Mini Book Reviews #1 ~ April 2018

Hey, all!! Welcome to my first ever post for my new monthly series: Mini Book Reviews! I know everyone reads a different story even if it’s the same book but, I am filled with so many thoughts and emotions after finishing a novel that I need to write them all out. I’m definitely not trying to say that my opinion is the right one and you shouldn’t enjoy a book just because I didn’t, I really just want to share my circling thoughts.

One Of US Is Lying(7)


My Mini Review: I enjoyed reading this book told from four different perspectives. Some of the voices were stronger than the others, though, I did not feel a connection with any of the characters. This really played off The Breakfast Club to the point where it was maybe too much of the same plot line. The ending was solid and the writing was engaging. I was able to guess half of the ending but was caught by complete surprise by the other half. There was an element of romance but it was unnecessarily included. I wasn’t in love with their love story and didn’t much care for reading the parts about it. Overall, this was an innocent, high school mystery that was fun to read with just enough twists and turns to satisfy me. I just wasn’t too fond of any of the characters.

Dates read: March 22, 2018-April 03, 2018

My Rating: 3/5 stars
Goodreads Rating: 4.07/5 stars

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rsz_sweetbitterMy Mini Review: Ah, I really wanted to like this book because it’s becoming a TV series on the Starz channel and look how cute the cover is! But, this has to be the worst book I’ve read in quite awhile. There was really no point to it and the weirdest part is that the narrator’s name is never mentioned until nearly 70% through the story. It doesn’t matter anyways… because that’s what she pretty much is! A nobody. This story should have been about Simone and written in Simone’s POV, that would have made for a much more interesting story. I really don’t recommend this book unless you’re trying to learn about wine– every little detail about wine. This book is nothing about being a waitress in New York and it has nothing to do with food… or love. OR ANYTHING AT ALL. If you’re looking for a good book about a server, do not pick this book up. Do pick up Waiter Rant by The Waiter instead. Not to mention the ending of this book. Oh my gosh, as if I didn’t already hate Tess enough!! Stephanie Danler definitely has a creative voice and a unique writing style but this story fell completely FLAT. It was entirely a waste of my time. Oh and the claims about the mouthwatering food descriptions?? Oh please. I’ve read better on Instagram captions.

Dates read: April 03, 2018-April 07, 2018

My Rating: 1/5 stars
Goodreads Rating: 3.28/5 stars

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One Of US Is Lying(2)

rsz_boy21 My Mini Review: So far I’ve read three of Matthew Quick’s novels. This statement may be premature but, I feel confident in stating it right now: he is my current favorite author. I did not hesitate for a second to give this book and the other two I’ve read by him a five star rating and guess what!? Neither of the previous two books of his that I read was The Silver Linings Playbook. (I do plan to read it someday, of course. [If you didn’t know, that novel was turned into a super popular film starring Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper.]) ANYWAYS, about the book. This book… you guys… is so beautifully strange!! The friendship and love story are both so strong. I felt my throat close up during all of the small, sweet parts. I loved every single character and felt connected to them all in each and every way. Finley’s and Russ’ stories were so different but Matthew Quick magically made them the exact same. Just wow. The neighborhood and Finley’s family history was really interesting to learn and constantly wonder about and it was unexpectedly very dark once it was revealed. The ending was beyond perfect.

Dates read: April 08, 2018-April 09, 2018

My Rating: 5/5 stars
Goodreads Rating: 3.97/5 stars

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One Of US Is Lying(3)

rsz_youll_never_know_dear My Mini Review: I usually don’t prefer to read books written in the third person but, I’m trying to teach myself to enjoy them and this book had an irresistibly twisted plot line and the cover was eye-catchingly creepy. I was able to read it through to the end easily and quickly but, couldn’t help imagining how much better it would have been to read this story in the first person. I did predict the ending quite early on in the book. The fire-fueled love these women have for the dolls is dangerously passionate and really quite terrifying. I love that the mystery revolved around the dolls and it doesn’t stray away from that main point. The characters were likable and the suspense was real during the intense action scenes. I enjoyed this novel, the ending, the way the mystery unfolded, and the characters… but, what killed it for me was the dream research stuff. It was extremely boring and seriously pointless. It was talked about way too often and quite frankly, I believe these bits were just a distraction, a way to needlessly prolong the story. It’s not even used to sway you in to thinking whodunit either… it’s just… there.

Dates read: April 10, 2018-April 13, 2018

My Rating: 3.5/5 stars
Goodreads Rating: 3.34/5 stars

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One Of US Is Lying(4)

rsz_young_jane_young My Mini Review: This book is another book written in more than one POV. All were written in first person and every single voice was so unique to the point where it seemed as if this could have been written by more than one author. It’s that good. I didn’t enjoy Jane’s daughter’s, Ruby, parts– they seemed messy and I couldn’t wait to get them over with… also, I didn’t like the little brat at all. I really, really loved Jane’s mother’s side of the story and the way she told it… I couldn’t stop wishing to get back to her. It never does go back to her POV but, the ending at least gives us closure to hers and every other woman’s story. Jane is very inspirational– she is someone that everyone can and should look up to. She never gives up on her dreams and she gets exactly what she wants and deserves in the end. Every character in this novel was really well-developed, I was able to imagine how they looked and I really understood their personalities and the way they felt about things. I’m honestly not too informed about the Clinton and Lewinksy scandal but, this novel is very much based on that. It’s political but, not annoyingly so. They rarely talk about politics itself… they talk about the politics of politics. I truly enjoyed reading this story and I was very happy with the ending.

Dates read: April 13, 2018-April 14, 2018

My Rating: 4.5/5 stars
Goodreads Rating: 3.79/5 stars

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One Of US Is Lying(5)

rsz_you_bookMy Mini Review: Whoa. I love Joe (the narrator) so much… when I finished reading You, I immediately put myself on hold for the sequel, Hidden Bodies, and I’m currently 7% through with it. Joe is obviously a psychopath but he doesn’t realize it… and he’s so damn convincing and lovable that he really gets the reader on his side, too, he makes you think… “ah well, okay, I get why he did that” even when he makes unforgivable mistakes. I didn’t like Beck; I constantly hoped the worst for her. I never sympathized with her or with any of her friends. There were so many twists and turns in this book and they happened so quickly, I would read a crazy sentence and gasp, then have to go back and make sure I read it right… this book is a serious page-turner. The writing style is amazing and different. But, she mentioned the famous author Stephen King SO often that it became annoying. It was an obvious cry for him to notice her and her book. It worked, I guess, since she was able to print a testimony from him right on the cover. I really hope to have access to the TV series on either Hulu or Netflix when it airs, it’s a fantastic idea for a show!! It will be on the Lifetime channel, if you have cable!

Dates read: April 17, 2018-April 23, 2018

My Rating: 4.5/5 stars
Goodreads Rating: 3.84/5 stars

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One Of US Is Lying(6)

rsz_a_man_called_over My Mini Review: If you’re looking to read the sweetest and most touching story ever, grab this book and a box of tissues. No matter how much you go through this book telling yourself that you know how the ending goes, you keep reading and smiling, giggling at Ove… you prepare yourself for the inevitable ending the whole entire time but, still it strikes your heart. You will find it hard to breathe and your tears uncontrollable. At first, I thought each chapter was just a sort of short essay about Ove and his life, I admit I became a little bored… but then I realized, it was going back and forth in time, every single chapter started tying together in the most genius way. I was stunned. This was such a heart-warming story. It very effectively teaches the lesson that you can find the best of friends in people you thought you never would. The way Ove talks about the love he has for his wife is so beautiful. The friendship between him and Rune and Rune’s wife is funny and often joked about and purposefully hidden; only referred to metaphorically but the meaning of it so important. I loved every single character in this story, but most especially the Pregnant One and the cat, they were all quirky and super fun… except Blonde Weed with that stupid mutt, they were the worst!!

Dates read: April 23, 2018-April 28, 2018

My Rating: 4.5/5 stars
Goodreads Rating: 4.35/5 stars

Read the full Goodreads synopsis, here.
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XO, Hunida

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24 thoughts on “Mini Book Reviews #1 ~ April 2018

    1. I wish I could read even more than this per month but I did read more than usual! 😄 I use the Kindle app on my phone or my iPad to read. I’ve always wanted a read Kindle though!

      I’m glad you like the headers!! I wanted to make this post a bit cutesier because it’s so wordy!

      Thank you for reading, Dom! ♡♡♡

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  1. Hunida, this is amazing! Your voice is so eloquent and surprisingly, we have a lot of books in common (in our TBR!) I want to read Young Jane Young and Ove… and Sweetbitter is actually the one I once DNFed. I intended to go back to it but I might as well set it aside lol I didn’t get into the book for some reason, because of the writing style???

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yay!!! It means so much to me that you think my book reviews are eloquent!! ♡
      Young Jane Young and Ove are both really good stories! I think you’d love em both but I think you’d like Young Jane Young just a little more, maybe.
      Yeah forget about Sweetbitter lol, it’s not worth your time!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Ooh, I love the idea of this new monthly series! I’m a bookworm, so obviously hearing about new books appeals to me, lol. 😉 But dang girl, you are a fast reader! I wish I could read so many books in such a short time. I’m like the slowest reader ever because I want to make sure I get absolutely everything from the book, haha. Maybe it’s the writer in me, knowing what went into writing a novel to begin with, lol. I wish I could read faster though!! It plagues me how many unread books there are. 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yay!! Thank you!!
      I love chatting about books with fellow bookworms. 😀 Gosh, you think so? I take like 2-4 days, sometimes even more, on one single book and I follow some book blogs where they can finish so many more books than me in one month– like one book a day!! I wish I could read THAT fast haha.
      There really are SO many books out there, my Goodreads TBR is at over 400!!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I have NO idea how people must read that fast, but I’m guessing they don’t have a life. 😉 kidding, but in all seriousness you really are a fast reader! I take like a month per book, lol. It drives me crazy because there’s so many I want to read!

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