually. πŸ™‚ I bet they taste just as good when you make ’em yourself! I wish I knew how to make homemade pita & hummus! That’d be amazing.


    1. Lol thank you, isn’t she!! And her fur is SOOOO soft. Not like my boy cats. We still haven’t finished Gerald’s Game!! We’re like halfway through. If we finish it before Thurs. I may add it into my Netflix movie reviews!!

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  2. Oh my, naughty kitty! lol I remember when my cat was a kitten he kept trying to chew my computer cables. Thankfully he outgrew that. πŸ˜›

    I’ve actually never had Pho, but it always looks so yummy. I really want to try it.

    The Pimp Shrimp looks the best out of everything! It’s making me so hungry just looking at it.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, he’s so naughty. I inspected some of the other cords by the computer and see more bite marks! I don’t know what to do to hide them from him!
      All the food was delish, thank you! ❀

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  3. I’m vegetarian but battered chicken and waffles together sounds insane! πŸ˜‹ Going to bed late and getting up after mid-day is the best, although I can see why you would need to be running on full energy to do your job. MSG makes every sauce so good but yeah, you do pay for it later!

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  4. Hahahaha what a naughty kitty! My friend at work actually works from her home in Arizona and we were just talking over our company messenger when she suddenly told me that her dog had chewed up her charger cable! She had to send her boyfriend to the Apple store in the middle of the day to get another as her laptop wouldn’t last through the day without it. I thought it was funny but she and her wallet, not so much!

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    1. Yes! He’s so naughty! Lucky we had a couple extra ones so we didn’t have to run to the store but, if he chews through this one– we’re going to have to buy a new one! I don’t know how to prevent him from doing it again lol!

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  5. Omg the food looks ducking delicious!!! I want that pita and hummus and also those chicken and waffles!! I have found the best (in my opinion) chicken and waffles place here, I recently found it again because their original location caught on fire. Girl, I’ll have to take you guys there, the only beef I have with that place is that it takes forever for the food to come out lol

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