Journal Entry #84

April 18, 2018

Hey all 🙂 I’m sitting at the Golden Nugget Casino right now while my dad is gambling. Before we got into the gambling area we stopped in to see the shark tank.

We’ve spent almost 2 hours here. I had a bloody mary earlier but I’m not in the mood to drink anymore. Boyfriend and I just walked to this pizza stand and got a slice of pizza each, it was delish.

I’m sad because I broke my strap on my work shoes on Monday. I have an extra pair that I wore yesterday at work but, like, I’m nervous to not have a backup pair for those, ya know? I just hate how expensive work shoes are.

My dad got here around 2p today and we went out to eat at this Phillipino fast food joint called Kapit Bahay I had never been there before. It was decent.

I had to go to a meeting at work today at 7p so we parted ways with my father at around 5p. The meeting was super quick so we met back up with my dad right after it ended.

We’ve been here on Fremont street, watching my dad gamble all of his money away.

I just can not wait for tomorrow! (We’re road tripping to Long Beach, CA for some Khmer food! 🤗)


XO, Hunida

28 thoughts on “Journal Entry #84

    1. We couldn’t make it but SOON I will be driving there!! I’ll let you know if we ever do for real go there. 😛 I know I was so sad… I wore my backup pair last night but I can’t do it anymore. I’m getting new ones later tonight. 😀

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      1. Ahhh let me know if you really come I’m pretty sure I’m going at the end of May! The guy I’m talking too has a free room offer and my Prius doesn’t take much gas! So we plan on going. Which ones did you wind up getting?

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  1. Haha so much food! Hope you had a great time going with your dad to Long Beach ☺️ that sucks the strap broke on your shoes! I think I’ve mentioned before that I would probably kill myself wearing heels that high 😂

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    1. I have no idea why! You can go through a tube slide that is in the shark tank too. There’s another shark reef in the Mandalay Bay casino, as well…I guess tourists enjoy seeing poor sharks all tanked up?!
      Thanks again for even taking the time to catch up on my blog! ♡♡♡

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      1. Wait what?!?! LOL nooooo….. gosh that’s so sad, like they’re huge creatures and they need space to roam. One of the reasons I hate the zoo but I also can’t deny that it’s a safe way to see wild life up close. 😦
        I’m still not done, I think I’m three days behind lol


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