Journal Entry #81

April 09, 2018

I’m stressed out because my period still hasn’t arrived. I know it’s coming, it’s just messing with me, like always.

I couldn’t get myself to work on Saturday. My body and mind were on shut down mode.

On Friday, it was a bit busy but, not super. Stupid fishnet guy (Luke from My Regulars post) came to stalk me. I really didn’t feel like talking to him, since there were so many other customers, I didn’t have to. I blatantly ignored him. He let me go on ignoring him for maybe 2hrs, we locked eyes a few times but, I didn’t care. I was NOT trying to even say “hello” to him. I thought I was off the hook for the night, that he’d leave and/or was upset enough to hate me forever.

I was wrong.

Just when I let my guard down and stopped walking around and mingling for ONE second, there he was. AH! He had this creepy, mischievous smile on his face. Like a predator who had just caught his prey. I quickly turned around, pretending I didn’t see him and I approached a different customer. As I greeted the other customer, Luke was just hovering over us!!! It was crowded enough for the customer not to notice but, I knew what was going on. I was able to get a dance from the customer so Luke took a seat VERY close to us, where he sat and watched me the whole time. Then, I got up from that customer and right as I got up, Luke… with that predator ass smile grabbed me by the arm and you guys, I ran so quick to another customer and pretended like I wasn’t being stalked. I could tell the customer was startled when I approached him but I told him I was running away from a customer and he lightened up and bought me a drink so I could sit with him and stay away from Luke who sat near us for a long while but did eventually leave.

I’m ready for work already. Did my make up and hair. Showered, shaved, moisturized but gosh. I DO NOT WANT HIM TO BE THERE AGAIN TONIGHT.

Also, I really hope I don’t get my period while I’m at work. That would be a fucking nightmare.

Anyways, I came home from work on Friday around 4a. I finally made enough for my taxes so I should feel no more stress but I am still stressed.

On Saturday, boyfriend worked during the evening and he didn’t get home ’til nearly 11p. I showered and stuff for work but never did my makeup so I decided I just didn’t want to go. Like I said, I just felt groggy.

Sunday… boyfriend worked during the day and came home around 4p. We just stayed home and he cooked us a yummy dinner. We tried watching Parenthood because my sister said it was really good but we both got bored. Then, we watched The Good Doctor which we liked but I got bored through the second episode and started playing games on my phone, lol. It wasn’t the show though. I just was sick of watching TV.

Today, boyfriend worked during the evening. I finished reading Boy21, it was so good. I started it yesterday and finished today. It was short but, wow. I loved it.

Boyfriend’s home now and we already finished smoking a blunt. I’m drinking my espresso and still wondering where my damn period is. I guess I’ll go to work now.


XO, Hunida

33 thoughts on “Journal Entry #81

  1. That guy sounds super creepy! Is there anyway to report him as a stalker/unsavory customer?

    Also, I’m going through the same thing with my period… I know it will come, because it’s always fashionably late, but seriously, for once could it just come on time so I don’t have to worry or be caught off guard?!

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  2. I tried to get through Parenthood when I’d had quite a few beers but it just didn’t hold my slightly hyper (when I’ve had beer) attention span. Do you watch Rick and Morty? Crazy ass sci-fi cartoon? Do the security just let guys basically stalk you like that? I would have thought that would put other customers off, having another blokes presence there all the time.


  3. Shoot I pressed reply 🙄
    Anyway, I get like that when I’m nearing my time of the month. I get irritated and bored easily lol. I do stress too but that sometimes delays my period even more.. it’s a hard thing to deal with lol

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  4. That is stressful when you have a creepy dude but I am wondering how much of his “stalking” of you is because he likes the chase? This may be enticing him to continue? I am not sure what the answer is for you but that would suck if it gets to a point where you are stressing about going to work in case he is there

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  5. I hate when my period takes its sweet time to arrive. Drawback to us girls not on birth control I guess! But it makes it so hard to plan certain things!
    That’s so creepy he was flat out stalking him, What the hell is his malfunction? I hope he didn’t do that again.

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