Journal Entry #70

March 14, 2018

My sister is leaving tomorrow. My body is so sore and tired from all of the walking and drinking, lol. I don’t think I would be able to handle another day!!

On Monday, we went to Sushi Neko for dinner. We went to the grocery store first so my sister could buy some snacks to keep at our home. At 4p, we headed to the restaurant. We all ate so much!! After dinner, we went to The Strip but, we made the bad decision of parking in Caesar’s Palace.


We didn’t want to have to pay over $20 for parking; so we didn’t have that much time to walk around. We stopped at some cute stores while looking for a place with a fancy cocktail we wanted to try.


We walked all over the strip!!


We stopped at the Mirage…


While it’s a beautiful casino, it didn’t have anything we wanted to try. Next, we walked into the Venetian.


We had to decide on a place quickly– we saw this cute restaurant called Black Tap.


They gave us the coolest booth ever to sit at!!


We were so full from the sushi but we wished we weren’t because they had these seriously monstrous shakes!! They were SO HUGE. They put two slices of CAKE on top of one of them that we saw and a whole ice cream sandwich on another one. I wish so badly to go back and try one someday.


We all ordered one drink each then, we just sat and enjoyed them. I ordered their sangria, my sister ordered this frozen champagne, and boyfriend ordered some specialty bourbon cocktail.


It was already dark by the time we left!


My sister wanted to buy some edibles from the dispensary. She isn’t really into smoking but, she said she wanted to buy something since it’s legal here… so that’s obviously awesome and worth trying!! We brought her to Essence near The Strip after our drinks.


Boyfriend and I had never been there before, either. It was kind of a lame one… I wish I had brought her to a different one. We did bring her to the one buy our place today which is even cooler than Essence but, still not the coolest, lol. She said it was much better though, too bad she had already bought something from Essence. She had bought some dried fruit edibles. She let us try one; they didn’t taste at all like weed!! They were pretty good but not sure if they did the trick at all for me. She said they worked for her a little bit.


After that, we were ready for dessert. My sister found this place called Crunch Donuts with really clever celebrity names for all of their donuts and they’re open 24/7.


The shop was cute and pink everywhere; I loved it!!


We got our donuts to-go, though. Boyfriend and I chose 3 different ones and my sister chose 2!


I chose the Leonardo DiOreo and the Nutshell Doughbama. Boyfriend chose the Dough Wayne Johnson. They were all so delicious. I devoured the Leonardo and Doughbama ones all by myself and had one bite of the Dough Wayne Johnson. Now that I’m looking at the menu; I realize that the Dough Wayne Johnson is missing the cookie dough pieces on top that it’s supposed to have!! That sucks!


My sister chose the Ellen Doughgeneres which was a bit disappointing because the Fruity Pebbles were stale… and it was just plain. The Kim Kardoughshian was awesome though. There were Snickers pieces baked into the dough. YUM!!


We just brought our donuts home and made a few cocktails here, watched Netflix, and went to sleep kind of early around 1a.

On Tuesday, boyfriend worked in the evening so my sister and I took an Uber to The Strip again so she could see everything without the parking time limit. We got off at The Linq Promenade.


There weren’t many shops, just mostly restaurants and bars so we kept walking. We made it to the Bally’s Bazaar Shops which I had never been to before.


There was a good variety and amount of shops, bars, and restaurants here.


My sister decided to get a frozen Raspberry Coconut something or other from this cute Tiki style bar. The bartenders never asked for her money and we ended up just walking away and she got a free drink!! LOL. She’s so naughty, right?!


We were both hungry at this point so we walked back to The Linq Promenade to check out the restaurants we passed and were interested in earlier.

We decided on this place called Off The Strip. We wanted to sit outside but all of the tables were taken so we ended up sitting at the bar… at least we got to be outside, though!


My sister ordered Calamari Rings for us to share. We were both underwhelmed by these. They had no flavor really… the marinara dipping sauce was good, though.


She also ordered this delicious asparagus, basil, and cheese stuffed NY steak. I only had one bite but it was really quite delicious. The bartender said it is their best-seller!


I ordered the lamb gyro cheesesteak without the cheese and some waffle fries. This was mighty tasty!! Except, the meat became a little too much at the end. I couldn’t finish it all.


We walked a little further down the Promenade and I brought my sister to Amorino. I had been here before– their gelato is amazing, they have SO many flavors and their macarons are out of this world!!


She ordered a small cup instead of the cute flower cones because she didn’t want to get messy, LOL and she added the macaron on top for me. 🙂


I can’t remember what flavors she chose for her gelato scoops but there were only 3 flavors in stock for their macarons (mango, caramel, and coffee) so I chose coffee. It probably would have been my choice even if the other ones were available, anyways. It was so soft and wonderful. They put their gelato in between the cookies instead of the usual buttercream. It’s nothing like you’ve ever had before!


We had sore feet but, we wanted to keep adventuring! I wanted to show her the Hershey’s store and all of the other ones around there. We decided to take the Monorail from the Flamingo Casino to the MGM Resort. As we were walking there, this guy was coming off and he handed me a ticket to get on the Monorail so I didn’t even have to pay! How nice!! My sister got her ticket and the Monorail showed up right away and off we went! I was gonna take a picture while we were on it but I was standing up and didn’t want to fall over, lol.


We looked through some other stores like the M&M’S store and the Coca-Cola store before we made it to our main destination: Hershey’s!!


We snapped some photos with the Hershey’s bar and the Kiss!


We went inside and looked around a bit but, the whole reason I wanted to bring my sister here was so she would try a drink from the Chocolate Bar because I was never brave enough to. She was super excited and so was I!!


She ordered the raspberry flavored chocolate martini. The rim had chocolate sauce and sugar all around it. The chocolate rim was good and the drink was super strong!! I wouldn’t say it was nasty but it definitely was not tasty!! She drank it all and we went shopping at the Ross and Marshall’s while we waited for boyfriend to get off work so he could pick us up.

We had gotten these free tickets to the Omnia Nighclub from some promoter on The StripZedd was performing and we thought it would be fun to go to. My sister hadn’t brought any nice shoes, so she bought some at Ross. She also bought a new dress from Marshall’s and I got a cute new purse from Ross. As we were waiting in line to check out, boyfriend had made it there to pick us up.


He parked in the New York, New York Casino parking garage to wait for us so we got to walk through the beautiful walkway to the T-Mobile Arena.

After we got picked up, we went back home and got ready for the nightclub. We decided to Uber there so we wouldn’t have to worry about paying for parking but, when we got there… the line was wrapped around the whole building!!! We all were like “HELL NO!” and decided to do a night out on The Strip instead.

First, we grabbed a cocktail from this busy lounge inside Caesar’s Palace then we walked to the Bally’s Bazaar Shops again because we had gotten these BOGO coupons for some bars there when we were the earlier.

“It’s Britney Bitch” from the Fuel Bar

We got even more coupons when we got there and we ordered quite a few drinks from this place called the Fuel Bar!! I was super drunk and we were getting hungry so we were gonna go this other bar that had food but while we were in the Uber we changed our destination to home so we could get the car.


I was really too drunk and not feeling that well so we just decided to get McDonald’s and stay at home for the night.

We ate our food, smoked, and watched TV until my sister fell asleep. Then, we went to bed and I threw up everywhere. When I woke up, I did some more throwing up and I still feel very weak and exhausted. That’s why I hate drinking LOL.

We all woke up after 2p today. My sister was like “it is so weird waking up this late” and I  told her it was because she has been hanging out with us too long, hehe.

We went to eat at Ramen Sora right after we all woke up. Boyfriend and I each ordered a bowl of ramen and some fried rice that we shared with each other and also with my sister. She ordered a bowl of ramen and gyoza. She had never tried ramen before– she loved it!!


I mean I don’t know how anyone doesn’t like ramen, it’s so YUMMY. Boyfriend and I hadn’t been in awhile, either, so we were almost as excited as she was.

We brought my sister to Fremont Street again so she could see the street performers in action. She wanted to try the zipline but the bigger one had a wait and she couldn’t get on until 10:30p but she thought it wouldn’t be as fun that late, I guess, so she decided against it.

We did find this cool guy that wrote on grains of rice and made jewelry out of it!! My sister had him make her anklet. She asked him to write “C U Next Tuesday” which I had never heard before… it means CUNT hahahah!


We were able to watch him while he wrote on the grain of rice on the screen above him. It was so awesome!! He also did a few magic tricks for us! Like, what?? They were totally unexpected, I think he was a real magician!!

We also stopped at the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory because I wanted a chocolate covered Oreo. My sister got a peanut cluster and a latte from Dunkin’ Donuts next door.


Now, we’re home. They just finished watching the movie with Adam Sandler and David Spade on Netflix. It took me the entire movie to write this, WOWZA. I think we’re going to go to Hash House A Go Go in a bit. My sister will be leaving tomorrow around 1p and boyfriend will be working in the evening so I’ll have the whole night before I go to work to myself. I can’t wait to catch up with you guys!

Goodnight! ❤

XO, Hunida


31 thoughts on “Journal Entry #70

  1. OMG y’all did a whole bunch of eating and drinking it is no wonder you were sick!!
    I must admit that steak with asparagus looks freaking amazing!!
    Glad you had some great adventures with your sister

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I think it’s called The Do-Over! My sis & bf laughed a few times out loud so I think it’s a good one lol. I love anything with Adam Sandler though!
      Thanks for reading & commenting, Julie!!! ♡

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Y’all did A LOT, this is what I need in my life right now lol! This would be a great vacation I need to come visit you😂☺️ it was exciting looking at all the pictures and reading how everything went. There’s so much to do in Vegas I see, seems overwhelming and exciting all at once. That booth at the restaurant does look really cool and I want to try those donuts lol. I want to comment on so much but it would be too long, I think this has become my favorite post on your blog so far✨

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Come visit!! I’d love to show you around! 😀 Yes… there is SO many things to do in Vegas and always more popping up, even if I lived here for the rest of my life– I wouldn’t be able to do or see every single thing Vegas has to offer. It is def overwhelming sometimes, lol.
      The booth was so freaking cool, I’ve never seen one like that before. The donuts were delicious, too! ;D I love long comments, no worries!! ❤ ❤ Thank you so much for reading!!! So happy to hear you enjoyed this post and that it's your favorite because it took me extra long to write! 😉 ❤

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yeah I could tell you put a lot of work into the post! Visiting there is definitely on my to do list, I’ve wanted to for years plus I don’t travel much at all so I know it would be a great experience and so fun to hang out with a friend from the blog world!

        Liked by 1 person

  3. Lots of things here, brace yourself for a long comment, lol. First of all, holy shit, that’s a lot of food and drinks haha. And it’s honestly really refreshing to see another side of Vegas that I had never seen. I mean all you hear about are the main attractions but I mean, since you live there, you sort of force yourself to look around for other spots. You guys have like the coolest bars over there, I would have loved to have tried that shake with cake lol, it sounds super delicious!!
    And Alex is the only one between him and I who knows of the good weed places lol. He’s tried several near the area and he’s chosen two favorite already lol. I don’t think he’s had edibles though, perhaps he did but I can’t remember and I remind him not to get them anyway because i wouldn’t want Ciel to accidentally ingest that thinking it’s candy.
    Anyway, that donut shop looks fucking cute on the inside, BUT, I noticed that some of those doughnuts looked just like the ones they sell at voodoo doughnuts, like the one with stale cereal lmao. I wonder who started that first, but glad to know they have a shop like that over there too because it’s different and I’d be willing to try them, hopefully they’re better than voodoo lol. Oh and by the way, love the names, they’re very clever lol.
    Omg I wanna try that gelato place, not just for the gelato, but for the macarons lol. We have a gelato shop, but they call it gelati, I’m sure it’s the same thing lmao but it’s very good, we get that all the time during the summer because it tastes better than ice cream in my opinion, even though I cannot believe I’m saying that haha. I love ice cream but I’ll take gelati any day lol. They even have a very delicious soft serve, yum. Lol
    Oh my god, you should have gone to see Zedd! I know I would have lmao, but I also know you’re not all into edm as much, only dubstep lol.
    I had ramen today, two huge bowls to be exact lmao. It was good but nothing like my favorite ramen at Maru lol. And this one had baby spinach and corn, I finally got to try it with corn and I really liked it.
    And how cool about the guy writing on rice grains, I have a necklace that says “Alex y Rossy” from like many years ago at the county fair, gosh, it must have been over 6 years ago lol. It was pretty cool to see them do it with such ease but it’s something I’ve kept because I really like it. Lol.
    Ok I think I’m done haha. Great post as always. Whenever I go you’ll have to be my tour guide and take me to all those great places because I love dessert and ramen lol. Also, I love to drink, I like to think I can take my alcohol because I like my drinks to be strong lol. Though who knows, since I don’t drink often anymore, it might affect me more hahaha

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yayay! I was so excited to see this comment!! Thank you for taking the time to write me! ❤
      Yes, girl! We drank and ate waaaay too much, lol. But, hey… when in Vegas, right? LOL. I so wish I could have eaten that milkshake or at least gotten a picture of it! It was enormous!
      When we come visit, we'll have to ask Alex his fave weed spots. 😉 It's a smart idea not to bring edibles into the house!! My Aunt had bought some cookies and my grandma ate them unknowingly and had to go to the ER. They don't even taste like weed most of the time.
      Yeah, there were even some donut shops in MN that had that cereal on top of the donuts! I wonder who started it first, too, but I'm thinking it was VooDoo that started it since it's the most well-known? I loved the names, too, lol. We had to read them all before we chose our donuts!
      That gelato shop has hands down the absolute most delicious macarons I've ever had! Maybe gelati is the proper way to say it?? LOL weird! I like it better than ice cream, too!! (but, they both make my tummy hurt the same 😦 )
      I know I really should have went to see him since it was free admission but OH MY GOSH who knows if we would have even gotten in. That line was outrageously long!!!
      YAY! I'm glad you got to try ramen with corn!! 😀 My sis was excited to try it with corn, too! I also love baby spinach in my ramen, it seems most places don't offer it, though. 😦
      You have one of those rice grain necklaces?! Oh my gosh, I thought they were like a new thing. I had never seen or heard of them before but how fucking cool are they!? That's awesome that you still have yours. ❤
      I would love love love to show you around, eat, and drink with you!! 😀 Gosh, I drink hella and I still am a lightweight, lol, ugh!!
      Again, thanks so much for reading and commenting!! ❤ Hope you're having a good weekend!!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Awh you’re waiting for meee! 😀 LOL
        Well when we go, we can eat and drink all you want, I can never deny food unless I’m completely FULL 😀
        Hahaha yeah, I’ll let him know lol. Though I hope you guys like the weed from here I mean it is Portland, the city of hippies/hipsters LMAO I made edibles once for my 19th birthday and went to the zoo haha, Alex has been asking me to make them but can’t with Ciel in the house you know?
        Maybe? They were featured on Man vs. Food I think a long time ago? But girl, VooDoo isn’t even that good anymore, or maybe my taste buds changed but I’m not the only local who thinks they suck. After trying Blue Star donuts I was sold! It’s WAY better than VooDoo!! When you guys come, I’m taking you there, their doughnuts are a little pricey but SOOOO DELICIOUS! I even like them better than Krispy Kreme *gasp*
        I’m not so sure lol but you guys can also try the gelati shop we have over here, it’s tiny but good! 🙂
        Yeah it seems every shop has a different style and taste of ramen, like the little food cart we tried this week was okay but not as good as Maru, but I think we’re just spoiled. I shall keep looking for more tasty ramen LMAO
        Yeah I do, they usually have them at the fair in a different county here, I haven’t gone back to see if they still have that but I’m sure they do. It’s one of those things that kind of stands out but not everyone is into. I’ll have to show you a photo of it sometime, somehow
        That would be fun!! 😀 We can have a girls night out or something, eat and go eat lol
        ❤ hope you're having a fantastic weekend too!

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Gosh, sometimes I can’t deny food even when I’m completely full! 😂 I heard the weed in Portland is real good. Can’t wait to try it!! 😄 I’ve tried to make edibles before but we already failed at the butter part haha.
          Better than Krispy Kreme?! It that possible?! I’d love to try Blue Star Donuts! 😄
          I agree!! All ramen shops are completely different in taste even if it’s called The same thing on the menu.
          That would be so fun to have a girls night with you! ♡ One day, Rossy!!!

          Liked by 1 person

  4. The Venetian looks beautiful! Your photos make me want to go to Las Vegas now haha and I always tell people I don’t want to go because I don’t like lights and I don’t like noises. 😂 You’re making me change my mind and want to visit!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Girlfriend love the post! Venetian is so wicked beautiful inside and spending an entire day at Ceasars Palace is on my bucket list because it’s so big!!!! I’m glad your sister had a good time in Vegas.

    Liked by 1 person

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