Ipsy Glam Bag | March 2018


The design on the bag this month is a little creepy. I haven’t colored it in but, boyfriend said he’d like to until I told him they only gave us two markers.


The theme this month is “Create” so it makes sense why they wanted us to get “creative” and do a little coloring on our bag. On the back of the postcard, they suggest more ways to turn your world into a “work of art.”

What Was In My Bag?:


Skin&CO Roma – Truffle Therapy Whipped Cleansing Cream

“It’s made with pure truffle extract and almond oil that gently cleanses your skin, while improving tone and texture. It’s made with essential fatty acids that help maintain your skin’s natural moisture barrier so it’s great for ipsters with dry or sensitive skin. It removes makeup (even waterproof formulas).” (via Ipsy)

My Review: hated this. It’s like a super thick lotion. You rub it on your dry face and it just made me feel so gross. My face never seemed to get clean, makeup kept coming up when I wiped my face so I finished with a micellar water to really clean it all off. I still saw so much makeup on my cotton balls.

Cruelty-Free?: Yes
Full-Size Retail Value: $35 Travel-Size: $10


Steve Laurant Beauty – Lip Oil in Orchid

“It’s moisturizing and non-sticky, so your lips will be 100% softer in one swipe. Mix it up and make it all yours. The sheer purple tint looks just as good alone as it does layered over other lip colors.” (via Ipsy)

My Review: I love this lip oil. I’ve never tried any other lip oils before. It really does moisturize my lips with one swipe but, I wouldn’t exactly say it’s non-sticky because there is a bit of a stick to it. It was definitely less sticky than any other glosses I’ve tried though. I love the tint of color and shine it leaves on my lips. My lips feel softer after using this everyday.

Cruelty-Free?: Yes
Full-Size Retail Value: $18 (it’s sold out on their website for 1-2 months so I’m not the only one who likes it!!)


Furless – Loose Pigment in Sinister

“We’re always searching for a true bronze shadow. This one takes the medal–it’s warm, shimmery, and very pigmented.” (via Ipsy)


My Review: I loved this eyeshadow! It’s so pretty. It’s not just one single shade. It changes from dark brown to gold. I used it dry, it wasn’t messy and it was super easy to apply with a flat eyeshadow brush. It’s shimmery and almost metallic already without adding water… I can only imagine how intense it looks with water added.

Cruelty-Free?: Yes
Full-Size Retail Value: $18


Eyeko – Lash Alert! Mascara in Carbon Black

“This mascara is literally like a cup of coffee for your eyes. It’s infused with caffeine to perk up your lashes with crazy volume and curl. It’s also loaded with biotin to improve the health of your lashes, so the more you use it, the fuller they’ll get. The brush is super rounded for maximum curl, and the cool squeezy tube keeps it from drying out.” (via Ipsy)

My Review: I did think that the squeezy tube was pretty cool. The brush is clean until you squeeze the tube to coat it with product. I didn’t even curl my lashes and you can obviously tell that my eye on the right has the mascara on and my eye on the left has none. This mascara not only curled my lashes on its own but, it also made them look thicker, darker, and fuller, too. It smudged under my eyes after awhile of wear but not that noticeably… it was hard to wipe away with just my finger– it doesn’t go away so it’s hard to keep using it since I don’t want a permanent smudge under my eye all of the time but, I love what it does to my lashes.

Cruetly-Free?: Yes
Full-Size Retail Value: $26


Nip+Fab – Glycolic Scrub Fix

“It refines, restores, and brightens your skin each time you use it. Hello, baby-smooth skin. Glycolic acid gently exfoliates and improves your skin’s texture, while salicylic acid helps clean your pores and reduce blemishes.” (via Ipsy)

My Review: Mmm, this smells so yummy (exactly like grapefruits)! I love the beads, rubbing this on my face feels so nice. I’ve used this quite a few times so far and it’s still not all gone. I can tell my skin is smoother and brighter but I don’t know if it’s so much cleaning my pores and reducing my blemishes.

Cruelty-Free?: Yes
Full-Size Retail Value: $12.27

I was super excited to try every single one of the items in my bag this month. I was instantly scared of the Skin&CO Roma Whipped Cleansing Cream but, it was still fun trying something new! I can’t wait for my April Glam Bag!!

If you’d like to enjoy an Ipsy bag for free– send me your First and Last Name and your E-Mail Address. I can only send it to you if you’re one of the first five to contact me and if you’ve never, ever received a Glam Bag before. You can comment your info below or e-mail me at: hunidayn@outlook.com

XO, Hunida

17 thoughts on “Ipsy Glam Bag | March 2018

  1. That eyeshadow looks pretty on you! Man, everyone keeps getting Nip + Fab products but me! That’s a brand I’ve been wanting to try. I might just have to buy some myself, although I’m actually trying to save money currently, so I can’t spend too much.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. The eyeshadow looks gorgeous!! And the lip oil would have been a good item to get, I’ve only tried one or two but I’m not as convinced. Perhaps I’ll try milani lip oils next lol.
    And I’ve tried a mascara from eyeko and I really loved it.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, I am loving the eyeshadow! 🙂 I really like the lip oil, too. My lips keep getting softer and softer! I had never even heard of lip oils before. 😛 I’m glad I got to try one!

      Liked by 1 person

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