When I Was A Thief…

When I was in 9th grade, I had two best friends, K and M (I’m sure I’ve mentioned them both before). I’ve also mentioned this girl, S, in my Physical Altercations post… after we were done hating each other– we became friends. You know how friendships in High School and Junior High were.

K and M were in Competition Cheerleading, our High School’s cheerleaders were actually pretty good and were able to compete in FL plenty of times. When K and M were in it, they had a competition at the biggest mall in America.

S and I went to watch them compete. We had to be there before the mall even opened to the public. We just sat around and watched the cheerleaders get ready.

When the competition finally started, S and I didn’t actually watch it.

There was this dance coming up. The theme was Fire & Ice. S told me she could teach me how to shoplift while they competed. She asked K and M if they wanted a fire or ice dress for the dance. She also told them her plan and they didn’t believe she could steal us all a dress for the dance… I didn’t believe it either but, I was going to see it all happen with my own eyes.

Photo by Charisse Kenion

S and I went shopping around for their dresses first. We got K’s dress, M’s dress, and mine from the same store. S taught me how to remove the tags and which tags needed to be removed. All tags are removable except the ink ones and the beeping ones, not all even need to be removed.

On our way to the store, she bought a 50 cent mall tote so she could put her chosen items into it. She went into the dressing room and stuffed all three of our dresses into this bag and when she walked out of the store, the alarms went off. They stopped her and checked her purse only; she claimed that her debit/credit card kept making the alarms in every store go off, that had to be why the alarms went off. The employee let her go without checking her tote. I had already walked out of the store and I was watching her from afar.

Then, we had to run to the bathroom because she knew she had missed a tag. She found the one she missed and popped it off in front of me. Now, I knew how to remove them on my own.

We went to find heels, jewelry, and some makeup. S let me pick out anything I wanted and she stole it all for me. We didn’t manage to find K and M any heels. S was mad about getting caught and said that if they wanted shoes they had to be there to shop with her.

When their competition was over, we told them we got their dresses and they were absolutely amazed and so was I.

On a different date, we went to everyone’s favorite superstore to get K’s heels. S did all of the stealing here, too. She grabbed a big purse from the purse section and went around and put everything she wanted in that bag. She then grabbed the shoes K wanted and walked out with the new bag (and a bunch of shit inside of it, too) on her shoulder and the heels in her hands, in plain sight. (M ended up having her mom buy her shoes for her on her own time.)

Photo by Jaclyn Moy

After these two lessons from S, I became a straight up kleptomaniac.

Throughout most of High School, I would steal all kinds of makeup, jewelry, clothes– anything I wanted! Not just small things, either. After every trip to the mall or super drug stores– I would have gotten myself at least 3 new outfits, jewelry for each outfit including earrings, bracelets, rings… makeup from everyone’s favorite makeup store… I’d not only get one color of fancy single pods of eyeshadows or lipsticks, I’d steal it in every color. Whenever the employees would ask me if I needed help; I’d be like “oh my gosh!! YES! I can NOT decide what color to choose. They’re all so amazing!” They’d laugh and leave me alone. Oh. Don’t forget the shoes. I would get a pair to match each new outfit, too!

One time I had on this brand new track suit from everyone’s favorite lingerie store and my dad was finally like… “how do you keep getting all of these new clothes?” I told him I borrowed them from my friends. I taught M and K and my sister how to steal. K and I would go all of the time together and we’d both get a bunch of shit each time. My sister and M were more nervous about it and would make me steal things for them but, I’d often force them to take them their own things once in awhile, too.

One day, I stole a measly book from a popular gimmick store and I got caught. I (read: my dad) had to pay them $50 and that was that. My mom was extremely pissed, she picked me up from the mall and dragged me out by my hair… and my dad was like, “I knew it!”

I continued to steal after this because I didn’t care about the consequences. After all, I didn’t have to pay it. My dad did.

Photo by Annie Spratt

Then, one night… my sister, my dad, and I went to MN’s main grocery store. My sister lent me her purse so I could steal us some new makeup. As we were walking out a big security man stopped us at the door and brought me upstairs. He emptied my purse and took back everything I stole. My dad had to pay $100 to the store and then another $100 for a theft class that him and I both had to attend… together.

I still stole after that. The class only taught me more things to look out for when I stole. I made my biggest steal of a $200 Obey jacket from that one skater store, even after I got caught. Then, when K got caught at a different location at the same grocery store I got caught at… only it was a couple years later… I finally quit and so did she. I knew that she was going to get caught and I ran to the car and waited for an hour in there while she had to talk to the police. It reminded me of the first time when S almost got caught but K didn’t get off scot-free the way S did… her mom had to pay a large fee to the store.

The consequences are much more severe for adults who shoplift but as a teen… the consequences are more put upon your parents. It didn’t matter to me back then. I would never, ever do such a thing now (I promise!!). Even if I somehow got away with something for free; I’d go back and pay for it, nowadays.

Please, do not try stealing at your local mall (or any other stores). I was a very bad, rebellious child… but those were the days, man. Shopping and dressing up for school used to be so fun.

Have you ever shoplifted? What did you take? Did you get caught? 

XO, Hunida

Featured Image by Micheile Henderson

41 thoughts on “When I Was A Thief…

  1. I stole from a store one time. I was about 10 years old and never had money for chocolate. I stole this huge big bar of chocolate with my friend and we sat on a bench outside the store and another Customer walked up to us and said you girls are going to put that back right. I said yes, got up and walked back in the store, when I saw the man was gone I came back out with the chocolate and my friend and I ate it.
    Strangely enough I remember ALL of the details of this except that actual act of stealing the chocolate. I never stole from a store again after that but I did steal from my parents a lot as a young teenager, cigarettes and spare change mostly.
    I think most kids steal at some point in their life, as an adult I would never even consider it and like you if I accidentally do not pay for something I generally go back to the store

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    1. Lol aw, at least the customer didn’t tell on you guys! I used to steal change from my dad, too, & cigarettes from my grandparents & friends’ parents lol.
      I’m glad I wasn’t the only young thief! 😂

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  2. I stole as a teen as well. Why is it the small stuff that gets us caught???
    I got this ball (my purse was filled with other stuff) and that’s what set off the stupid door! A rubber ball! They called my parents too and it used to be on the parents. If my kid got caught, he already knows that I will tell them to call the police. I’ve told him this because I don’t want him to steal and wanted to put the fear of god into him. 😂

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      1. Maybe it was the tag, who knows!
        My son stole a toy from the zoo when he was 6 and I made him return it and apologize to the manager. I hope he remembers that and never does something stupid like that again.


        1. Oh, there was a tag on the bouncy ball?! Oh my! Lol. He probably does remember and will never steal again! Also, it seems you get him everything he needs/wants so he doesn’t really have a reason to!

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  3. I was going to say I never stole anything as a teen but that is only partially true the more I think about it. Looking back I was pretty bad in one respect when I was in University. I would order a few things at the grill – a hamburger, fries, and a grilled cheese, let’s say, different amounts of time to make. Then when the first things would come out I’d eat those while waiting for the last couple of things. I’d often get an extra sandwich or two a couple of times a week that way for a month or so. Then I stopped doing it. Or maybe my appetite just shrank to a more normal level.

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    1. I mean..it’s not like you weren’t giving the school money. :p
      I had friends feed me off of their extra meal plan swipes when I wasn’t even in school. I don’t think there’s anyone that hasn’t abused a college cafeteria, haha.

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  4. Oh my goodness I must be a saint! 😂😂

    I was a super prude nerd (graduated #14 in a class of almost 400 students) back then and my mom scared the shit out of me. Whenever my brothers and I would physically fight each other, she would get in our faces and say, “I brought you into this world, and I can take you out. I’m not afraid of going to jail!” That was enough for me!

    I’ve also worked in retail most of my life so my bonuses always depending on catching shoplifters and protecting the store’s assets.

    Looking back, I probably should’ve lived a little more, lol.

    Dom | http://www.DivaNamedDom.com

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  5. I stole some things when I was in middle school. My mom and I lived in low income housing, and she never really had extra money to give me to buy things. So when I would go to the mall with friends, I would steal things. I stole hair conditioner once, and a bunch of stuff from Claire’s, like keychains and hair pieces and stuff. I think one of the employees saw me once because she grabbed my purse and started feeling all around it and asked me weird questions like if it had pockets in it. She never asked me to open it though, thankfully. Eventually I got scared I would get caught so I stopped stealing stuff and never stole anything again.

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    1. Yeah. Same with me. My parents never gave me any money when I went out with my friends & they never brought me shopping, either, so I had to steal everything. 😛
      That’s odd that the employee didn’t actually check your bag!!

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  6. I love when you share these stories. Back in school I would steal from corner stores with my cousins, just little snacks. Eventually I would steal from other stores like Walmart, usually cute pens and pencils lol smh. When I go to stores now, I sometimes feel as though employees think in stealing when of course I’m not, I just always make it a point to try to not look like a thief lol IDK maybe that makes me look more suspicious. But one recent shopping trip there was a pair of earrings in a purse that I obv didn’t put there, but as I was taking them out one of the head employees comes over and says oh you don’t want that anymore? I’m like oh I never did I was checking the purse out and they were inside. She’s like hm… And walks away. It was so awkward but I was kind of mad too lol like don’t come over here trying to accuse me. I could see where she was coming from though.

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    1. Aww, yay! I love that you love my stories. 🙂 ♡
      Oh my gosh. I used to steal so many pens and pencils, too. I remember this super huge pack of gel pens I stole and only half of them worked… I was like ugh! Bad karma hahaha.
      & oh my gosh, I’m the exact same way now. I always feel like they think I’m stealing in every store I go into now haha.
      That’s hella rude of the employee! Why would you take the earrings out if you were gonna steal them? That makes no sense lol.


      1. Ikr! I had the same thought. She seems like a kind of rude person though in general, maybe not on purpose. She may not remember me because I have an afro and a little older now but years ago when I worked at tjmaxx her store was next door and I shopped there a lot. She always seemed mean to people . I even thought about working there but was put off by her attitude, she’s one of the managers actually but helps work on the floor often.

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  7. Huwaw..S got mad skills for that. Once I went out of a store with an item in my bare hand and I was chitchatting with a friend then. I totally forgot about paying the item until i was few steps away. I think the closest thing. But not classified as shoplifting. I would never try.

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  8. Such an interesting post! Sadly the only time I stole was when I stole these holographic Pokémon cards from my friend in second grade. Apparently she stole some from me too lol such great friends. She’s still actually one of my closest friends. I also wasn’t too good at stealing and once my mum found out she quickly shut that down and I’m glad she did. She has a way of making me feel extremely guilty. I remember my mum warning me that if I were ever with someone who stole I would most likely be blamed because I’m the dark skin minority. And she was like you think they’re going to listen to you versus your white friends?!? Haha but yeah I could see how it just starts from something small and then you get more and more comfortable. There was a time I watched a friend intentionally run a red light that didn’t have any cameras. A pretty stupid thing to do but after I did it once, I did it over and over again. I would never do it now but I can see how people just get “used” to things and it can escalate quickly!

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    1. Haha, glad you enjoyed this post, Keira! 🙂 That’s so funny that you guys are still friends and that you remember stealing from her! My mom always used that one on me about me being Asian and needing to watch out more for all kinds of things life because of it. It’s funny though because actually… Asian kids are looked at as the goodie goods, haha. No one ever believed I was the bad one between my white friends and me. 😛 My mom scared me until she wasn’t really in my life after 7th grade. When I got caught I hadn’t even seen her for awhile. My dad called her to pick me up because he knew I was more afraid of her than him.
      I’m so scared of driving. I’m glad you no longer run red lights!! Lol.

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  9. Omg I would never steal I feel bad even though the corporations are greedy as fuck lol. BUT, I have accidentally stolen many things before without noticing and without meaning to lol. I’ve left stuff on the cart without noticing it cause it stays right in the corner and when I walk out I’m like “wth things are falling out of the bags” and on my way home I practically realize that they didn’t scan it lmao.
    It has happened before with Ciel too. He grabs a toy. And keeps it and I always forget to put it down, that happened a few times when he was younger lol.

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    1. Haha I just watched this show that was like “it’s okay to steal from chain stores & restaurants just not small/family-owned businesses!” 😂 That always seems to happen with kids! Hahaha

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  10. Haha I’ve been on both sides of this. But when I used to work retail we used to be paid if we tipped loss prevention to theft. Once I caught someone switching price tags (which was dumb because the sale was super crazy and pairs of shoes were already priced around $10 from $50+) and when loss prevention caught them leaving the store after they went to the clothing section to do the same I ended up getting over $200 in store employee money to spend. Worked out for me in that case!

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    1. That’s awesome that they gave you benefits for catching thieves! I had friends that worked at Target and the different stores in the mall and they all told me that they wouldn’t get a thing for catching thieves so even if they noticed someone steal they wouldn’t even say anything. 😛

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      1. Oh yeah I understand that. Honestly I had my eyes on the handbag I ended up spending my reward on so I kept trying to catch people for that. I was on it! Luckily when the roles were reversed I didn’t get caught but I barely ever did since I am such a goody two shoes lol.


  11. I can honestly say I’ve never shoplifted, although there have been times I’ve been tempted. I just could never do that, always in fear of being caught and knowing it’s the wrong thing to do lol. It sounds like more of a hassle if you get caught, you’d be better off just buying the items. Especially as an adult! Definitely not worth it! I’m glad you don’t steal anymore lol (:


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