Happy April, bloggers!! Here’s what you can expect to read on my blog this month:

  1. Recipe Reviews #23
  2. Journal Entry
  3. Shows I’ve Recently Enjoyed
  4. Journal Entry
  5. Perfect Songs To Belt Out
  6. Journal Entry
  7. My Favorite Psychological Thriller Novels
  8. Recipe Reviews #24
  9. Journal Entry
  10. Things I Was Made Fun Of For As A Child…
  11. Journal Entry
  12. Private Blog Snippets Pt. 2
  13. Journal Entry
  14. My Acid Trips
  15. Recipe Reviews #25
  16. Journal Entry
  17. Boyfriend’s Trip To The ER
  18. Journal Entry
  19. My Top 5: Favorite Beverages
  20. Journal Entry
  21. My Recurring Nightmares
  22. Recipe Reviews #26
  23. Journal Entry
  24. Snippets From My Meth Story
  25. Journal Entry
  26. My Favorite Childhood Films
  27. Journal Entry
  28. My Most Annoying Habits
  29. Recipe Reviews #27
  30. Journal Entry

I will continue the Unboxing & Reviews and My Favorite Quotes From… series. Maybe I’ll throw in some tags/awards, too. Those posts you can expect randomly throughout the month.

XO, Hunida

Featured Image byย Annie Spratt

19 thoughts on “Apr’18: Blog Schedule

  1. The fact that you are able to upload so often is lit. I love it. And you know I love your journal entries! Glad Iโ€™m back to blog activities so I can catch up on whatโ€™s happening!

    Liked by 1 person

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