Journal Entry #78

April 02, 2018

Hey all. 🙂 It’s my first April journal entry!

Friday night after the Chocolate Festival, I came home and wrote up all of my end of the month posts. We went to sleep around 2a.

Saturday morning, boyfriend had to work at 11a. He came home around 3ish. We had been wanting to try this diner called Omelet House 50’s Diner. Since we didn’t really have time to go grocery shopping and cook dinner we decided to finally give it a try. From the exterior you can tell why we’ve been wanting to go:


No, the waitresses weren’t roller skating around like the picture on the window indicates but, how cool would that have been?


The interior was even better!! I love the 50’s diner style so much. Another plus about diners: they’re inexpensive.


We ordered the daily soup, Chicken Veggie, and a side salad to share. They had shredded some cheese on top of it and I tried to take as much of it off as possible (boyfriend just popped it all in his mouth, lol).


We both ordered sandwiches that came on the delicious French roll. Mine was the French dip with au jus:


The meat was a bit too fatty and chewy but, it was still good. I just picked out the fat parts towards the end. Boyfriend ordered a steak sandwich with fries:


It was good though the waitress asked how he wanted it to be cooked… he said medium-rare and it was well-done, lol. Oh well.

It was cheap and we’ll probably go back again.

After that, we went to get coffee and I got ready for work. I decided to curl my hair. It took an hour and I can’t remember the last time I curled it so I had to take some selfies, hehe:


Before I went into work, boyfriend and I stopped at our favorite spot for one drink. Well, I had one. Boyfriend had 2.


I got even more drunk at work. I got there around 11p and left at around 3a.

Yesterday, neither of us worked! We went grocery shopping. It was packed with people at the store.


We came home and ate dinner. I wanted to take a nap so we both slept. I woke up around 7p, boyfriend woke up at like 9p. When he woke up we watched a few episodes of Finding Carter then, we wanted to watch a movie. We chose to watch Before I Wake on Netflix. It was pretty interesting but I think the main actress was so bland and boring. We went to sleep after the movie.

Today, we woke up a little past noon. We laid in bed a little and smoked a blunt. I decided on a shower at 3p and boyfriend started making dinner. While I waited for dinner to ready, I watched Chopped and read One Of Us Is Lying. After we ate, I started this journal entry and we smoked a blunt. Now… I think it’s time to go get coffee. I should go to work tonight. I need to make enough money to pay my taxes by the 17th and I need a new car, badly.


XO, Hunida

26 thoughts on “Journal Entry #78

    1. The diner was really cool 😀 they have a few like that here. There’s another one called Roxy’s Diner in the Stratosphere Casino. I hope you get to try the one near you someday!! 😀
      Thank you so much!! ❤

      Liked by 1 person

  1. I looove the look of that diner! It looked so cute! I have never been to an old style diner like that but it would be awesome. Your hair looks pretty curled:). You’re so pretty girl!

    Liked by 2 people

  2. The diner looked so cool. We have a diner around here that does the 50s’ look pretty good and it’s awesome. The sandwich looked awesome too. I loved the pics of you. You are the cutest!. Hope you are doing well. Keep writing. – Robert

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Lol with a curling iron, I’ve never understood how people curl their hair with a straightener! You’d be even more scared of the curling wand that I use, it comes with a heat glove to protect you!


    1. Thanks babe!! I don’t use many hair products. For this look I used a Revlon wand iron with the balls on it, you know the ones I’m talking about? & my boyfriend’s gel to keep the curls, lol. Other days I just flat iron my hair with a John Frieda straightener. I don’t even use heat protectant spray even though I really, really should. 😛


  3. You look amazing with curled hair!!! I am terrible at using a curling iron, so I usually just use my wave iron (which is like a crimper) to make my hair wavy, but that’s a little different than curls.

    That diner is so cute inside. I’ve always wanted to go to a 50’s style diner. I wish we had one here.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much! 😀 I like using the wands to curl my hair, but they are definitely daunting at first. I wish I had a crimper though, crimped hair is so cute!
      I think all towns should have a 50s style diner!

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  4. Those types of diners are my favorite! It sucks there were a few mistakes, but sounds like overall it was a good choice! And your hair looks so pretty curled! So cute! ☺️ I watched that movie, Before I Wake, awhile ago, isn’t it Nicole Kidman who plays in it? I thought it was a good movie!

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