Journal Entry #77

March 30, 2018

Whew, I was going to go to work tonight but instead we went to the Inaugural Chocolate Festival. Now, ya’ll know I’m lactose intolerant so I should’ve known I wasn’t going to be able to go to work after this but… I mean, come on!!, this was a one-day only thing so I had to go.


I bought us a 50% off Groupon to attend, it was held at the Stratosphere Casino on the 8th floor at the rooftop pool area called Elation.


We were one of the first people to get there because we went to the casino early. We arrived around 04:30p and we walked to the Box Office to claim our tickets, there was no line at this time. We walked around looking for this Wok Vegas BBQ fast food place. We saw the signs for it on the walls but, it was farther away from the Box Office than all of the other food places.


We kept walking until we finally found it. We both ordered the same thing and sat down at a table to enjoy it. It was expensive… especially for fast food. That’s why I hate eating the casinos. The prices are always so inflated.


They had a Brisket Sandwich on the big menu board in the hallway, boyfriend was going to order that but, they said they took that off the menu. Same with the Macaroni Salad that he was also going to order. Poor guy. He ended up just ordering the 1/4 Chicken and 4 Ribs with Fries like I did– except, I got the Sweet Potato Fries. They had this yummy Sweet and Sour Sauce at the table that went perfectly with the chicken and fries.


Boyfriend finished all of his food but, I had 2 ribs lefts. I gave him one but, he was too full to eat the last one. The festival started at 6p and it still wasn’t quite time when we were done eating. We put a couple dollars in the slot machines and got free cocktails. Boyfriend ordered a whisky and coke while I got a pineapple juice with tequila. I didn’t finish mine because it was too sweet and I wanted to save my belly for the chocolate.

When it was like 05:40p we went up to get our 21+ wristbands.


We didn’t know the pool and hot tub were actually going to be open until we saw the “No Jumping” “No Diving” on the wristbands. I was a bit sad that I didn’t pack my bathing suit because I would’ve so enjoyed a dip in the hot tub. No one was swimming besides one little boy and his gramps.


The guards were arguing at 05:55p because one wanted to let us in and the other was like “it’s not 6p yet!” they ended up letting us in a bit before 6p. We were welcomed by all the cute Easter decorations and a cart full of all kinds of chocolate bark.


There was a wine and champagne tasting area that boyfriend stopped at many, many times while we were there, lol.


They gave us samples of any kind we wanted to try (and they had a TON) in these cute little cups:


My favorite wine was a sweet white wine by a brand called Ménage à Trois (not pictured above– that’s a champagne).

One area (that was right next door to this) that I didn’t get a photo of was the “Silent Disco.” They had headphones that you could put on like in the prom scene of the Netflix Original Series: A-Typical. It just didn’t make sense because there was another DJ playing super loud music so there was never silence. The headphones just gave you different and directly in your ears music.


Ethel M. Chocolates had their own little stand with all kinds of delicious samples… my favorite was the dark chocolate with lemon filling. Boyfriend liked this crunchy one that was kind of a like a dipped in chocolate and peanuts brittle.


These were the cutest ones!

I was allergic to something inside the casino because I sneezed a hundred times and I still can’t stop sneezing and needing to blow my nose!!

There was this HUGE buffet of chocolate desserts… there was everything you could ever dream of, including: mini donuts, pudding, white chocolate and milk chocolate fondue, fruits, dipped pretzels and Peeps, cake pops, and SO much more!!

The donuts were like actual donuts… not a cake donut, not like a state fair mini donut but like a mini sized Krispy Kreme donut and each one had a different filling… AMAZING, I tell ya!!


There was also free face painting as you can see on the kid’s face above ^ hahah!


The best part is ALL OF THIS was free after only paying an admission fee. There was one part that was supposed to be pre-paid for if you wanted to participate:


I didn’t see any option for this when I bought my Groupon but, whatever. They give you wine and the instructor teaches you how to paint the picture above. It was held by a company called Wine & Canvas.

They also had an egg hunt going on. You could pick up as many eggs as you want. I just took one and left the rest for the kids, I promise.


There was even chocolate ice cream!! We chose to try the ice cream between two cookies:


I was sad to see the kiddos yanking at the animals at the tiny little Petting Zoo but the animals were so cute… I especially loved the little bunnies. I want one so bad!! I heard they’re hard to take care of though especially already having 3 cats.


We had SO much fun and maybe TOO much chocolate. We had to take a selfie before we left:


Oh, I got the bunny ears by donating to Adam’s Place. It’s a grief center for kids, teens, and families who lose a loved one and need a support group but can’t afford all that.

After that, I had a pretty big tummy ache so I decided to just stay home for the night. I plan to work tomorrow, Sunday, and Monday. On Wednesday night, it was so shitty for me but a little exciting because a popular porn star bought a booth and a bottle with her friends and did a stage dance for us! It was really raunchy and def illegal what she did up there but, I thought it was cool that I got to watch her. 😀

Yesterday, I didn’t go to work, either. Boyfriend worked all night from 3p-9p. I watched the new episode of Good Girls and quite a few episodes of Finding Carter. I made the dinner so boyfriend wouldn’t have to after his long day of work and I thought I’d be nice after my long day of doing nothing. It was an easy one and hey, it even turned out well!!

We went to sleep around 2a and today, we woke up at around noon. I showered then wrote my Ipsy March 2018: Unboxing & Review while we smoked a blunt. We smoked a second blunt right after I finished typing it all up, too… then it was time to go to the Stratosphere for all the fun I talked about above. 😀

Now, I’m gonna write my Play! By Sephora March 2018: Unboxing & Review— I’ll schedule that for 08:30a tomorrow and then I’m going to do an ICYMI: My March’18 Posts and schedule that one for 08:30p tomorrow. I’ll also do my Apr’18: Blog Schedule… which will go up on Sunday along with a Recipe Reviews that I might do right now, too.

Have a good and safe weekend, my loves!!!


XO, Hunida

39 thoughts on “Journal Entry #77

      1. haha, better safe than sorry then 🙂 It sounds awesome. My girlfriend and I would love to go to another strip club but they are so expensive. We usually wait for a very special occassion.

        Liked by 1 person

          1. Ironically enough we went for the first time two years ago and had a fantastic time. It was actually a family dad, myself, my girlfriend her sister and at the time her wife. One of the best experiences!


  1. Wow! That looks awesome! I wish I could go. Sugar overload!!!
    I stayed at the Stratosphere when I went to Vegas in 1996. We had a room way up high in the tower. It was great.
    I wonder what messed with your allergies? How strange.
    I’m glad you had fun at that and watching the famous dancer. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I wish you could have came with us!! It was def a sugar overload! That’s awesome that you stayed in the Stratosphere. It has the best views of Vegas being so high up!!
      I wonder too… my allergies are all better now, luckily! 😀
      Thank you, Julie!! ❤

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Hahaha, I don’t know what KTV is but I’m guessing it’s karaoke? You must know that no one cares how bad you sing during karaoke!! Asians just love it because it’s fun. 😀


  2. I think the donuts look the most amazing out of everything. lol We don’t have any cool festivals nearby where I live. 😦 The only festivals we ever have here is BluesFest (blues music) and Augustoberfest (which is a German festival that serves some food, like bratwursts, and beer). I went to Augustoberfest once, but I didn’t find it exciting at all. I’ve got German heritage, but I don’t like beer.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I think the donuts were the tastiest, too!! I actually think there’s going to be BluesFest here, too. The Augustoberfest sounds fun!! I don’t like beer either but I love me some bratwursts, lol. I’m sorry there aren’t more festivals near you to attend!!

      Liked by 2 people

  3. Omg whaaaaa?!! A chocolate festival looks like my dream come true I mean I don’t eat it as often anymore but I’d definitely let myself have many samples haha. I love how everything was set up I can’t believe it was free with admission haha

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It seemed like I was in Heaven while I was there!! This was the first time that they had this festival but they’re going to have one once a year from now on 😀 come visit Vegas next year!

      Liked by 1 person

  4. OMFG I would have been in HEAVEN!!!!
    I LOVE good chocolate, not Hershey crap or cheap and nasty chocolate…I would happily pay $6 for one bit of chocolate at a chocolatier….I am so Jelly I would love to have gone to that

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It was so wonderful, Jad!! Wish you could have been there to experience the greatness of it all. 😀 There was NO cheap crap chocolate here. All of it was top notch! You would of loved it!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Oh I am SOOOOOO jealous!! Chocolate is my most favorite thing in the world….well…besides sex, it used to be better than sex until I discovered that sex was delicious but chocolate…top quality chocolate comes a very close second!!!


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