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*Disclaimer: I received these products complimentary from Influenster (and beautyblender) for testing purposes. #longlivetheBBQueen*


The box wasn’t too big and it wasn’t too small. I’ve never tried the beautyblender brand before. I was extremely excited to receive the e-mail that I was going to receive this box!


Of course, like most boxes, the first thing you see is a postcard with info on the products in the box:


There was some white tissue paper protecting the products:


But… wait until you see what I freaking got!!


Not only did I get SIX of the original beautyblender® Beauty Queen Limited Editions, I also received the™ kit and the blendercleanser® solid®.


the original beautyblender® Beauty Queen Limited Edition

My Review: You have to soak this sponge in a bit of water before you use it. It brags about how big it gets after adding water to it but like… don’t all sponges get bigger when you add water to them? It doesn’t steal any of the product from your face which is nice but, it’s really just too soft for my liking. It takes awhile to actually blend your makeup into your skin. Also, when you wash these, the water you squeeze out is tinted pink and you need to wash it out of your sink right away or it will stain. I honestly prefer Ulta’s Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponges.

Retail Value (for one): $20


In the™ kit, I thought it was just the small sample size soap bar and the bumpy mat but there was also a little sample size of the liquid blendercleanser®.

wp-1523852004340..jpg™ kit

My Review: The liquid blendercleanser® sample was measly. I used the whole sample on just one blender sponge. It didn’t make as much suds as the blendercleanser® solid® and you need to use a lot of it but, it thoroughly cleaned the blender a little better than the blendercleanser® solid®. It was evenly pink again, no tan stains anywhere. As I was rubbing the sponge in circles on the bumpy mat, I noticed that the sponge will not move properly and starts squeaking when the soap runs out, you have to keep adding more. I thought the mat itself is too small and it claims to be able to clean two blenders at the same time… I didn’t even try because it was hard enough cleaning one. You also have to keep running water over the mat because the makeup that comes off your brushes/sponges will just sit in a puddle and keep soaking back into your bristles. Maybe I’m spoiled because I have the 2X Sigma Spa® Brush Cleaning Glove.

Retail Value: $20


Inside of this blendercleanser® solid® there was also a smaller round wash mat with a butterfly on it:


blendercleanser® solid®

My Review: This is the same soap that came with the™ kit but, this is the full-size. I think the butterfly mat is simply useless… it’s too small and not bumpy enough. I like the soap though, I really do. My brushes were nice, soft, and clean after washing them all. Nearly brand-new looking! It was annoying that I kept getting the soap dirty with makeup though. My soap was stained… so I tried to wash the makeup off the soap and then the soap got stuck inside the jar and it’s still stained tan! 😦 I hope after it dries I can get the soap out and wash it off.

Retail Value: $16

Influenster is an app/website where you can write a review for pretty much any and everything. Sometimes you get short surveys sent to your e-mail inbox then after that, sometimes… you get a free box of stuff! If you want to try for a chance at a free VoxBox, click here!

Also, you know I don’t need 6 of these beautyblenders so *spoiler alert* I’m putting two into my blog’s 1st birthday giveaway box. ;D

XO, Hunida

25 thoughts on “Influenster VoxBox | Beauty Queen

  1. That’s so many beauty blenders! 😂 but exciting that you got that box. I reviewed a few of the products I tried from the one box I received from them, but who knows if I’ll ever get another free box lol! I’ve never used a beauty blender but from your review, it sounds like the product you got may have been more trouble than it’s worth. Or maybe you just have better stuff you use on a regular already lol

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I know, right?! And I don’t even like ’em as much as the one I normally use so I reeeally don’t need that many lol. You’ll prob get another one as a long as you did the survey they sent to your e-mail!

      Liked by 1 person

        1. I usually use it for concealer and the sponge I use is efficient without being wetted first lol. 😛 I am guilty of not washing my brushes for too long so I prob have loads of bacteria everywhere. :/ Yikes.

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  2. I appreciate the honest review on the beauty blenders – so many people claim they are the holy grail since they are the original creators of the BB. I am also super jealous you got a Voxbox, I’ve been trying to get one for a while but no luck! Thanks for the post, I enjoyed it.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I always try to be as honest as possible. 🙂 Thank you for reading! I’m glad you enjoyed it! Just keep doing your snap surveys & reviews on the app & you’ll get an offer for a free box in no time! Keep an eye on your email inbox!


  3. The packaging on these is so cute, and I love the pink color! I have a beauty blender sponge I use, but it’s not the same brand. I think it’s just okay, but I like using a foundation brush better.

    I haven’t gotten anything from Influenster in two months. 😦 Hopefully they’ll pick me for another box soon.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I love the pink and the packaging a lot, too! I usually use the orange sponge from Ulta for my concealer & a foundation brush from Sigma for my foundation.
      I bet they’ll choose you for another box soon! ♡

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  4. HOLY COW. You got six Beauty Blenders for FREE?!? I have 3 (want another one) and I paid for mine, haha! I absolutely love the Beauty Blender but I don’t use it wet like everyone says to do. I don’t have a heavy application hand so it’s not necessary for me to use them wet (it simply removes too much product). I do agree with you having to have patience while using this because that damn pounding motion can be cumbersome and also why I still apply my foundation with a spatula foundation brush. I use one for my concealer/highlight application and another to apply my banana powder. The third (and future fourth) is so I can wash and always have a dry one on hand because they do take quite a while to dry. I like how firm and resilient the Beauty Blender is in comparison to other sponges.

    I don’t think I’d waste my money on expensive Beauty Blender soap when Dawn dish detergent has been out here doing the Lord’s work for decades… but hey, it’s for somebody (not you either, but somebody, LOL). Great review as per usj Hunida! I always get excited when I see you’ve gotten a new box of beauty products! Haha!

    Dom |

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    1. Yes, girl!! I was ecstatic about this box! 😀 I thought the Beauty Blender was a bit soft. I like a more firm sponge, probs because I have a heavy hand LOL. I apply my foundation with a foundation brush too!! I just use the sponges for concealer. 🙂
      I really liked the soap! I’ve never actually washed my brushes with dish soap! I usually do a little conditioner and a tiny drop of olive oil and shampoo lol.
      Yay! Thank you so much, Dom!! I’m so happy to hear you enjoy my review posts. 😀 ❤

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  5. That’s so awesome that you got six beauty blenders!! That’s literally enough to last you about a year and a half since you do have to replace them every 3-4 months or so, depending on wear lol. But that sucks that you didn’t like them as much. And when you washed them, was the water pink only the first time? Or did it keep happening?
    That’s too bad about the soap and the mat too. I have an egg brush cleaner I bought from amazon and I’m thinking I’d like a mat too but they do have to be big enough and I’d understand about having to move it around often so the water doesn’t sit right in top of it lol.

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    1. Haha yeah, I could keep ’em all for myself & not have to buy another blender for awhile but I just really prefer the RT one. Umm I’ve only washed it once cuz I haven’t really used it since I washed it so not too sure if the pink would come out again… either way, it stained my sink a bit which was upsetting lol.
      Yeah I just have the big glove from Sigma but I rather have the big mat that you can stick to the bottom of the sink!

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