Journal Entry #76

March 28, 2018

Hey guys. 🙂 The past couple days have thankfully been rather relaxing.

On Monday, after I posted my journal entry, boyfriend and I ate dinner and watched several episodes of Finding Carter together on the TV. I decided I wanted to try the bubble bath bar I bought from the St. Patrick’s Day festival.


I used about a quarter of the bar to get this amount of bubbles. The crisp cotton scent was so wonderful and filled up my entire apartment. I enjoyed this much more than the ice cream scoop truffle thing.

We watched a couple more episodes of Finding Carter before we went to sleep at a little past 2a.

On Tuesday, boyfriend had to work during the evening. I didn’t have anything to eat at home and I was too lazy to go for a walk. I spent my whole day reading One Of Us Is Lying and writing about the Regulars I’ve Had. When boyfriend picked up coffee at Starbucks, he called me to read the list of sandwiches on their menu. I asked for the chicken and bacon with no cheese but ended up getting the egg and bacon with no cheese by mistake somehow. I wasn’t really mad though. It was delicious and on a croissant bun. YUM.

I went to work around 11p and stayed until 3a. There were a lot of broke college kids on spring break. I guess I will expect them for the rest of the week. I mean… they do buy dances, just not the expensive ones. It’s def better than nothing!! I had 3 Patron with pineapple juice cocktails, I got drunk but wasn’t hungover this morning; which is always the best.

We still don’t know what to do about our car. We’re driving around with the fucked up bumper still. Ugh. It’s too stressful to think about so I just keep telling myself it’s whatever… and not that a big deal when it really is. 😛

Today, we woke up around noon. We stayed in bed until like 2p, I read some blogs on my reader on my phone while boyfriend watched TV on the iPad. We had to get up though because I needed to get my eyebrows threaded. I feel like she didn’t do as good of a job as she normally does.

On the way home from the eyebrow threading salon, we stopped at CVS. I bought some snacks for work… some granola bites and wasabi peas. I also bought some new nail polish. The main reason we were there though was for toothpaste and to refill our water jugs at their water machine. We got all of that… but then, I remembered I am out of baby wipes, too. Now, on my way to work we will have to stop at CVS again for those.

We also had to stop at the smoke shop for some blunt wraps, boyfriend needed a pack of cigarettes, too.

We came home, smoked a blunt while we watched an episode of Finding Carter. Boyfriend started cooking dinner and I showered after the episode was over. I got out of the shower and watched more episodes while I removed my old nail polish. The food was done after I was done with that. We ate and then I started to paint my nails. Boyfriend went on his own to get our coffee so I could continue doing my nails.

I know, I’m bad at painting my nails, LOL. Base and Top Coat: ORLY – Nail Defense Strengthening Protein Treatment Color: OPI Nail Lacquer – Midnight in Moscow

He came home, we smoked another blunt, then I finished painting. After they dried (kind of), I went to start on my makeup. I just finished that and now here I am. We just finished our blunt so I’ve gotta get goin’. Back to work I go.

Goodnight! ❤


XO, Hunida

22 thoughts on “Journal Entry #76

    1. Hahah I’m trying to get better at it so I gotta keep practicing. I’m loving Finding Carter, you should def watch it if you have Hulu. I’m not sure if it’s on Netflix!


    1. You’re the first person to comment that has also watched Finding Carter, I LOVE it. I’m almost done with the second season now. I’m sad that it’s almost over lol. Thanks so much for the comment! ♥

      Liked by 1 person

        1. Maybe because it’s on Hulu and Netflix is more popular? Ugh I was worried that it got cancelled and the second season will end in a cliffhanger! 😦 Thanks, babe! I hope you’re having an amazing weekend, too! ❤

          Liked by 2 people

  1. I’ve never had my eyebrows threaded I just pluck them myself but I would like to try at least once and see if I like the way they look better than plucking lol.
    And the nail polish is a nice shade I never do my nails anymore but I did receive a gel polish? Which I really liked because it dries much faster. I think I’m going to replace my polishes with gel ones lol.


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