Journal Entry #83

April 16, 2018

Hi, guys! Sorry, if you noticed, I’ve missed a few of my scheduled posts but, I have been reading a lot, and doing nothing a lot. I’ve gotten all of my April subscription boxes plus an extra one so I want to get all of those posts out first. Tomorrow, I’m going to save the scheduled post for a different day and there will be an Unboxing & Review for you in the morning and then a My Favorite Quotes From… at night.

My dad left Minnesota today and he’ll be here on Wednesday night. I can’t believe how much snow Minnesota has right now. I’ve never been so happy about living in Nevada, lol. Although, it’s hella windy today. I got my Play! By Sephora box today and I wanted to take the pictures outside on the balcony… which I did but with great difficulty.

On Saturday, I got all ready for work because I figured my period was done enough but on the way there, of course, I felt a leak so I was like, ah fuck it. I didn’t wanna go. We decided to go to Bar Code for food because boyfriend had worked all day and hadn’t eaten yet and I had only ate a little bit of this Frontera frozen dinner.


I didn’t have a drink but boyfriend had a scotch on the rocks. I was so full after eating all  the food. We ordered a lamb burger, chicken wings, calamari and deep-fried pickles to share. Boyfriend always eats the drummies and I get to eat the flats when we share chicken wings. 😀

We went home and watched some episodes of Boy Meets World before hitting the hay.

Hmm… on Sunday aka yesterday… I decided I should go to work even though I usually never, ever work on Sundays. Boyfriend had the day off and we didn’t feel like going grocery shopping so we went to this Mediterranean restaurant called Paymon’s.


I was surprised by the super beautiful interior!!


It was a lot fancier than I was expecting. There was SO much to look at. There was a glassed off area where I think the people who choose to smoke hookah dine. I’m not that big of a fan of hookah myself.


Since we were at a Mediterranean restaurant, I had to try the hummus. We ordered the side size but, there was also a large size. I can only imagine how much hummus you get with the large!


The hummus was delish but a little runnier than I’m used to. I love love loved the pita bread… but I always love pita bread. It’s just so soft, fluffy, and yummy… mmm!

We also wanted to try something we’ve never had before so we decided on the Dolmas (served hot). They’re available cold, too, but after eating them hot– I don’t think I’d enjoy them cold? Who knows, though?!


Dolmas is ground beef and rice seasoned very well wrapped in grape leaves set in a thin tomato sauce. They were fabulous!! I loved them and so did boyfriend even though he was like “what the hell?!” when they got to the table, haha.

Like I said… I love pita bread so it only makes sense that I ordered the chicken pita sandwich:


It was the only pita sandwich I was able to order because it had tahini sauce instead of tzatziki. I was a bit disappointed in this because the sauce was a bit too tart and the chicken had a nasty, burnt, bitter taste. Boyfriend said it was because they don’t clean their grill well enough. The lettuce was also soggy and not fresh at all.


Boyfriend had the gyro pita sandwich (^). I thought the meat was really good but I didn’t like the cream-cheese-like sauce in it. The pita bread was, of course, fluffy and wonderful though.

We also ordered a side of the amazingly seasoned and crispy French fries:


Boyfriend liked the mustardy sauce it came with but, me? Not so much.

After our dinner date, we did our usual before I go to work stuff. We bought a bottle of brandy and we had a few cocktails at home together. I mix it with ginger beer and he mixes it with Coca-Cola. When I went to work, I had a few more whiskey and ginger ales. I probably drank more than I should have. My body feels kind of exhausted but, I’m not completely hungover so that’s good.

I came home from work around 3a. I searched for recipes and made a grocery list while boyfriend played this game on his phone. When I finished writing it up, we both went to sleep. We woke up a little earlier than noon today and I took a shower right away. Boyfriend did the morning chores: fed the cats, cleaned the litter box and swept around it, and put the dishes in the dishwasher.

We went to get my eyebrows threaded. We actually went yesterday, too, but stupid me didn’t even check the hours. The place is closed on Sundays! We went back today and luckily, they’re open on Mondays. 😉 When my eyebrows were done, we went grocery shopping at Smith’s, like always.

Boyfriend made dinner when we came home and I ate some chopped up strawberries and bananas drizzled with honey while watching Boy Meets World while I waited. After dinner, we went to get our espressos and we stopped at Ross to see if they had some cheap sandals for boyfriend but, they didn’t really have that great of a selection. I was gonna buy a yoga mat but the line was too long to wait for one unnecessary item.

I always have myself on hold for a few books at a time… like less than 10 on the OverDrive app. Sometimes it takes forever for me to get the books I’m on hold for but all of a sudden, I’ve just gotten THREE of the books I’ve been waiting MONTHS for checked out to me. A Man Called Ove, The Couple Next Door, and You. I really hope I’ll be able to read all 3 of them within 21 days or less now.

Oh! This coming Thurs., my dad, boyfriend, and I are road tripping to Long Beach, Cali to eat at Hak Heang. I’m very excited! I miss eating Cambodian food so much.

I hope you’re all having a great start to your week!! ❤


XO, Hunida

14 thoughts on “Journal Entry #83

  1. Sounds like a fun filled weekend! So much food! Haha. Strawberries and bananas drizzled with honey sounds amazing, I need to start doing more snacks like that once it starts getting nicer out. I love fruit so much. And that’s so exciting you guys are road tripping with your dad and you finally get to go somewhere that has Cambodian food!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It was a relaxing weekend. 🙂 MMM… I love fruit and honey. It’s so yummy. You should try it. 🙂 If you have some dark chocolate chips or something, add those in too. Yeah, I hate long car rides lol but I’ll do it for the food!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I’m sooo behind so I’ll be catching up on your posts tonight!
    But it sounds like it was a fun weekend. And I’ve never have Mediterranean food except for a gyro once but I didn’t like it..
    and how awesome!! You get to go to Long Beach! I’ve always wanted to go there haha.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha aww, thanks for taking the time to catch up on my posts! You’re the best! ♡
      We did have a fun couple days with my dad! I don’t always like gyros either!! But mmm… I love their hummus, rice, kebabs, etc. Etc. I’m newly obsessed with the Mediterranean cuisine! 😄 Sadly, we didn’t make it out to Long Beach!!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. That’s great! I haven’t seen my father but he’s always calling me when he needs something haha.
        And I’ll have to try their hummus and kebabs then 🙂
        Awhh really?!! Nooooo!!! I was looking forward to hear all about it! ;( what a bummer! maybe next time!


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