Recipe Reviews #21

Pulled Tandoori Chicken:


My Rating: 4.5/5 stars
My Review: This tasted even better the next day when I heated up the leftovers for some reason. We bought some deli bread and made sandwiches out of this Tandoori Chicken recipe. It had a bit of a spiciness to it and I really enjoyed it but, I couldn’t help but feel like it was missing an ingredient or something.

Ingredients Needed:
For the pulled chicken:
1 kilogram chicken breasts, fat trimmed and cut into palm sized portions (just over 2 lbs)
4 cups chicken stock
1/2 onion, chopped finely
2 cloves garlic, minced
Pinch sea salt
For the tandoori sauce:
1/2 cup full fat coconut milk (can sub for Greek yogurt/dairy free plain yogurt if not paleo or dairy free)
1 tsp sea salt
1 tsp smoked paprika
1 tsp cayenne pepper (optional but highly recommended)
1 tsp cumin
1 tsp turmeric
1 tsp black pepper

Recipe by Arman at The Big Man’s World

Basil Beef Eggplant:


My Rating: 0/5 stars
My Review: This is my first ZERO star rating on a recipe because I was literally fuming when I took a bite of it. It was so nasty. It was all watery and had absolutely no flavor. Not even the ground beef was good. Boyfriend hated it, too.

Ingredients Needed:
1 lb ground beef
1 Russet potato or 4 med red potatoes (do not skin, just wash)
1 Yellow onion (small or large, by preference), diced
2 garlic cloves, minced
1 red jalapeño (regular jalapeño may be substituted), seeded, deveined and diced
1 eggplant
1 bunch of fresh basil, divided
¾ tsp. salt
¼ tsp. black pepper
1 can organic unsweetened coconut milk
½ cup good beef stock

Recipe by Michelle at Gluten, Sugar, Dairy Free

Maple Mustard Chicken:


My Rating: 5/5 stars
My Review: YUM! This is one of those dishes that make you immediately let out an “mmm!” when you take your first bite. The maple mustard sauce was just fantastic. The chicken was perfect with crispy skin edges and the veggies were deliciously burnt!

Ingredients Needed:
1 1/2 Tbsp grainy Dijon mustard
1 1/2 Tbsp Maple syrup (don’t use imitation, the flavor won’t be as deep)
1/2 tsp dried rosemary
salt and pepper, to taste
4 bone in, skin on chicken thighs
salt and pepper, to taste
2-3 cups peeled and cubed butternut squash
2 large shallots, peeled and quartered
2 cups brussels sprouts, trimmed and halved lengthwise
1 Tbsp olive oil
salt and pepper, to taste

Recipe by Amanda at The Chunky Chef

XO, Hunida

24 thoughts on “Recipe Reviews #21

  1. How disappointing about the second dish it actually does not even look very appetizing…You know it kind of looks like the stuff you clean out of the straining in the bottom of the sink after you have rinsed off the dishes….Sorry and all that but it really does!! The other 2 dishes look delish!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Lol aw… I usually really love eggplants but this dish definitely tasted like snot! The other two did turn out well, though!! 😀 We love trying new things!! Thank you ❤


  2. Awh that sucks,think it was the eggplant? I’ve had it once and at first it was ok but the more I ate it the les I liked it lol. But the dish is also one of the first that even I wouldn’t eat, it just doesn’t look good lol. Would love to try the maple chicken, the last one lol

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I love eggplant!! It was something to do with the broth that shouldn’t have been there in the first place that made it taste horrible lol. 😛 I’ve been eating eggplants since I was a kid. Raw & cooked!

      You should try the maple chicken if you have all those mustards sitting in your fridge waiting to be used! It was yummy!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I’ll have to try eggplant a different way but I’m not so convinced on it yet haha. But that’s good that you like it, at least you can rule something out.

        I’ll definitely see if I have everything but I may not lol

        Liked by 1 person

        1. My family eats raw eggplant often with various Khmer dips and rice. I like it toasted in the oven, too!! But, it’s totally understandable if you don’t like them!! 😛
          If you do have everything and end up making it, I’d love to know what you think!

          Liked by 1 person

    1. Oohh I’ve never heard of Raita but I just looked it up. I wish I could eat that– I think before I went dairy-free I’ve had something like it? The tzatziki sauce? But, mango chutney & mint sauce would have been so delicious on top!!! Are you a chef?! Lol. You have all the great suggestions!! ❤


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