Journal Entry #71

March 16, 2018

Happy Friday, friends. πŸ™‚

I’m watching Chopped on the couch, with Sushi on my lap so I’m typing this on my phone. I wanted to go on the computer but I don’t have the heart to make him move, lol.

On Wednesday, after I published my journal entry, my sister, boyfriend, and I decided to go to Hash House A Go Go. My sister had mentioned that she wanted to go there and it was her last night so we had to go! If you ever visit Vegas, you have to go, too!

This restaurant was featured on Man Vs. Food because their portions are HUGE. When Adam Richman visited; he ordered this huge Chicken Benedict.

Boyfriend and I have gone to Hash House plenty of times and almost every time boyfriend orders this dish, too. Sometimes, he opts for the meatloaf sandwich. I usually get the amazing Chicken & Waffles but, I wanted to try something different this time.

I tried the Biscuits & Gravy with over easy eggs. It was good but definitely not as over the top and out of this world like the Chicken & Waffles are. I’ve also ordered their banana walnut pancake once before– I liked it but, it was a little sweet. My sister decided to get just the regular pancake with scrambled eggs and sausage.

My boyfriend finished most of his meal. I had over half of mine leftover and my sister ate only 1/4 of her pancake. We went straight home afterwards and watched TV. This time I fell asleep before my sister at around 2a.

Boyfriend worked early on Thursday so he wasn’t able to give my sis a ride to the airport. I woke up the same time as him to hang out with my sister for an hour before she left. She packed up and then called an Uber at a little bit before 1p.

When boyfriend came home and after we smoked a blunt, she had already landed back in Minnesota.

We had to decide on a place to go out to eat because there def wasn’t enough time before work to go grocery shopping and to cook. Luckily, it didn’t take that long for us to decide (sometimes, it takes hours). I just knew I wanted to eat something light after all the desserts, drinks, and bad food I had while my sister was here.

I went to my trusty Yelp app and found this little sandwich shop calledΒ Karved only 10m away from our place. The cashier/server was so freaking sweet to us.

I ordered a soup to go with my sandwich. They had two seasonal soups to choose from but, she gave us a small sample of the soup we didn’t choose; a spicy beef soup and then, at the end of our meal, she gave us each a small dessert sample but, unfortunately, I wasn’t able to try it because it had yogurt in it. 😦


When I asked boyfriend if it was good, he said, “hmm… it’s interesting” and continued to eat both mine and his, lol.

The beef soup had much more flavor and was just better. I was sad I chose the Cilantro Chicken one (above).


Boyfriend chose regular fries for his side. They were really well-seasoned and crispy. It came with a fry sauce that I didn’t try and boyfriend wasn’t a fan of.

Boyfriend had the Tri Tip Steak sandwich as his main course.

The orange stuff is the fry sauce.

There was one Hummus Pita Wrap with chicken but I thought the vegetarian one had so many better veggies in it so I ordered the vegetarian one but added the tri tip steak into it. The guy who made my sandwich was like “a vegetarian wrap with meat??” lol.

It was soooooo freaking yummy, you guys! But, it was really big and hard to eat– I did manage to scarf it all down though, no worries!

I can’t wait to go back and try some other things off their menu and get me a whole bowl of the beef soup! I know we’ll go back soon since it’s not too far from us at all.

After our dinner, we went to get coffee at Starbucks, as usual. We came home and I started my blog post: When I Was A Thief…Β I didn’t get to finish before I started doing my makeup for work but, I ended up spending a little extra time finishing it up when I should have been on my way to work. Oh well.

I worked 11p-3a last night. It was super fucking packed with people. I was, disappointingly, not able to stay consistently busy though. Hopefully it’ll be packed again tonight.

Oh! Mike Tyson frequents my place of employment, I guess. I had only seen him once before. That time was when I just got there and he was just leaving. I was the only one who was starstruck by him, all of my co-workers were like “girl, he’s always here” lol. I saw him again last night and I walked past him to say “hi!” and he gave me one of those head nods!!!! I was too nervous to actually talk to him though, lol. I brought someone else nearby for a 3-song dance with me and when I came back down, he was gone.

I didn’t drink last night and I don’t plan on doing so for at least the rest of March.

Today, boyfriend left for work around 1p. I fell back asleep for less than 30m before I woke up again. Some neighbors are moving in and they were hella loud, shouting outside at each other about where to put stuff!! I was so upset. I hate to be woken up…

I laid in bed and read some blogs on my reader (I’m still a few days behind but, I’m getting closer). I decided to order food from Postmates because I saw an ad for $100 in delivery credit (for free!). I typed in the promo code and it really worked!!

I decided on some Mediterranean/Greek food from a place called Stephano’s Greek & Mediterranean Grill.

I ordered a 1/4 of white meat chicken but they were all out. This lady from Postmates called to inform me and asked me what I’d like to have instead… she listed off all my options. One of them was the 1/4 of dark meat chicken so that’s what I chose. I looked on the app and saw that she changed it to a chicken kebab instead… why don’t people listen?! And why did she even call and ask me if she was gonna choose for me herself?!

Anyways, the plate I ordered consisted of: 1 steak kebab, 1 chicken kebab, hummus, basmati rice, and an Israeli salad. Oh! And these pieces of wheat pita bread!!! (I’ve never tried wheat pita bread before, I was so excited that they had the option.)

I really enjoyed it all. Especially the rice… it had a flavor to it that I can’t describe. It was perfectly fluffy and not smooshy. I thought the hummus was a just a bit bland though.

After I finished eating, I watched a few episodes of this show I just started on Hulu.

I can’t wait for tomorrow because we’re going to the St. Patty’s Day festival and Shrek the Musical in Henderson!!

My tax lady e-mailed me and told me that there’s less than a month left of tax season and I need to call her for an appointment asap… I melted a little and still haven’t called her. Yikes!!!! I need need need to get on that– it is the only thing stressing me out right now.

I’ve also received my Birchbox and Ipsy for this month. I’m very, very close to ready to type up my Unboxing and Review for my Birchbox but I haven’t even opened any of the items from my Ipsy yet. My Sephora box has already been shipped to me as well.

I’m gonna edit this on the computer and make the featured image for it then start getting ready for work. Hopefully boyfriend is home soon!

Stay safe this weekend and have fun! β™‘


XO, Hunida

20 thoughts on “Journal Entry #71

  1. That chicken benedict looks delicious! You’re right, these are definitely large portions. That pancake! Holy crap! lol I wouldn’t be able to eat that though because I can only eat one regular sized pancake before it makes me feel sick.

    That’s funny about Mike Tyson. lol That chicken kebab looks amazing though, even if it isn’t exactly what you wanted.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, girl. Their portions are outrageous lol. I can’t have too many pancakes, either. They’re too filling & sometimes overly sweet for me. πŸ˜› sorry they make you sick!!
      Yeah, the Chicken Kebab was still good even if it isn’t exactly what I asked for!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Lol I wouldn’t blame you one bit if you really do come here only for the food! πŸ˜‚ I really usually only eat one big meal a day & a few snacks during the day. Plus, my job keeps me very active!

      Liked by 1 person

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