My 3 Fur Babies

If you didn’t already know, I have THREE cats. Call me a “crazy cat lady” if you want to, whatever, I don’t care! I love my fur babies!! They’re all so unique, different from each other in looks and personality. This is how each of them found their way into my heart and home:



About Him: He is a BIG eater… food is his biggest concern. He is usually lazy and laying down. Either in his favorite box, sprawled out on the couch, or snuggled up with one of us, UNLESS, his food bowl is empty… he will meow constantly, jump all over you, and follow you everywhere you go while purposely tripping you. He stops only when you feed him. He loves to lay on our faces and chest the best. He stands on top of our chests for the longest time and it takes him forever to get comfortable but, then he lays in just the perfect snuggle spot in my arms and I feel all warm inside. He purrs very loudly, right away at any sign of affection and he will let us pet him anywhere we want, he loves holding hands and he loves getting his daily pets. He’s the heaviest one now and was the biggest one in his litter, too. The black pattern on his back makes a heart shape. Sushi doesn’t like cat toys– he acts like he is too smart and too good for them. He knows most toys are controlled by us, he seriously gives us a disappointed look when we try to make him chase things. He only likes boxes… running around them, jumping in and out of them, scratching at them, and sleeping in them.

When I was in High School, I was working at a Sonic Drive-In. My dad had mice in his basement and he couldn’t find a solution to get rid of them all. He asked me if anyone had cats that we could have. My co-worker at Sonic, we’ll call her T, was a meth head. I had started doing the drug with her and one day, we went to this couple’s house. They were meth dealers and they also happened to have just received baby kitties from their female cat that played outside and got pregnant ALL of the time. They had tons of cats of all ages roaming their house already. The boyfriend of the couple wanted to get rid of all of these new kittens, he was giving them all away to anyone who wanted them. The girlfriend was a little reluctant… she loved the baby kittens and wanted to keep them all. That’s why she has a herd of animals at her house; she can’t give them up.

I told my dad about the cats and he asked if I wanted to have two. The mice infestation was pretty bad. I asked my sister if she would take care of all of the expenses of one cat, she agreed. I asked her what color cat she wanted… we didn’t meet them first. We just picked based on the colors that were left, we also knew that we wanted two boys. I chose black and white and my sister, Ivy, chose gray, striped. I don’t remember our other options.

T brought the boys in her car to Sonic one night after I got off work. She just put them in the back seat freely, no carrier or anything and that’s how we brought them home, too. Ivy and I set the boys up with the Kitten’s Health Insurance plan from Banfield Hospital inside PetSmart. It’s really the best option for a new kitty at the best price. At $20/mo. (for each cat) for a year we were able to get the boys neutered and all of their shots that they would need within the first year of their lives. They also offered de-clawing but everyone should know that that’s not very nice to cats at all– we opted out of this.

We didn’t see mice the whole time the boys lived at my dad’s house.

I moved out before I was 18 into a house with my ex-BFF, K, and her mom. I lived with them for less than a year before they decided to move. K’s mom really wanted me to move with them into a new home but she kept telling me “no” when I asked if I could bring Sushi. I couldn’t live without him anymore and I had to do the right thing as a Mom– I got my own studio apartment and paid the deposit for one cat to live with me. As soon as I got the keys to my apartment, my sister dropped Sushi off to me.

Him and I lived together, just the two of us, for a little over a year until I met Alex (you can read our love story here— I talk about Sushi moving in a little in it, too). It took a few months to convince Alex to let Sushi move in with us but he ended up giving in and they fell in love with each other.



About Him: Benji is rambunctious! I always joke that Ivy should have named him Curious George instead because he is SO dang curious!! If you bring anything he’s never seen out, he will be there to sniff it. Even if he’s sleepy; he would rather run around and see what’s going on. He’s more like a dog than a cat. He loves chasing balls of crumpled up receipts around the house, he often tries to get into the trash, and he LOVES raw meat. He has a daily run around the house… sometimes even more than once a day he does this super fast run around, jumping over all of the furniture, it’s crazy. If you yell at him to get down or stop what he’s doing, he pretends to be good and cute by flopping on his back, showing his belly, and inviting you to pet him. Then after you pet him and look away, he is back doing the naughty thing. When he is really sleepy though, he snuggles up against one of us, asking for pets all over… he is just all of a sudden the sweetest cat ever. He doesn’t purr that often but, sometimes he does. He hates strangers.

My sister had taken care of him for years while she lived with my dad. When she moved out from my dad’s house, she moved into an apartment that didn’t allow cats but, she brought Benji with her anyways. The day came where her apartments were having “apartment checks.” She dropped Benji off at my apartment… it was obvious that Sushi and Benji remembered each other. They were instantly brothers again. The day of the “apartment check” passed and Ivy did not text me about picking up Benji… playfully, I texted her saying, “we might have to keep Benji forever if you don’t come get him soon, Sushi’s going to miss him too much” and she texted back, “oh, well, I don’t want to make Sushi sad by bringing him home. I can bring his toys and all the food I have left over.” Alex and I were both baffled. She so easily gave him up– it didn’t seem like she ever wanted him back in the first place. Alex said something along the lines of “we can love him better” and “he deserves better” so we just kept him. Sushi and Benji are partners in crime and we’ll never forgive her for abandoning him but we’re grateful to have him in our lives… though, he’s the most naughtiest one.

We lived with Benji and Sushi for two years, no problems. We were a big happy family. We packed the two in the back of our car when we moved to Las Vegas from Minnesota. They’re our babies and they’re going to stay with us forever, no matter what.

Twinkle Star


About Her: Twinkle Star does NOT like other cats. She hisses at the first sight of them and any time they get too close… which to her is around 2-3 feet. She LOVES her humans, though. She always wants to be by me or my boyfriend. She always wants to snuggle or be on top of us. She purrs loudly right when she gets near us. She bullies our hands for pets, by pushing her head into them quite aggressively, she will try to knock our phones out of our hands if we ignore her. She is very vocal and meows loudly over and over again when you give her attention and when she wants attention… which is pretty much all of the time. She loves to play… my boyfriend puts his hand under the blanket and she likes to chase it around the bed. She also likes chasing string toys, especially if there’s a bell on it! She is the ideal companion for a human… I just wish she’d get along with Sushi and Benji!!

A few months of living in Las Vegas and going to this PetSmart to buy food for the boys regularly… we always stopped at the (FUPI) adoption center in the front of the store to pet the cats. There were always different ones. We always went in… but, one day, I was saying “hi” to all the kitties equally and I noticed Alex kneeling down, with all of his attention on this one cat. She was nuzzled up against the bars of her cage and rubbing the top of her head continuously against his fingers. I knelt down to pet her, too, and she did the same for me. We left the adoption center and bought the food but we couldn’t stop thinking about Twinkle Star. We asked the cashier how we could adopt her and the cashier called the lady up who could help us with that. She told us we had to fill out an application online but, that we would receive an answer quickly. She asked us if we wanted to meet her before we applied and of course, we did. Boyfriend and I both knew it might be a bad idea to bring a new fur baby home. We weren’t sure the boys would be so happy. I told boyfriend, “if she comes to me when we open the door to her cage then, we’re bringing her home.” When we opened the door to her cage, she seemed scared… like she wasn’t going to come out and it broke my heart a little… but then, she ran out quickly, hissed at the cat next door to her (who was freaking caged in– we should have taken this as a sign!), did a few quick scratches on their scratching pole in the corner of the room, then she immediately ran to me, meowed loudly over and over, and rubbed up against my legs. I applied for her on my phone, while we were still in the parking lot. We waited a little to see how soon it would be to get a reply, we wanted her right then and there. They didn’t respond right away so we just headed home… of course, right when we got home… I received the e-mail of approval!!

We went back to the PetSmart right away, bought all of the things she would need, and brought her home.

It’s been a struggle ever since to get her and the boys to get along. I usually just keep her locked in the bedroom. I don’t think I introduced them all to each other properly even though I did everything the internet said to do… I feel like we messed up somewhere in the process.

Do you have any fur babies? How did you get them? More than one? If so, do they all get along?

XO, Hunida

Featured Image by Aleesha Wood

39 thoughts on “My 3 Fur Babies

  1. I love your fur babies. I like dogs but cats are better.very independent . I had one fur baby, Mattingly , who was basically “the cat from hell”.she was a minx cat which means she was born without a tail . She was also black and white and she took over EVERYTHING in the house. I had to give her away

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    1. I’ve never had a dog but, I think I’d like to have one someday. Aw!! I’m sorry you had a cat from hell and had to give her away! LOL but at least you don’t have to deal with her anymore. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a cat without a tail but I have met a 3-legged cat.


  2. Benji sounds like a true cat lol cats do their own thing and even if they get caught or yelled at they’ll go right back to it like yeah whatever human, I run this! I’m a huge cat lady so I loved reading this post lol I spent my birthday taking pictures of my girls. Izabelle didn’t like when we brought Zoey home at first but after a few days she started to get use to things, even cleaning her and sleeping next to her so in the end it all worked out they love each other! Izabelle also likes to bully hands for love rubs lol. I hope some day Twinkle Star (such a cute name btw!) opens up to the boys a little💛

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    1. Lol he’s the naughtiest!! I’m glad you enjoyed reading this. 😀 That’s so sweet that your cats warmed up to each other so quickly!! I wish my cats would all love each other like that. LOL oh my gosh, neither of my boys do the hand bullying thing. Twinkle Star does it repeatedly, though!! I’m glad you like her name… I didn’t want to change it because that’s what the shelter had her name as but I wasn’t sure if it fit her or if I even liked the name at first!!

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      1. There’s 2 male cats here and I don’t think they do the bullying thing, if they have it’s not so much. Maybe females do it more lol idk.
        I usually want to come up with my own name for my pets like I’m naming my baby lol so I usually change the names from the shelter but Twinkle Star is just too cute and unique so I would have kept it and probably call her Twinkle or Star as nicknames

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        1. It’s interesting that cats have different personalities because of their gender but hey, humans are the same way!
          I wanted to re-name her, too… but she was already 2 years old & I didn’t want to confuse her haha.


  3. Awww they’re so cute! I don’t have any cats, but I did have a dog for ten years and I miss her every single day. When we’re more settled I’ll get another, but at the moment with our military life we’re expecting to go abroad to some not very dog friendly places which would also require quarantine for a long time which I think would be awful. Anyway, suffice to say, your cats are wonderful and in time we’ll get another doggie 🐶🐶🐶

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  4. I’m allergic to cats, but I always stop and give them love when I’m at PetSmart. 🙂 When I was in college, I rescued a bunny. His name was Pumpernickle and he was litter box trained like a cat, so he had the run of my apartment. Then my fiance and I moved in together and Pump got a big brother: a 50lb hound mix named Angus. He’s black and white (like a cow), hence the name. They got along just fine. Then we adopted a cattle dog mix, Sadie. Her favorite thing is to chase anything that will run. Pump would play with her some, but she would get too rough with him so he would hide. Pump passed away about a year ago and I miss him dearly, but Angus and Sadie are for sure our fur babies now.

    I actually have a friend that brought a new cat home last week and her female cat freaked and attacked him. She put them in separate rooms and propped a door open just enough for them to see each other (blocking both sides so the door can’t move) and put their food bowls close to the opening for a few days. After about 3 days, she opened the door and they’re just fine now. They have even started playing and laying close to each other. Good luck with your babies. I know how heartbreaking it can be when they don’t all get along.


    1. Aw, my aunt is allergic to cats, too. She has two though lol. She takes Benadryl or something every single day when she wakes up. I’ve always wanted a bunny but heard they’re hard to take care of! I’m so sorry to hear about Pump passing away. 😦 So glad that you have Angus & Sadie there for you!! ❤
      We tried all the things the websites say to introduce cats… and they just don't get along. It's been nearly a year! Thank you so much for reading and leaving such a nice comment! ❤ I don't know how it ended up in my spam, I just found it now! I'm sorry I'm so late to respond!!


  5. Sushi is JUST like Oliver! Black and white, under your feet until you feed him, etc!
    Oliver and Eliza are the same age although not from the same litter. And Amber doesn’t like either one of them. 😂

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  6. They are all so cute! I love cats! They each have their own unique personality. Chloe (who passed away on Halloween) and Cameron were so different from each other. Now I just have Cameron because my mom won’t let me get another cat.

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    1. Thank you! Cats are the best, aren’t they?! I love that they have their own personalities!
      I remember when Chloe passed. Again, I’m so sorry about that! 😦 and I’m sorry that your mom won’t let you get another one…aww…at least you have Cameron, though. ♡

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  7. wow! I have been dying to see you post your cats. I was always curios how they look like and their personalities. As I mentioned I have four and I can relate to your cats personalities. Don’t worry about Twinkle, it’ll take time but soon they’ll be friends. I happened to our second cat too, I was too excited and didn’t follow proper introduction so they didn’t get along well at first, it’s really worst because if we leave them together before, one will surely die because they attack each other, but never too late to begin again, my bf slowly and patiently did second introduction until they became friends and we got another one and adopted another one after a month. 🙂

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    1. Yes! We tried to leave them all alone together before and twice Twinkle had a huge scratch across her nose so we lock her in the bedroom when we go anywhere now.
      Wow! I need your boyfriend’s help with the introduction! I am not patient enough I think lol. I really hope one day they will all love each other!

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  8. I cannot believe I missed this post?! Lol
    Anyway, I love your cats, especially sushi how he’s all snuggled up. Ugh. Melts my heart. I’m personally a dog person but I don’t mind cats, I think they’re cute but I don’t know a thing about them either lol. I actually love the neighbors cat, he comes up to us when we call him and he is aggressive with wanting to get petted too. He pushes up against our legs and hands but purrs softly lol. He’s cute. And I think the situation with twinkle star should get better with time and another introduction, you just have to be patient. It won’t happen overnight but I’m confident they can coexist lol. Some guy had three cats and introduced a dog to the family, it’s been at least two years or more since he got the dog and at first only one cat warmed up to the dog and now the other two don’t mind him at all and can actually tolerate the dogs playfulness. Idk.

    But cute kitties. I’d love to meet shushi and benji, I can’t believe your sister just abandoned him like that though. So messed up.

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    1. I know… sushi was my first so he has a special place in my heart. He is the biggest snuggle bug! ♡ I’ve never had a dog but I’d love to. I just think I wouldn’t have enough time to bring it outside all of the time and I’d want my own yard if I had one. That’s so cute that neighbors cat loves you guys!! Ah yeah, we are still working on being able to keep them in the same room without any drama but I do think in time things will cool down… hopefully lol. Some cats just don’t like other ones, I guess. 😦
      Thank you! They’d love to meet you, too! ♡ yeah I thought it was messed up too and she has a new cat now too. When she posted a pic on her IG I commented “Benji says ‘F U'” & he just immediately deleted it lol.

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      1. I don’t have a yard either, so it can be hard to take the dogs outside without one. They need to stretch their legs and exercise.
        Well, have faith, things will work out between your cats, and if not, it’s not the end of the world, lol. They all still love you guys very much.
        Whaaaaaa?! That’s so messed up! To turn around and get another, yeah ok… But at least he has better parents now! ❤ That's what matters.


  9. You’re fur babies are all so cute! All of our animals are adopted. Achilles, our dog, we got about 6 years ago now. And the three cats we adopted 2 years ago. It always breaks my heart seeing all these animals without homes!

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