Journal Entry #80

April 06, 2018

Happy Friday!

Yesterday, boyfriend worked during the evening. I watched the new episode of Good Girls on Hulu and ate some boxed organic chicken and wild rice soup for dinner. I started this other show but I forgot what it was called and I wasn’t able to finish the first episode because I had to start writing my blog post and get ready for work.

Boyfriend came home at nearly 10p. I was all done up by then so we just smoked a blunt then off to work I went. I got there around 11p and I stayed until 3a. It’s just been really rough everyday I’ve gone to work this week. I hope it’s better tonight and tomorrow.

I’m hoping my period comes on Sunday but we’ll see. My app says tomorrow.

Today, boyfriend had the day off. We woke up a little past noon and did our morning snuggles… then I wrote the shopping list and we went to Smith’s, as usual, for our groceries. We also had to stop at the dispensary. We went to this one called Inyo which we only go to when we go grocery shopping because they’re right next door to each other but they’re supposed to put your product in this like super, secretive bag that sometimes even locks but this time and the last time we’ve bought from them, they’ve just handed us the jar and boyfriend’s stuffed it in his pocket. I think they’ll get in trouble for this soon… OH MY GOSH. I don’t know how I forgot to tell you guys but last week, boyfriend saw T.I. at the dispensary that we usually go to!!! I was in the car and mad as fuck because I didn’t bring my ID so I couldn’t get in! He snuck this picture of him and sent it me:


I was so jealous. I LOVE T.I.!!!

We came home and boyfriend cooked dinner while I took a shower and watched Boy Meets World. We watched an episode while we ate and one more before we left for coffee. We just got back from getting coffee. Boyfriend’s rolling up a blunt right now. I’ll get ready for work once we’re done smoking… I mean probably not right after because I love to fucking lolly gag. Oh and I’ve gotta paint my nails after I do my makeup, too. Blah.

Have a fun and safe weekend, my loves!


XO, Hunida

25 thoughts on “Journal Entry #80

  1. Wow I’m so jealous too!! I loooooooove TI! I hope it gets better at work! I never see anyone famous here! And Boy Meets World is good watching lol

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I know!!! He’s so fine lol I wish I got see him. I would’ve asked for an autograph or a photo together or something haha. Yes, Boy Meets World is so funny now that I’m older I catch all the jokes and a lot of ’em are so dirty haha.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Aw, thank you, Rossy. It’s been weird/not good at work to the point where I think I might switch clubs. I’d say “at least I’m not the only one who had a bad week” but I’d rather you had a good week!! ❤ I know, I almost ran home to get my ID but he said I wouldn't have made it on time because he immediately went into the back room LOL.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Awh well that sucks that you’re thinking about switching but I wish you the best either way. I’m sure you’ll find a great club you won’t want to leave lol.
        Awh man!! At least he took a photo haha

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