My Past: Private Blog Snippets Pt. 2

I wrote Part 1 of my Private Blog Snippets back in November. You can click here if you’d like to read those first. If you’ve already read that post, here’s the Part 2 I promised (no edits were made except to bleep out names):

Me in 2012

me & ***** smoked today & that’s about it.. we ate & watched tv lol but this weed is gross. i did not know i would be smoking beasters in WASHINGTON! like really..
we cleaned up a bit, i did the dishes w/ ******** & then made dinner w/ *****! now we’re waiting on dinner & then i’ll be eating, doing the dishes & then taking a shower. maybe reading. OH speaking of, i did start reading tweak yesterday. it’s so good so far. i LOVE drug stories :D” (2012)

“i got my pencil pouch set. i don’t know what i’m going to use the biggest one for yet but the 2nd biggest is pens, 3rd biggest is pencils & the smallest is erasers & lead lol 🙂 i’m so happy! i LOVE getting new things to play with.” (2012)

“Then we wanted to go hotubbing but the place was fucking closed, like everything else! SOoo… we decided to go out on a walk & try to smoke out of a spaghetti squash but that didn’t quite work.” (2012)

“She looked extremely fucked up…she could barely stand and her eyes were glossed over, she looked lost, in a different world. She couldn’t hear or understand a word that anyone was saying to her.” (2013)

“When we did have sex for the first time, I could tell it was his first time. He laid on top of me, like he didn’t hold himself up at all…he kind of just pounded into me and he didn’t know how to really kiss.” (2013)

We were smoking in this field. It was so amazing…it felt like a dream. There was so much emotion in the air because it was my last night. ***** was quiet..but we held hands. He had this deep look in his eyes. I asked him for the first time “why do you look so sad” and he denied it..but ***** and **** backed me up immediately. They accused him of always looking sad. “after you’re done smiling or laughing…your face and eyes always go back to sad right away” and he looked around,,,“weed just doesn’t get me high” the three of us disagreed. “I was just born depressed” ***** tried to explain…” (2013)

“We met up again one last time. I went over to his house after school and he smoked me up in his bedroom. His Grandpa wasn’t home so we had the house to ourselves. I remember this time the least because I could feel myself detaching from him.” (2013)

“We sat on the steps and smoked. I remember this conversation, he said “Hunida, even if you did like me & wanted to be my girlfriend & I know you don’t but I wouldn’t let you be.” I was absolutely offended but I played it off with a smile and took a drag off my cigarette. “Oh wow, why not?” I asked pretending I wasn’t just struck. “Because you’re cheating on your boyfriend with me and I wouldn’t let you do that to me. But I’d honestly let you if you signed a contract saying you’d be faithful because I think I could be the one to change you but I know you won’t give me that chance.” I had no idea what to say, I came up with “I would never sign a contract and who said I wanted to be your girlfriend anyway?” we both laughed it off and let the thought linger in my minds…” (2013)

“I honestly had the best sex that day with him. After we were done, we got up and he sat on the couch in the living room. I asked him when he was leaving because I needed him to go soon. I could tell he was a little butt-hurt but oh well, I wasn’t tying to get caught having him over.” (2013)

I have enough entries to do a Part 3 so I’ll probably do another post like this in the future. If you like these, look out for that. 🙂 

XO, Hunida

Featured Image by Carli Jeen

16 thoughts on “My Past: Private Blog Snippets Pt. 2

  1. It honestly sounds like you used to live another life, I, not gonna lie lol. And no offense either. 🙂
    Just out of curiosity, the memoir you said you want to write, do you plan on including this too? Forgive my ignorance, I don’t think I’ve ever read a memoir so i have absolutely NO idea what people would include in those.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I know, it was like I lived an adult life as a teenager and now I’m living another adult life. 😛
      You should read a memoir… like A Piece of Cake by Cupcake Brown. It’s just like a regular novel but with real life events. It’s my favorite book ever. I would include the events I talk about in these snippets but I wouldn’t include the entries themselves, I don’t think anyways… but it would actually be a cool idea if I did?

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I honestly love reading past entries. It’s like looking into an entirely different life, but I also feel like since I’ve read so much of your posts, I can pick up on where this was in your life 😂 it’s so funny how things can rapidly change in 6 years, and looking back at the person you used to be.

    Liked by 1 person

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