Journal Entry #73

March 21, 2018

It’s almost the end of boyfriend’s 23rd birthday! Yesterday, he had work during the evening. I ate our dinner leftovers, wrote my blog post, read Wise Young Fool, and got ready for work while he was gone.

I worked from 11:30p to almost 3a. I had an okay night. Boyfriend stayed at the bar across the street from my work all night, hanging out with his favorite bartender, drinking expensive scotch for free!

Today, we woke up at almost 2p and hurriedly got showered, dressed, and smoked two blunts. I had made reservations for this super popular steakhouse called Golden Steer Steakhouse near the strip, next door to the “world’s largest gift shop.”

We took some photos of each other before we left:


Our reservation was at 5p and we got stuck in traffic but, luckily we made it at 4:55p!

From the outside, it doesn’t look so fancy but, that’s because it’s been here since 1958 so it looks a bit outdated.


Once we walked up to the big, mighty doors… I started to get the fancy vibes more.


They had our booth ready for us when we got there. It was super dark and extremely quiet. I feel there could have been some classical music playing or something?


Some of the booths have golden plaques stating which celebs have sat there before and/or celebs that sit at that spot when they visit. We, unfortunately, didn’t get a famous booth.


The interior design is elegant as fuck… I loved the booths and the deep red is so beautiful.


Boyfriend ordered some fancy $22 scotch, he drank it while we feasted on the complimentary buns. They were perfectly toasted and delicious.

They make some things at your tableside here. We watched them put together this incredible Caesar salad at almost every other table besides ours:


It was making my mouth water, watching him add every individual ingredient… it was sooo awesome! We almost regretted not ordering it for ourselves until we received our appetizers:


We ordered the Jumbo Shrimp Cocktail and the Crab Cakes… all I can say is: “Wow!!!” The shrimps were incredibly meaty and cooked just right. The cocktail sauce had the perfect amount of horseradish in it, giving it the perfect spiciness. The crab cakes were just out of this world!! Yummy!!

For our sides, we shared the Twice Baked Potato and the Sauteed Mushrooms:


We loved them both! The sauce on the mushroom was a bit simple though. It tasted like something we could make at home… but, def still delish. Mmm, mmm, good!

I already want to eat it all again and I haven’t even gotten to the best part…

My NY Strip Steak!!!:


It was cooked exactly how I asked: medium-well. So freaking amazing. I have no other words, I’m sorry. This place is considered the best steakhouse in Las Vegas for a reason.

Boyfriend got the huge Porterhouse Steak:


They also cooked his just the way he asked: medium-rare. It was fantastic!

They gave us both dessert menus so, we weren’t sure if they’d give us anything for his birthday. I did tell them we were celebrating in the “notes” section when I made the reservation and all of the servers were saying “Happy Birthday” to him but, I just thought maybe they didn’t do anything for birthdays because they were too fancy.

I ordered the Cherries Jubilee and the Carrot Cake. When the cart came with our desserts… they surprised boyfriend with this silky, smooth Cheesecake:


They even sang to him! I really was surprised… I didn’t think they’d sing! It made me super glad to have chosen this restaurant! After the big sparkler went out… our server went to making our Cherries Jubilee!:


We needed to experience some kind of tableside cooking, didn’t we?!?


We, honestly, both didn’t quite enjoy the cherries themselves but the sauce was nothing like I’ve ever had before, you guys. MMMM!!!


We hadn’t had good carrot cake in such awhile. This was perfection. I ate the whole thing (besides the frosting… it wasn’t nasty or anything, I just never like frosting). Together, we finished all 3 of our desserts and all of our food, too. We were stuffed, stuffed, stuffed!!

When we were done, we asked our server to take a photo of us (we saw some other diners ask so we did, too, hehe– thank you, Ali!!):


After that, we looked at a 7-11 Redbox for Pitch Perfect 3 but they didn’t have any in stock. We tried a McDonald’s one and were excited to see it was available!!

Boyfriend wanted to grab some popcorn and a box of his fave candies: Mike & Ikes so we stopped at Albertson’s. He quickly parked in a handicap spot at the McDonald’s when he looked for PP3 so he wasn’t able to look for any other movies there. There wasn’t a Redbox machine at Albertson’s but, there was a DVDXPress or something like that lol. Boyfriend looked at their rental selection and chose the new Saw movie, Jigsaw.

We also got some espresso from Starbucks because y’all know me… I can’t keep my eyes open for shit during a movie without drinking espresso first.

We watched Jigsaw when we got home and I absolutely loved it. Have any of you seen it?! Then, we watched Pitch Perfect 3 and we were both disappointed. We enjoyed and laughed at the first two a lot. This one was b o r i n g and not funny at all. Blah. I’m glad we didn’t go see it in theatres!

Yesterday, I finally made an appointment for me and boyfriend with my tax lady. It’s on Monday at 2p. UGH.

We just finished the last episode of Lie To Me. What a disappointing finale. It seems there is supposed to be more but they must have gotten cancelled. It was starting to get boring so I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s what happened.

I finished reading Wise Young Fool last night. Not sure what I’m gonna read next. I’m trying to choose between 3 books.

I have to go to the library tomorrow to renew my library card and print out some shit for mine and boyfriend’s taxes. We’re going to Wal-Mart, too. We need some drain-o for our shower and I need highlighters (markers). I should probably buy some ink for my printer while I’m there, too, shouldn’t I? I also really need to do my nails. Gosh, I have so many things to do tomorrow, ah!!! After all that, I will go to work. My next day off will be on Sunday. 😛 I can’t believe March is nearly over already. It went by quicker than ever!


XO, Hunida

25 thoughts on “Journal Entry #73

  1. A great birthday celebration! The restaurant and staff sound amazing. March has gone by extremely fast, this whole new year is.😧
    I have so much to do today and tomorrow. Actually this whole weekend. Ugh lol.
    I haven’t seen Jigsaw so if I get the chance I’ll check out✨


    1. Yes! The restaurant was beautiful and the staff was so polite and professional. I feel like the year is just flying by, too. UGH! Why!? I was gonna do all of that stuff today but boyfriend said he needs a break today lol so we’re procrastinating it all until tomorrow. Jigsaw was awesome, hopefully you get to see it soon!


  2. Super adorable photos of you both…Happy birthday to boyfriend!!
    I am incredibly curious, understand if you do not want to tell me but about how much was the bill for your fancy dinner out? In Australia it probably would have been a $300 meal

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Awh you guys are the cutest and you look amazing in that floral dress. I’m like super late because I’m behind on reading blogs but happy belated birthday to him!! And the food looks so delicious. I don’t think I’ve ever had crab cakes but I really really want to try them.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much!! 😀 That’s okay that you’re behind, I totally understand! He says “thank you!” He had never tried crab cakes before, either!! They are so delish. I had tried ’em before but these ones at this restaurant were the best ever! Hope you get to try ’em someday!!! ❤

      Liked by 1 person

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