Things I Was Made Fun Of For…

Eczema – The biggest thing I was made of fun for as a child was my eczema. I would get patches of it on my cheeks, eyelids, elbows, shoulders, everywhere. Other kids would make fun of me for it, all of the time. I never said anything because I knew how foolish I looked, I agreed with everything they said about me. A guy friend of mine stuck up for me one day and told our classmates that they were birthmarks and to leave me alone. After that, that’s just what I went with when people asked me what was on my face. My mom brought me to the doctor’s office eventually and they diagnosed me with eczema that could be cured with over the counter treatment: Cortizone. Eczema takes awhile to go away and it comes back rapidly if you scratch at it. Even if it does go away for a little bit it always, always comes back. I still get the patches to this day, so I always have a tube of Cortizone at home and I try to apply it daily but, I’m so bad at not scratching that the patches on my elbows still never completely disappear!

Photo by Lucaxx Freire

Thunder Thighs – I’ve always had some juicy thighs, no matter how much weight I lose. That’s where all of my food goes. This kid used to look under the tables every time I wore a denim skirt to school and he’d laugh about how my thighs expanded and touched each other when I sat down. Now, my boyfriend always squeezes my thighs and tells me how sexy they are. I’m proud to have them.

Photo by Nik MacMillan

Dandruff – I shampooed and conditioned my hair everyday but it was just so greasy and always filled with dandruff when I was in middle school. I had no idea what to do and all of the kids made fun of me for it. It’s a genetic thing. My dad has such bad dandruff, he’s gone to the doctor to get prescription shampoo and that didn’t even work for him. I just went to the salon one day for a haircut and she told me to stop putting conditioner on my scalp and just to rub it on the tips of my hair only once or twice a week. She saved my life and my hair.

Photo by Verne Ho

Being Asian – It’s sad but I know that every non-white child (at least, in dominantly white schools) gets made of fun of for not being white. Even if it’s not meant in a “mean” way. Your closest friends have probably made snide remarks and racist comments that offended you but, you decided to ignore them because they thought they were being “funny.” For instance: in High School, my two “best friends” and I were taking pictures in our dresses, all done up for a school dance and they both pulled the edges of their eyes to make them look “chinky” like me. I just laughed along with them… I had been experiencing racism since forever. Another time I can never forget, I wrote about it: here.

Photo by Dmitriy Berdnik

What were some things you were made fun of for as a child? Or in your tween/teen years?

XO, Hunida

Featured Image by Arwan Sutanto

26 thoughts on “Things I Was Made Fun Of For…

  1. When I was a kid, about 8-9 years old. I liked to wear girly clothes. Indian outfits such as saree, dupatta, etc. everyone made fun of me, they said that I’m trying to be a girl. But when they called me a transgender I felt insulting. After that whenever I was alone in my room I used to try my mom’s clothes 😀
    Let me tell you I was very impressed of women’s wearing and their looks, they looks so beautiful wearing such clothes and ornaments. As I grown up I stopped wearing my mom’s clothes because I knew it very well that those aren’t my type of clothes. I was just trying LOL

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    1. Aw yeah when I first got glasses kids made fun of me for it, too!! But I didn’t care because I was so thankful that I was able to see LOL. I hate kids, I’m sorry they picked on you for that!! ❤

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  2. What the fuck is wrong with people? Kids are like that because they’re not being raised properly. My kids will be taught from a very young age that everyone is equal and that discrimination is not okay. Nor is making fun of other people. I was made fun of because we were poor. Imagine being the poorest kid in a private school. Oh and it didn’t help that we didn’t have a father and were being raised by a single mother, who had been a teen mom. All kinds of wrong in the eyes of people. Adults felt sorry for us, kid thought we were inferior or weird

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    1. I know kids were so horrible back then and I think they’re even worse now. I don’t even want to have any of my own. Ah, I’m sorry that you were made fun of for being poor and a family situation you had no control over. :/


  3. I was always made fun of for being short and scrawny I have serious body anxiety because of it. It’s not like I’m all skin and bones but I am very thin (no thunder thighs). It really affected me heavily. When I went to a mostly white school I was made fun of for my hair. Nobody else there had the same kinda curls as me and called my hair “cute and nappy” all the time. It took me awhile to love my natural curls.

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    1. Aw, I was always and still am constantly teased for being short but hey, I don’t mind it anymore. Whatever, I like being short! 😀 Yeah, cute and nappy is like a compliment and not. People hurt us without even realizing it!

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  4. I had eczema when I was a kid too and Ciel even got it behind his neck just like me, his went away obviously with hydrocortisone, but when I was younger my parents I guess didn’t bother or didn’t know so when I was in 3rd my so called best friends were like “eww what’s that” and would run away like it was contagious. This was México so it was tough to know when you had a skin condition, but it’s gone away for the most part.
    I cannot believe those friends of yours would do something like that..I’ve had racists insults said at me both directly and indirectly and even one of my teachers in high school (when I was freshman) thought I would fail her class and was surprised when I got an A. She even said and I quote “I thought you were going to fail but I’m so glad you got an A” and when I asked why she stayed silent. And i immediately realized it was because i was Latina..I didn’t hate her for it but it sure felt good to throw it in her face. I even took college level classes during my jr and senior year. Bet she didn’t see that coming 😂😂

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    1. Ah, yeah. I get it behind my neck too!! Yeah that’s what would happen with me too. They’d be like “ew cooties” or whatever lol. I lived in a white ass farm town so they had no reason to think I was “contagious.”
      Fuck that teacher! So glad you got to prove her wrong!

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  5. Sadly just about everybody has a story about things they were teased about in school… I wish they did a better job both parents and schools with teaching children appropriate social skills so this doesn’t seem to be a constant issue!!

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  6. Awww, this post makes me sad because little kids can be so cruel because they operate from an intimidated place because they don’t know who they are. I eavesdrop on our foster kids and try and check them from time to time, but kids will be kids. A lot of my adult insecurities stem from my childhood. I’m hairy, I wear big ass glasses, and I was always larger than the other kids so everyone asked me if I got left back (I didn’t, I was in gifted and advanced classes since 4th grade), and I didn’t have the “cool” series of clothes and shoes. Whew, tough.

    Dom |

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    1. That’s so true. I’m not saying I wasn’t just as cruel to other kids, too, though. 😛 I forgot about that one! I used to get made fun of for my hairiness too and I didn’t shave my legs on time, I guess. One of my friends brought me aside and told me I should have them shaved in like 5th grade. :O I think everyone as a kid was bullied, sadly!!

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  7. Girl, I have “thunder thighs,” too, all of my weight goes straight to my thighs and to my ass lmao. But the older I get the more I find that it’s actually attractive to a lot of guys, and being self conscious about it is pointless lol.
    I used to have a real noticeable speech impediment as a kid – I would struggle to say my a’s (like in “and” and “day” and words like that), and my r’s (“world” took me forever to pronounce and I still struggle lol). But I used to have people ask me where I was from, because to some people I sounded French? No idea how lmao. I was always like… “ummm, here?” I was also a social introvert in high school and never was involved in anything.

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