Journal Entry #74

March 23, 2018

Hey all, I gotta make this quick because it’s late and I gotta get to work.

I’ll be blunt. Today… sucked major dick.

We woke up and went to the library. Boyfriend couldn’t remember his password to login to get his W2. I printed mine (from when I worked at a little ice cream shop at the Fashion Show Mall) and renewed my library card. The best part about today was the cute, new library card I got.

After that, we went to Walmart because I needed a better nail clipper, nail filer, and we desperately needed Drano. I forgot to buy the highlighter markers I wanted. I did buy some new deodorant though because the one I bought off Etsy is no longer working for me all of a sudden.

Anyways, as we were turning into Walmart this crazy mother fucker driving a HUGE Uhaul was pulling out of the parking lot and he just crushed the back of our car!!!! Boyfriend and I were shocked. We just looked at each other with our eyes and mouth wide open as the dude sped away.


We called the police and our insurance company but neither was of any help. We’re out of luck of ever finding that guy because I was too dumb to take my phone out to take a photo… a lady apparently chased him for a bit but lost him because he was speeding… she said she thinks he knew she was chasing him. She said there weren’t any plates on the Uhaul. There was nothing we could do. We are just FUCKED.

Luckily, we were able to drive the car home and we’re still gonna drive it until we figure something out. Gosh. What to do… what to do?!?!

I just painted my nails and am drinking Crown Royal with ginger beer and lemon.

Base & Top Coat: Nicole by OPI 3-in-1 Base, Top Coat, & Strengthener Color: OPI Nail Laquer in Malaga Wine


We’re smoking a blunt right now. I’m gonna straighten my hair afterwards then go to work. I already have my makeup done.

I don’t feel like doing a My Favorite Music Videos post so tomorrow I’ll do My Favorite Quotes From… Wise Young Fool by Sean Beaudoin and my March 2018 Birchbox: Unboxing & Review instead.

Hope your weekend is going better than mine.


XO, Hunida

36 thoughts on “Journal Entry #74

  1. Smh! Why must people be like that??? He could have hurt you both and just sped off kike it didn’t matter. I understand he may have been scared of the consequences but wow… Just smh. Karma will get him for sure. You wasn’t stupid just shocked. If you all called the police about a Uhaul speeding off in the area after a hit and run with no plates they probably would have caught him. I’m so glad you’re both okay!

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    1. I still can’t stop wondering WTF was wrong with that guy?! I kept saying karma will get his ass, too, lol. We were stupid from shock!! 😛 We did and I don’t know if they went to look for him or not. They didn’t care to ask for a number they could reach us on or anything. Thank you! ❤


  2. Omg that’s so awful! To have a car accident is bad enough, but then the driver just sped away. Wow! What an asshole! He probably did that because he figured he could get away with it too since he was in a UHaul and probably didn’t think it could be traced to him. That’s weird about the no-tag though. My mom rented a uhaul before and I thought they gave her a tag thing to put on, but I can’t remember for sure.

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    1. I know, I was pissed! My boyfriend thinks he did it on purpose! I think he did it on accident and didn’t want to deal with the consequences. Either way, he’s an ass!!
      Yeah. It was weird that there were no tags? Maybe he stole it?

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  3. Wowww that totally sucks!! I feel so bad for you guys–that’s just horrible! Ugh hit and runs are the absolute worst! People need to take responsibility, ugh. My brother got hit on his skateboard in a cross walk about a year ago and the car just sped off. Hit and runs are the lowest of lows. I’m so sorry, you guys!! :/


  4. Ok so my reader hasn’t been showing me some posts and it’s pissing me off because at times it jumps from “3 days ago” to “1 day ago”….. annoying at. But this explains why I missed something when you talked about your car, I was like “what is she talking about?” Well this explains it lol. That really sucks though! My brother in law got his truck stolen saturday in plain daylight while he went into dollar tree and when he came out his truck wasn’t there anymore. The fuckers left his truck on some street like 10 mins from here and took the rims.

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    1. That’s super annoying!! I also noticed some people re-post their posts and if I’ve already liked it then I think that I am that far in my reader until I scroll down and I’m like wtf I swear I saw that post before but none of these other ones.
      Oh my gosh!! If they just wanted the rims why did they have to steal the whole car?! I’m glad he was able to find it though!! People are such assholes. Like why? & How do they live with themselves?!

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      1. Yeah it’s happened more than once. And it doesn’t help that I’m behind on reading because when I actually start reading there’s like a day and a half of blog posts missing from my feed!! Good thing I scrolled through your reader lol.
        Who knows, but car theft is ever increasing in my area and it’s scary and fucking frustrating because it’s never happened before. At least not in my area. But I agree, people are fucking assholes.. I’m gonna buy an alarm for all my cars and possibly a knife and a bat to keep in my car.. and some pepper spray lmao. Can never be too cautious with things like that because there are crazy people EVERYWHERE and you never know when they’re going to spring up on you.

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        1. Thank you for taking the time to catch up on my blog, Rossy!! You’re the best. ❤ ❤
          Yeah it's crazy that we need all that stuff but we really do!! People are the fucking worst.

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