I’ve written a post before about my favorite childhood TV shows (which I’m thinking I need to make a part 2 of because I didn’t include too many I thought about after posting it and that you guys commented to me about) and now, I present to you my favorite childhood films!! (in no particular order):

1. Life-Size (2000)


2. Seventeen Again (2000)

seventeen again

3. You’re Invited to Mary-Kate & Ashley’s School Dance Party (+ all of the other places they invited me to!) (2000)


4. You Wish! (2003)


5. Cheetah Girls 1-3 (2003-2006)


6. High School Musical 1-3 (2006-2008)

highschool musial

7. Spice World (1997)

spice world111

8. 2ge+her (2000)


9. The Sandlot 1-3 (1993-2007)


10. Harry Potter 1-8 (2001-2011)


I left out all of my favorite animated movies on purpose because I’ve got a whole separate post for those! For the films that have more than one installment, I chose the film cover for my favorite installment.

What were your favorite films from your childhood? What were you favorite films that came out in 1995-2010?

XO, Hunida

Featured Image by John Salvino

48 thoughts on “My Top 10: Favorite Films From My Childhood

  1. I loved the Mary Kate and Ashley movies! Life-Size is also a classic! Surprisingly, I’ve never seen The Sandlot, or any of its sequels… I should probably watch them, right?

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  2. I’ve seen all of these except You Wish & 2get+her. I πŸ’œ Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen videos! Everything from their mysteries to their movies– especially It Takes Two!

    My other top 5 would be: Spice World. Actually that’s like my #1 all time favorite! + The Notebook + Titanic. 😍 Leo was my 1st celebrity crush. Chicago…. and it was a year early but Lion King will forever be my favorite animated Disney movie!

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      1. Ooh… I was a huge Twi-hard for the books. I would freak out on my mom if we couldn’t find the book at the first store we tried and she would say “tomorrow we’ll go somewhere else” LOL. But for the movies… I stopped watching them in theatres after the second one and still haven’t seen the rest! I honestly still want to, though.

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        1. I saw them all in theaters. I had my husband search high and low for the Special Box Set Edition. It was sold out everywhere! By luck he was returning the wrong case he had gotten me and found it. He asked did I want that instead & I asked him why he was even asking that =D And then the following year he got me the 10th anniversary book. I read that thing in like a day!

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    1. 2get+her is such a funny movie. It’s an MTV movie where they make fun of boybands haha. You Wish is just super cute, haha. MK & Ashley had so many movies & series!!! They were the best to watch!! & Spice World, gosh!! I watched that movie over & over. πŸ˜› I also loved The Notebook & Titanic… they’re good movies but yess… LEO!!! ❀ lol. I actually started watching Chicago recently but fell asleep… I'll have to finish it someday! It was pretty good for what I saw of it. & Lion King always makes me cry!! LOL.

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      1. It’s funny I was asking a friend if she’d seen it and she said no. I was like “but its a musical about killing people!” and she told me I was crazy lol

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  3. Oh man – now I feel old. I can’t even think of movies I loved under age 10 – we didn’t go to many as it was quite a good distance to see them. I do remember some TV specials, of course – The Hobbit was a huge favourite for me though it was only on once or twice. I saw it when I was in Grade 3. It was an animated special made by a company that eventually became Studio Ghibli and it was excellent. It got me so excited that I got the book from the school library right away. All of the old school Christmas specials – and pretty much any Charlie Brown special was on my list. We did get to go out and see Star Trek The Motion Picture and the first three Star Wars movies in the theatre. I thought those were pretty great.

    As I got older and in to my tween years I got to see Conan the Barbarian in the theatre with a friend and his mom when I was 12 – that was pretty cool. I’d say my favourite from that time, though, would’ve been The Dark Crystal. Not long after that Ghostbusters came out and of course I loved that as well.

    See? Old!

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  4. I had an entire Cheetah Girls Club that I was the president of πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. We used to have meetings and sing Cheetah Girl songs and buy cheetah merch! . And omg I FORGOT about Life Size! That’s such a crazy throwback!

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      1. Yep there was a 3rd that was just okay in my opinion and even a 4th with different characters. I never watched the 4th though. Oh my gosh yes, I haven’t thought of them in forever!! πŸ˜‚


  5. I saw Spice World in theaters. I loved it growing up. What a cool idea for a post. I hope you don’t mind me stealing this idea for a future post. I’ve been having a terrible time coming up with original ideas lately. lol Most of my childhood movies are not age appropriate though. lmao

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    1. YOU DID?! That’s amazing, lol. I had it on VHS and watched it over and over again. I don’t mind at all if you make your own post like this!! I’m curious to know what other movies you’d have on your list. πŸ˜€

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      1. Yep, and I still have the movie ticket too! From 20 years ago! lol

        Thanks. πŸ˜€ I’ve already written up the post, I just have to add images, so it will probably be up in like another day or so.

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    1. Lol I was the same way!! I’d sing along to all of the lyrics and even say some of their lines along with them haha. Awww, I LOVE Matilda! I don’t know when it came out but, it’s on TV often so I got to watch it a lot as a kid, too!
      AND OMG YES!! YOU PLUS ME EQUALS US is them. I was hoping someone else would remember that one. I watched it SO much lol.


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