The bag this month was SO PRETTY. The color of the bottom corners and zipper tag, the different shades of pink and purple butterflies… ah, so perfect. The bag itself also seemed much thicker, sturdier, and larger than previous bags.


I realized the butterflies were for their theme this month: Social Butterfly. I didn’t care so much for saying “yes” to everything and all that but whatever, it made for a cute bag!

What Was In My Bag?!:


Ofra Cosmetics – Blush in Chameleon

“Whether you want a hint of color or a bold blush look, this pressed powder blush will do the trick. It’s velvety-soft, easy to blend, and very buildable. You can wear it wet or dry–just add water to make the pigments pop even more. Chameleon is a rosy-pink shade that feels fresh and springy.” (via Ipsy)

My Review: This blush was the perfect color for my skin tone. It is very pigmented and goes on quite dark. It was a little hard to blend and distribute across my cheeks. I haven’t tried it wet yet.

Cruelty-Free?: Yes
Full-Size Retail Value: $12.00 (4g)


Biorace – Pore Tightening Pearl Clay Mask

“Feel like your regular face wash isn’t working hard enough? That’s where this mask comes in. The blend of kaolin clay, rice powder, and pearl powder deep cleans your skin to remove dirt, grime, and all the icky stuff your skin’s been holding onto. This stuff shuts down shine and the appearance of pores, which makes your makeup go on so much smoother. The pearl powder also brightens up your complexion, making it even, radiant, and oh-so-glowy.” (via Ipsy)

My Review: I’ve just tried this once, earlier today. It smells like a dentist’s office. Minty and clean. It was easy to spread evenly all over my face. I enjoyed the smooth, cold texture and the beads. When I wiped it off– it seemed as though my black and white heads and all of my pores somehow became more noticeable. Maybe I need to use it more than once to see a real difference. I also didn’t apply makeup today so I’m not sure if their claim of making it go on much smoother is true.

Cruelty-Free?: Yes
Full-Size Retail Value:
 $25.00 (110g)


Clark’s Botanicals – Retinol Rescue Overnight Cream

“The hydrating cream is made with nourishing Vitamin E to keep your skin healthy and bright. Time-release retinol works through the night to restore your skin, and keep it smooth and firm. Retinol is so good for smoothing fine lines and wrinkles, but is known for making skin sensitive to sun exposure. This one is super gentle, so you don’t have to worry when you wear it. It gave us a great moisture boost, without feeling heavy or sticky–aka no greasy pillows!” (via Ipsy)

My Review: It’s true when they say that this cream isn’t too heavy. The scent isn’t super strong either, it’s a simple perfume and lotion smell that fades away fast. It’s not too thick and it soaks into my face quickly. I do feel my face is a bit sticky in the morning though but after a shower, my face is extremely smooth and it just feels absolutely wonderful. I never want to run out of this sample, I’m loving it but could never spend nearly a hundred dollars on a night cream!

Cruelty-Free?: Yes
Full-Size Retail Value:
 $98.00 (50mL)


Ruby – Eyeshadow Blending Brush

“The pointed tip is great for depositing color into delicate areas like the inner corner of your eye, eye crease, and lower lashline. We love using it to soften up dark eyeshadows (the tapered bristles make it sooo easy)–and they feel soft and smooth on your skin.” (via Ipsy)

My Review: This brush’s bristlesaren’t as soft as other brushes I’ve used but it does do it’s job of blending and softening up the edges of my eyeshadow. It holds onto product well, none of my loose powder eyeshadow fell off and I like the thick handle.

Cruelty-Free?: Yes
Full-Size Retail Value: No idea, their website doesn’t work on my computer nor my phone.


Aurora – 24H Lip Stain in Salmon

“Don’t even worry about post-lunch touch ups because this stuff really (really!) lasts 24 hours. The super easy-to-use marker tip applicator defines all the curves of your lips, which means you can skip lip liner if you want. It’s a more subtle, sheer wash of color than a lipstick or gloss, so it kinda looks like you’ve been eating a popsicle.” (via Ipsy)


My Review: At first application, this lipstick goes on quite dark. It really feels like you’re coloring your lips in with a highlighter marker. It’s super easy to use and it goes on nicely and evenly. I lined my lips with it (like it told me I could) and once the darkness faded and it went to the “after a popsicle stained” look, the lines are too much darker than the rest of my lips. The initial dark shade of pink lasted not long before it turned into the stained look but the stained look lasted all night and I even woke up with pink lips. It didn’t even come off in the shower. I had to wipe it completely away with a baby wipe! I liked it a LOT so imagine how sad I was when I noticed that my lips were drying out tremendously and they kept getting worse and worse everyday. They even started to hurt a bit. I didn’t put anything on my lips after this lipstick so I am positive this happened to my lips:


because of this lipstick. BOOO! I fixed it by applying Carmex all day for two days in a row.

Cruelty-Free?: Yes
Full-Size Retail Value: 

Yay! Another completely cruelty-free bag of goodies!! Can’t wait to see what I get to try next month. ;D If you’d like to try an Ipsy Glam Bag and you never, ever have before I can send you a free bag! Just send me your e-mail address and your first and last name– you can leave that info down below in my comments section or you can e-mail me at: hunidayn@outlook.com. (USA RESIDENTS ONLY) After that, if you want to continue getting the bag it’s only $10/month!

XO, Hunida

19 thoughts on “Ipsy Glam Bag | April 2018

  1. So many cruelty free products!! That is so awesome, I’ve gotten one ipsy bag but didn’t continue because I was afraid I’d be getting too many products and just have a massive collection of stuff I don’t use.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. I really loved the look of the bag this month, it’s so pretty! That overnight cream sounds amazing, but you’re right, almost $100 for a full size is absolutely ridiculous. Then again, the best products are often outrageously priced sadly. And that’s such a shame about that lip stain! The lip color was really nice on you!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I know, it seems like everyone loved the bag this month. 😀 It’s perfect!! & You’re right, the best things are always overpriced but I think there are maybe even better and cheaper night creams… I just haven’t tried ’em yet haha! Thanks, love!! ❤

      Liked by 1 person

  3. OF COURSE the product that stuck out to me as I scrolled through your review was the $100 night cream. *face palm* I really love that lip color on you! Such a shame that the formula didn’t work, but you should definitely try to find that color in another brand! That blush is very pretty too. I’ve never tried Ofra Cosmetics but I have heard of the brand. Glad to see there are other affordable options for matte cheek colors!

    Dom | http://www.DivaNamedDom.com

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Lol you’ve got that expensive taste, Dom! 😂 It’s okay, it just means you enjoy the finer things in life! Haha. Yeah I was so sad when my lips dried out, I’ll def have to find that shade in a different brand. Thank you! ♡ It seems they give out a lot of Ofra products in theses boxes!


  4. Omg Hunida your skin is flawless :O Also that retinol cream looks really interesting! I use prescription retinol but sometimes it causes my skin to flake and peel…probably means it’s a bit too strong for me. Apparently I’m supposed to get used to it but I haven’t been using it consistently enough because it makes my skin flake so much! Did that retinol cream make your skin flake at all? Too bad that lipstick didn’t work out! I feel anything that says “lipstain” always dries out my lips like crazy although it def stays on for a while unless you eat then you get that ring around your lips like what you were talking about!! Have you tried lipsense before?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aaw thank you. I do have foundation & concealer on thouvh lol.
      Oh interesting! Yeah, it says that retinol cream is good and bad for your skin at the same time but this cream is really gentle. I haven’t bad a problem with flakiness but I’ve only used it like 3 nights.
      I can’t remember the last lip stain I used but ugh, I hate that it dried out my lips so bad. I’ve never tried Lipsense?! I’ll have to look it up. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  5. That’s so neat you got an overnight cream but damn it’s expensive. I would never pay that much for skincare unless I was rich lmao. And it sucks that lipstick dried out your lips it looks good on you.

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