I’m sure some of you already know by now that my first job in the sex industry was in a peepshow. There was a phone that we could make a voice message on for when the men called to see who was working. I never really cared to make one until one of my co-workers told me that it would be best if I did make one every time I walked in because there are such things as regulars. The message would be something like “Thank you for calling the Dollhouse, tonight we have Lola, Kitty, and April. Don’t you want to come play with us?”

Every time I started my shift, I would pick up the phone and make the voice message to include my name and any of the other girls who were there with me.

My co-worker was right. I already had regulars!

They had come into see me before but I didn’t realize that they were only there for me. I thought they were just the store’s regulars. In a sense, they were just the store’s regulars but they did call the machine to see which girls were there each time they wanted to visit. My regular knew the shift change time and he would come literally less than an hour after I made the voice message and when he came to visit me, he’d come even faster than that 😉 (always under 10 minutes!). He was sweet, he’d say his “hellos” and “goodbyes” but nothing more. He seemed very much like a family man that was sneaking out to see me each time. When ever there was a new girl and I saw him walk in, he’d always do a quick, meaningless stroll around the store before he snuck into my booth and shut the doors behind him so I’d tell her, “I bet he’s gonna come into my booth” and he always did.

Another one became my regular but he also enjoyed visiting the other Asian girl who had been working there way before me. He was rather creepy, though. I mentioned him in my “Fetishes” post (my favorite post I’ve ever written on here). He’s under the “Enjoying the Company of Other Men” category.

*All names have been changed because I couldn’t remember all of them and I’m sure they’re all still frequenting the strip clubs and I don’t want to put them out there like that.*

At the first club I worked at, I had gained three regulars

Derrick Derrick was, still is, and always will be my favorite regular. He was my first one, too! Apparently he was Cinnamon’s regular, who I mentioned in my “Crying on the Job” post. Luckily, Derrick didn’t care about what Cinnamon had to say and he wasn’t intimidated by her. He wanted to get dances with me only. After, I did a ton of dances with him… Cinnamon found me in the dressing room to ask me how I liked him. I asked her if she knew him or something and she told me he had only come to the club in the first place for her. Oops. Too bad because now he came to the club for me. He would come see me every Tuesday and after he left, I would have enough money to leave, too, but, one day he didn’t show up. I almost cried because I thought Cinnamon had done something to make him not come back anymore. This man was paying my rent and all of my bills! I asked her if she thought he would come back (we talked to each other civilly on the smoking patio by this time) and she told me that he would always disappear for a little while but eventually, he’d come back. I switched to a different club because I couldn’t rely on him and I needed to work a night shift (that club was forcing me to do day shifts since I probably sucked at dancing) but, I never got to see Derrick before I left… somehow, he found me at the new club I worked at. He didn’t come see me as often, he’d surprise me every two weeks or so. He was always so sweet and he would remember everything I told him even if it had been so long since we saw each other. I told him my dream of writing a memoir one day, I asked him if I could use his name and he always told me “no” so we’d come up with silly names I could use for him. I don’t think Derrick was one of them but oh well, I can’t remember what he wanted to be called. He’d always ask me if I had started writing it yet. He would rarely get VIP dances because he loved to show off to the other customers how much time I spent with him. He’d get to know me a little then do several couch dances. If he came in, I’d be set for the night. I didn’t need to talk to other customers. I asked him if he ever wanted to get married and he said “no, she wouldn’t allow me to come see you dancers anymore.” He said it’s better to go home alone and come see us girls whenever he wants to. He was old and retired but had lots of retirement money, I guess. I was always worried that he wouldn’t have any money left to eat and my co-workers would tell me that I can never worry about a customer’s money, it’s not my job to worry about theirs… only about mine. Derrick actually became more interested in one of my co-workers and every time I saw him, she’d already be on his lap. We grew apart and I wouldn’t even say “hi” to him anymore when I saw him… even if she wasn’t with him. I just thought he was done with me. I switched clubs and he found me AGAIN. At this club, I was his only interest and we got to seeing each other weekly again but, he was spending half the amount on me than he usually did. He is just a Minnesota club regular who picks the “it” girl of each club. He was able to find me at each club because he is a regular at ALL of them. I feel like he was a serial cheater and player back in his day and that’s why he doesn’t have a wife and doesn’t even want one.

Robert – I really liked Robert. He was very professional. He came to see me on his lunch break, nearly everyday. He would get several couch dances with me but, he never really was one for chatting. He’d come in, immediately get dances with me, and leave. The day before I quit that club, I informed him of the club I was switching to and he told me he was going to miss me. I was like “oh my gosh, it’s only down the street… you can still come see me” but he was WAY too classy to be found at a fully nude, no liquor strip club. As a farewell gift, he brought me into the Champagne Room for an hour, bought me the most expensive bottle, AND the chocolate covered strawberries! After the champagne came, he was like “shit, I forgot you can’t even drink that” (I was only 19) so we ended up giving it to our waitress after he had a cup or two himself. What a sweet guy! I still miss him!

Matthew – I really can’t remember this guy’s name but, it doesn’t matter since I’m not using real ones anyways. Matthew would come into the club, I assumed, on his way home from work. He always wore the same burgundy button-down shirt and dress pants. He was always so nervous and shaky. I’d have to sit at the bar with him and he’d down two cocktails before he was ready for a dance. The conversations we had were so awkward and painful. Even while I was giving him lap dances, I could feel him shake from nervousness and/or trying to keep himself from exploding. The first few times I danced for him, he would come in his pants. I realized after he came, he’d end our dances. I got smarter and started to learn when he was about to, so I’d do more air dancing and less grinding so he couldn’t… you know… he was spending probably 3x more on me now. He never stopped paying until he came. He sure made it worth it, though. He’d always give me a fat tip. I mean, I WONDER WHY.

At my second club, I can remember four more regulars I gained.

Kyle – I hated this old ass fucker. He wouldn’t even get a real VIP dance. He’d do the second-level dances and make me snuggle with him. I’d get to dance to 2 songs and he’d make me snuggle with him for 7. He wasn’t nasty or perverted… he never tried to slip his fingers anywhere they didn’t belong but, gosh… the things he wanted to talk about drove me up a wall. “What happened in your past to make you want to do this job?” “What do you TRULY want to for your future?” “You are better than this!” “Are you really happy here?” “I want you to know you’re special and sorry if no one’s ever told you that before” I just wanted to scream at him. Every time I saw him, I’d try to hide until he found another girl to fucking father. The other girls started to hate him, too. We all hid from him. He asked a manager for me one night so the manager came to find me and I told him “hell no, you go snuggle with him and tell him what you want for your future!” he laughed at me but then scolded me by telling me that Kyle has been frequenting the club for years but, he nor anyone else could force me to snuggle with him. The amount he paid was NOT worth it. Sorry, Kyle!!!

Tim – Okay, this fake name is SO close to his real name that anyone and everyone that works at or frequents the second club I worked at will know who I’m talking about. Tim was the coolest. He would roll me up joints nearly every single night. We would smoke together on the patio, we’d talk about everything. When his mom passed away, he came to me for comfort. He always visited the club but NEVER bought dances. He started to buy them from me after many months of knowing me. I didn’t think he ever would but, we became quite close after smoking joints together every night! He didn’t spend a lot of money, ever, but I didn’t mind. He was so kind to everyone. He’d burn movies onto DVDs for me and all of my co-workers. We just had to tell him which movie we wanted and he would somehow find it and make a bootleg copy for us. He’d call me Kit-Kat because I told him they were my favorite chocolates and he’d always bring the party-sized ones for me. Everyone loves Tim! His eyes are always wide open (because he binge-drinks those 5 Hour Energy shots), he dances around the club– does not give one fuck who is watching him, he never sits down (except to get a dance but, not even while he’s smoking), he doesn’t quite comprehend everything you say to him, and it’s impossible to comprehend everything he says to you. He doesn’t use complete sentences and will often times look at you blankly after you ask him a question.

Terry – Terry was a drunk bastard!! I often times enjoyed his company because he was funny and complimented me incessantly. After we’d dance he would pick my heels up for me and slip them on my feet, every single time. He would get upset if I tried to put them on by myself. He always tried to slip his fingers where they didn’t belong and he always had his tongue sticking out. One day, he licked my nipple so I got up and I told him “never look for me again, I will no longer give you dances!” Every time I saw him, I would give him the stink-eye, he would chase me to apologize, and tell me he wouldn’t do it again. I never believed him and you can’t accept apologies right away or the wrong-doer doesn’t learn. He found me at my next club. I asked him how he found me and he told me he had asked my best friend from the other club. He begged me to do dances for him and he promised he’d behave. I figured he would behave since this club was totally in a different city and I knew he had a much longer drive to get there. He was nice and he’d come back to see me more often than before… probably because this club had alcohol. Like I said, he was a drunk bastard!

Fernando – The youngest regular I’ve ever had. He was just 21 years old when I met him. He would always do ONE set in the VIP room with me. He was fun to chat with but, not worth it. I wasted a lot of time on him because we had good conversation but, he never paid me enough. It sucked because he wouldn’t get the VIP room with me unless I talked to him for a good amount of time first. After awhile, he stopped getting dances at all. He just started bringing in gifts for me. Mostly weed pipes. When I switched clubs, I was able to tell him and he started to visit me there. He’d come and get me super drunk while we chatted but still… no dances. Some days, he’d surprise me and buy dances with me. I never knew what would happen so every time I saw him, I’d sit down and chat… mostly drink. I got fired from that club but he found me at my new club. I only had to work there for less than a month before I was moving to Las Vegas and once I told him I was moving, he came to see me every night. He knew I needed to go make money so he’d let me mingle and dance with the other customers and he’d just wait at his table for me. When I needed a drink or just a break, I’d go sit and chat with him for a bit.

At my third club, mostly all of my regulars I had gained at the previous clubs I worked at then, I accumulated three more but, I can’t remember any of their names for some reason.

Bill – He was so very sweet… he was an older, bigger man. He would buy dances from me and a few other girls. Never VIPs but, enough couch dances to equal one VIP. He loved to randomly tickle me, though, and he’d sneakily graze my nipples all of the time. It was very bothersome but not as bothersome as when he would beg me to go over to his house and let him use a toy on me. He would promise me that he wouldn’t touch me at all…. only the toy would. Every time I told him “no” but, every time he still asked. He would ask for a certain dance position over and over again. I like to switch positions during lap dances but, he’d always be like “let’s go back to this one” and when I’d give him a goodbye hug, he’d hold onto me so tight and for so long. There was no letting go first… it was up to him when the hug was over.

Alastair – This guy always had tears in his eyes and his voice was always shaky. It’s like he hated his life so much and it made me want to cry and hold him every time I saw him. He’d drink a ton and it never really seemed to effect him. He was so kind to me and spent so much money that I started to feel bad each time but, I have to remember: I can’t worry about them or their money problems. I can only worry about mine. He liked this other girl, too, so he’d ask me to find her for him when he was done dancing with me. It seemed like every time he asked for his next girl is when his voice would become shaky and his eyes would well up. If I had to guess and make up a story for him… it’s that he’s sad that he has to pay us to spend time with him. He deserves a real girlfriend but, he’s kind of fat… and not hella handsome… so girls probably never look at him.

Lance – Oh this man was a fucking trip!! He’d spend half of what I could make in one night but, somehow take up my whole night. He’d do dances then take extra long talking breaks in between. Every time I tried to get up, he’d say “why? I was just about to buy another dance.” He’d brag about his house and his newly bought hot tub. He kept telling me that his hot tub was almost installed and ready. For a few weeks, he’d come by at least once. It was the same thing, every time. Half the amount I could have made by the time the night was over and him bragging about his riches in between the dances. The night came when he told me his hot tub was ready. He wanted me to go to his house and try it out. I told him “no” and he asked me if it was because I had a boyfriend… I usually tell my customers “yes, I do” but I could tell this guy was never going to spend money on me again if I told him the truth. Looking back now… would I have really cared?! Nah. Anyways… I told him I didn’t have a boyfriend and so he felt he still had a chance with me. He bought some more dances but, he left at the exact same time as me. As we were driving home, I knew it was him driving super close behind us. Boyfriend was like “wtf is this guy’s problem??” so he switched lanes and Lance drove up super close to us, almost side swiped us, and violently cut us off. I think he was mad that I lied about having a boyfriend, what do you guys think? Ha. I told boyfriend I had no idea who he was… but I knew.

I’ve had a few regulars since I moved to Las Vegas, too. I haven’t really enjoyed my time with any of them except for the one who spends the least money.

Patrick – He usually comes to have a few cocktails and just a few dances. He’s brought me up into the VIP only once but, he’s fun to talk with and will buy me as many drinks as I want. He usually buys only a couple couch dances when he visits now. If you read my journal entries, he’s the one who brings me candy. Preferably Hi-Chews. He also made me a hat with my stage name on it and on Christmas, a stocking with my name on it, too. I still see him once every few weeks. He’s cool.

Monty – This guy was really fucking cool. He would come see me at least once a week and buy VIP dances over and over again. When he needed a break, we’d get drunk at the bar together, then go back into the VIP room. I’d always tell him what day to come see me next but one night, I didn’t show up. I forgot that I had told him I’d be there. So, after that, he kept going back, looking for me. Every time he came, I guess I wasn’t there. One day, we finally ran into each other again and he scolded me for not showing up when I said I would. He demanded I give him my phone number so it didn’t happen again but I was not going to do that. He got real mad and off-standish so I left him alone and never saw him again. Damn it!

Cole – This guy would ask me questions similar to Kyle. He still comes in once awhile and asks me if I have my life together yet, pretty much. I hate him. He talks my ear off and taunts with me money to stay sitting with him then, he’ll bring in a group of friends and pay for them all to get dances with me so that I feel bad for ignoring him when he comes on his own.

Luke – If you read my journal entries, I’m sure you’ve heard me complain about Luke aka Fishnet Guy. He yells at me for wearing ripped fishnets. He says, “you might think it’s a nice style but, I’m telling you, you look sloppy!” and he always talks shit about how I smoke weed, too. He’ll be like, “you smoked before work, didn’t you? You’re high aren’t you?” when I’ve already been at work for more than an hour, I’m not high anymore!! He’s so annoying. When he criticizes me and I say, “I don’t care,” he’ll say, “of course you don’t. That’s why I hate people who smoke weed, they don’t care about anything.” I did make him buy me new fishnets since he kept talking crap about mine… and he did. He spends a good amount on me every time he comes but, sometimes… it’s just not worth it. I also told him he was mean once because he asked me why I avoided him and he tried to tell me that he has two personalities and that was his bad one.

Okay, okay. That’s all I can think of right now and this is getting way too long. Hope you enjoyed my novel!!!

P.S. If you’re seeing this note, I apologize for any bad grammar or typos. I don’t have time to re-read and edit this since I must go to work right now (pray for me that Luke is not there). I’ll edit tomorrow.

XO, Hunida

Featured Image by Joshua Sortino


42 thoughts on “Regulars I’ve Had

  1. Oh my god, you meet so many interesting people – girl the stories you must have! I can’t wait for that memoir! Some of these guys sound like total fucking sleazes though – here’s to getting some NICE regulars! ❤ ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  2. The memoir will be interesting for sure! I was waiting for the father figure type lmao and a few of the others. there’s always one of those in the clubs but then you wonder, are they really trying to be nice and caring about what you do, or just trying to butter you up thinking you’ll go home with them one night or something lol they must think you girls aren’t loved and will be desperate

    Liked by 1 person

    1. If I ever get to that memoir, I do hope it’ll be interesting! 🙂 The father figure types are the worst. They are never nice and caring, they want us to feel bad about what we’re doing and let them “take care of us” lol you are right on the money, honey!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Wow, I would definitely not be able to handle that job. lol Kyle seems really annoying. I don’t understand why he goes to strip clubs if he’s just going to “father” the girls like you said. That’s just kind of weird.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Gosh, Kyle was the worst! Sometimes they’re hoping we have low self esteem and will go home with them, other times they think they can “save” us & convince to get a different job or something? Idk lol

      Liked by 1 person

  4. This was so interesting Hunida! That’s CRAZY about the guy that tried to hit you and your boyfriend in the car! South Florida has a lot of stripe clubs too and oftentimes girls will transfer from club to club, but because there are so many types of clubs, each genre has its own circuit. Now that I’ve read your posts, I see why! Different clubs have different rules, different clientele, hours of operation, and dare I say, competition. It never dawned on me that your core clientele would follow you wherever you go so that’s why I see the same girls in different clubs. Thanks for sharing!

    Dom | http://www.DivaNamedDom.com


    1. Yay! I’m glad you enjoyed reading, Dom! 😄 yeah, that guy was insane! He could have really hurt us. Or maybe he was really hoping to…
      Yeah, it was interesting to me too when I first started dancing. I never thought I’d see so many of the same faces at each club I switched to.
      Thanks so much for reading & leaving such a lovely comment! ♡

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Sounds like if anything, you’ve had a few interesting regulars in your time as a dancer! And some really horrible ones lol. But at the end of the day, they make for a good story, you really should write that memoir on your experiences, it’d be golden 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  6. In the great words of Kyle “why do you do it?” I mentioned before I am truly intrigued by this. I guess maybe because I’ve never known any exotic dancers before lol I considered it once but then I realized that I have like zero dance abilities [and I’m super self conscious about my commitment to junk lol] but I think it’s great you have a mostly great relationship with these guys! Regulars at any job make it more enjoyable

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Lol man, I hated that Kyle!! I understand that you are intrigued with my job, I don’t mind if you have questions. 🙂 I do it because I love it, I’ve tried a few other jobs & I just always want to go back to dancing. Not even just for the $. I like my freedom and I’ve grown a huge love for dancing and having an audience.

      I thought I had zero dance abilities & I was a little tubby when I got hired at my first club. Now I’d say I’m a pretty good dancer & I’ve lost quite a few pounds just from dancing.

      Thanks for reading, Demi. 🙂 I agree that regulars can make a job more enjoyable but, there are some that make it dreadful.

      Liked by 1 person

  7. That’s really cool and I’m glad your boyfriend is accepting of it. I’ve been wanting to do pole dance classes for exercise but I dont need any viral videos of me falling flat on my face 🤣

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I am glad he is, too. 🙂 Lol, please, if you do a pole fitness class and they include “stripper dance moves” don’t think that’s how we actually dance hahahha. They are so crazy silly at those.

      Liked by 1 person

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