My Past: Snippets From My Meth Story

It’s a long story about how or why I got into it but, when I was 17 years old… I smoked meth for a couple months. Yep. You read it right. Though, if you’ve taken Adderall (and you aren’t prescribed it), who are you to judge?

One day, I had been awake for over 24 hours… just laying on my friend T’s couch. She had fallen asleep somehow but, I couldn’t. I stayed up and typed up an extremely lengthy entry on my Tumblr about smoking meth while I was extremely high on meth. These are some snippets of that entry:

Note: No edits have been made except for the bleeping out of names.
Note #2: Slang terms for meth: Tina, crystal, tweak, shit
Note #3: A “bubble” is what you smoke meth out of.

“She told me we could finally hangout and do “shit” (as she calls it).I’d been asking her the past couple weekends we had closed together but we never got to. So, she texted this woman. She was probably around 60 years old. ****** is 26 years old. Her name is ****** but everyone calls her ****. ***** told me that **** was cool as hell and that we’d get along. She told her I was 18, even though I’m 17. I know it’s not a big difference but it just sounds better. We did tell her that it was going to be my first time though.”

“I was a little nervous because I always want new people with drugs to like me and I’m especially shy around elders.”

“Even though he loves tweak…he goes to church to cover up his addiction and pretends he’s turned a new leaf since he got out of jail.”

Photo by Duncan Shaffer

“I remember we left the bubble with some shit in it at her apartment because we were all way too damn paranoid to carry that shit in our pockets so we decided we’d all come back & finish the pipe, (& the rest of our shit, if we had any). We agreed that since we were all taking it out of our time together to kick it, **** should smoke us all up. ***** told her that **** & I would be coming & **** became sketchy, saying “that’s too much people in my house and **** is sleeping!” (sleeping is equivalent to heaven for tweakers, ALMOST impossible but sometimes ya get there) **** is a fatass, ugly bitch who unfortunately is the guy w/the supply (she’s a gal tho lol) and she lives with **** for free & pays her in crystals. Which sounds like a fair deal for both of them, if you ask me, but anyone with common sense could tell you that two tweakers living together (especially using their “agreed” arrangement) would never end in happy endings.”

“They think **** has no clue they smoke shit but little do they know, he does have a fucking clue. He pretends he doesn’t because he doesn’t like when they do it in front of him and/or in his room.”

Photo by Seth Doyle

“Finally we got to smoking the shit. Me, ****, *****, & ****. **** & ****** were finally out of our way & I loosened up around the rest of the crew, as they did the same. All the tension was removed & it was time to get straight higher than the stars. I loved the euphoria….it was amazing, I’m in love with the rush of trying new drugs, the different environments, peoples & stories…putting shit in my system, feeling the high spread & expand in my lungs, through my veins, & then I get to go up & away…I get to be long gone, just the way I need to be.”

“My phone buzzed, guess who? “He wants to have a 3 some with you but I told him I doubt you would be down. You wouldn’t, right?” & I was thinking oh hell na because they’re both way older & have been fucking each other for awhile. I would’ve felt like that nymphomaniac that couples in long-term marriages hire to be in a 3-some with them to “spice.up” their sex life. So I passed on that offer…”

“But I’m unsure about right now. Today is Monday. Saturday night I smoked shit & didn’t sleep. I didn’t sleep all of Sunday..I did one load of laundry, packed up J’s clothes that were in my view (now he can stop fucking naggin me:), cleaned & fed my kittens, picked up all the trash in my living area & organized the table by my bed. I felt satisfied with my accomplishments & ready to finish the shit we saved in the pipe, we hid it in the furnace closet for when ****** got off work.”

Photo by Yoann Boyer

“Didn’t sleep before nor after the party. We came back from it & smoked our saved bowl…invited **** & ***** came home to hit the hella frosties we had made over night with the fattest bag of meth (lasted us srsly ALL of Sat. night) I ever received for just $20. ****** asked **** to smoke us up at 4 AM so we headed on over there & she smoked like 2 small bowls w/us, gave me a little boost but I still haven’t slept. Ate a sloppy joe at the pool party & am craaaving some damn water. But thats all Ive ate since Sunday.”

XO, Hunida

Featured Image by Volkan Olmez

34 thoughts on “My Past: Snippets From My Meth Story

  1. You’ve definitely got a book in you….of course you many need to narrow down the subject. I would make it fiction but use your experience and knowledge to make it more real.
    I appreciate the blunt honesty of your work.

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  2. I have never smoked meth or intentionally done it, but I might have taken a meth bomb before, of course there’s no way for me to really know for sure. A meth bomb is an ecstasy pill that is mostly made up of meth. Obviously Ecstasy is supposed to be MDMA, but it’s always cut with stuff to make money, and sometimes it’s made up of something entirely different as a way for dealers to profit more. Anyways, I bought a Bart Simpson pill at a rave once, and I was completely wired. I’ve never had so much energy before in my life. I was awake for 36 hours after that. My body had become really tired, but I just couldn’t sleep. I’ve done Molly before also and it was a different feeling than that Bart pill, so that’s why I know it wasn’t MDMA. I googled it, and apparently some of the Bart pills are known as being meth bombs, but a lot of them are known as being pipes (Benzylpiperazine). So I guess it could have been either of those things. Since those basically have the same effects, I really don’t know for sure what I ingested.

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    1. Oh my gosh, one time I took Molly and I was like “man this looks more like meth” and I’m sure that it was because I’ve had real Molly and ecstasy plenty of times before… so it does happen way too much where people sell meth or meth bombs because ecstasy and Molly is more expensive.
      I also had bought a Bart Simpson one that had absolutely no effect on me! My favorite ecstasy was the yellow one with the Paul Frank monkey on it.

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      1. Either way, I still had a blast, whatever it was. 😂 I never had that pill, but I had a little red one before that was really awesome. I can’t remember what the imprint was on it though.

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    1. Aw thank you, Dom! ♡♡♡
      Hmm… I don’t know how to explain it. It’s like downing 10 shots of espresso but all of your energy is in your brain instead of your body. I’m not sure if you have ever taken adderrall or ritalin recreationally before but it’s literally just like that but even less intense than maybe 60mg of adderall. But really… it’s just like living in a daze because you barely sleep so everything is hazy and bright. Yeah the people I hung out with would yell at me for peeing outside of the car in parking lots when we’d be waiting for the dealer because it brought attention to us but I was never scared of getting in trouble with the police for some reason and we never had any close calls.
      I quit because I got back into heroin which is the opposite drug and I liked it better and my friends that were my age were doing it so I didn’t have to hang out with the weird old people anymore.
      I never felt sick after quitting meth because I was doing other drugs, I’m not sure if I would have if I didn’t but I definitely was sick after quitting heroin.


  3. Wow. Not going to judge you, my dear because we have ALL done stupid shit when we were younger. I have drunk more alcohol in my 65 years than anyone should and by the grace of God I’m still here learning from my mistakes. You have as well. Thank you for keeping it real about what you’ve gone through and THANK GOD you had the wisdom to stop taking Meth. You are beautiful enough without taking any of that stuff. Stay as sweet as you are. Hugs!

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  4. I don’t support doing drugs and I was never into them. I only drink, smoke cigarettes and take a puff if a friend smokes weed, but that’s about it. However, your writing is really amazing and I guess some could have been written under the influence. I like it xo !

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  5. Cool story, I myself have tried meth once but it was after I had done a decent amount of Molly and Coke and was pretty sleep deficient so I can’t say I know what meth itself feels like but it felt great, not gonna lie 😀 anyway, what I actually wanted to say is that it’s really confusing that you bleeped out all of the names. I got lost in who was who. I get that you don’t wanna keep the names private, but maybe you could use nicknames? 🙂

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    1. Ah, Coke is just a more expensive version of meth. 😛 I started doing coke after meth so like… coke was just blah for me. & thanks for letting me know! I totally thought it was confusing too but I just really didn’t want to put anyone out there. Next time I do a post or something like this; I will def make nicknames. 🙂

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  6. I’ve never tried any other drugs besides weed. That’s my limit lol. And I didn’t even try that until I was already 19. But I’m glad you have long quit and are still with us. Thanks for sharing. xx

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  7. You’ve definitely experimented and tried out so much in your life. It’s crazy how this is all a past you, too. I’ve never tried meth, never wanted to try anything hard like that. Scares me too much to get addicted to something like that

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    1. I don’t know what was wrong with me haha I was horrible in High School and I would def not recommend trying meth, ever, lol. Glad you’ve never touched it or have wanted to try it!!

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      1. Hahah it’s kind of cool you’ve grown from that kind of person though, and you’ve had your fair share of experiences 😂 I definitely would rather stay clear of stuff like meth and crack lol


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