My Favorite Quotes From… Sweetbitter by Stephanie Danler

Sweetbitter by Stephanie Danler


Originally Published on May 24, 2016

“‘It’s brave if you make it, foolish if you fail.'”

“Maybe I had never actually made a mistake before in my life and this is what it felt like. Like your hands were slipping off of every facet, like you didn’t have the words or directions and even gravity wasn’t reliable.”

“He looked at me. And then he laughed. From that moment on he became unbearable to me.”

He looked as tired as I felt, the lines around his eyes amplifying with each exhale.”

“It is a strange pressure to be across from a man who wants something that you don’t want to give. It’s like standing in a forceful current, which at first you think is not too strong, but the longer you stand, the more tired you become, the harder it is to stay upright.”

“I had taken one and thought I might throw up on the floor. Instead I threw myself into a cab and threw up in my own toilet like an adult. I was proud of myself.”

“When he looked at you, he was the only person who understood you, sipped you, and swallowed.”

“They must have been fighting, because she looked at me like I was intruding, and he looked relieved.”

“Sometimes my sadness felt so deep it must have been inherited.”

“‘You’re very affected by things. A gust of wind throws you. You take everything seriously.'”

“Was I a monster or was this what it felt like to be a person?”

“The truth was that sometimes I felt nothing. I did the coke and told myself that I was high but I was just numb.”

“‘I don’t care about better than before, I care about correct.'”

‘Those who would believe the words of women would be fools.’

Everything she touched she added an apostrophe to.”

“There are so many things to be blasé about: your youth, your health, your employment. But real foodgifts from the ocean, no less— is not one of them. It’s one of the only things that can immerse you safely in pleasure in this degraded, miserable place.”

“I could tell you damage isn’t sexy, it’s scary. You’re still young enough to think every experience will improve you in some long-term way, but it isn’t true. How do you suppose damage gets passed on?”

“He didn’t ever seem to have a question, and I don’t mean curiosity, but a throbbing, existential, why-is-it-like-this question. He had already mastered the answer to that Why?”

‘Does it get better?’ I asked. Can it? was what I really wanted to ask.”

“I know that trust is impossible with other people, but mostly with yourself because nobody taught you how.”

“How can you believe everything is accidental when we’re together and it feels like this?”

“Why was I the last one to learn anything, and why when I thought I learned something did the bottom drop out of it?”

Didn’t you run away to find a world worth falling in love with, saying you wouldn’t care if it loved you back?”

“‘But why you liking the past so much, Pop Tart? That shit goes dark.'”

“Apathy blanketed me in the middle of a life I had constructed never for an instant to be dull.”

“I recognized– and I mean knew with my whole body— that I had been operating my entire life upon the assumption that most men wanted to fuck me. Not only had I known it and encouraged it, I had depended on it.”

“I thought that once I got to this city nothing could ever catch up with me because I could remake my life daily. Once that had made me feel infinite. Now I was certain I would never learn. Being remade was the same thing as being constantly undone.”

Synopsis: “Newly arrived in New York City, twenty-two-year-old Tess lands a job as a “backwaiter” at a celebrated downtown Manhattan restaurant. What follows is the story of her education: in champagne and cocaine, love and lust, dive bars and fine dining rooms, as she learns to navigate the chaotic, enchanting, punishing life she has chosen. As her appetites awaken–for food and wine, but also for knowledge, experience, and belonging–Tess finds herself helplessly drawn into a darkly alluring love triangle. In Sweetbitter, Stephanie Danler deftly conjures with heart-stopping accuracy the nonstop and high-adrenaline world of the restaurant industry and evokes the infinite possibilities, the unbearable beauty, and the fragility and brutality of being young in New York.”
(via Goodreads)

Genre: Fiction, Food & Drink, Contemporary

My Rating: 1/5 stars

XO, Hunida

13 thoughts on “My Favorite Quotes From… Sweetbitter by Stephanie Danler

  1. I love the quote about standing in a riptide being like the pressure of a man wanting something from you that you aren’t wanting to give. It’s such an accurate description and definitely something I’ve experienced.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Damn 1/5 hahaha have we seen that before? I can’t remember 😂
    And the quote “‘You’re very affected by things. A gust of wind throws you. You take everything seriously.’” Sounds like something Alex would probably say about me. I do worry too much and make myself stress over little things sometimes lol.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Lol, I think I’ve only rated one or two other books 1/5! There was just no point to this story. Like yeah, the author was good with words but, there’s no story. It’s really a weird book. I hated it haha. I just had to read it because I kept seeing commercials for the show coming out based on it.
      Aw, we are so alike. It’s exactly something my boyfriend has already said to me before, lol. 😛

      Liked by 1 person

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