Journal Entry #69

March 12, 2018

Hey babes! I haven’t actually written anything in like two days because my sister is here and I had all of those posts scheduled for you guys before she came.

On Saturday, boyfriend woke up early to pick my sister up from the airport. I woke up, too, but I wanted to go back to sleep, lol. It was like 7am, okay? It didn’t take long for them to get back to our place. We all slept until around noon.

We were going to cook this chicken bake dinner but when we pulled out the chicken; it smelled like rotten eggs. It was only one day past the “use by” date, I was so upset. I guess we shouldn’t go out to eat when there’s food in the fridge. That’ll teach us.

We did have another meal in the fridge to cook that the meat was still good for so we made that. It turned out okay but we realized it’s kind of boring to eat at home when we have a guest so we decided for the rest of her time here; we’re just going to go out to eat.

After we all ate dinner, my sister wanted to get frozen yogurt since the one by her house closed down recently– she had been craving it! We decided to go to Yogurt Land not too far from our place.


They had a good amount of flavors but only two dairy-free ones. They also advertised a lot of flavors that sounded enticing that they didn’t really have on a screen behind their counter.


I don’t remember all of the flavors my sister or boyfriend got but I got the two small swirls of the sorbets: strawberry lemonade and bomb pop, I also got two regular flavors: iced coffee and strawberry cheesecake. They had such a good assortment of toppings. I was most surprised (and excited) that they had lychees!


I am always surprised by how much frozen yogurt flavors are so close to the actual food. We wanted to start drinking after dessert but of course, boyfriend and I wanted to come home to smoke a blunt first. My sister doesn’t smoke because it makes her fall asleep right away, lol. We also needed to come up with a “game plan” for the night. While we smoked, my sister looked for things she wanted to do on the web. She decided on… BOWLING!


We went to the Sam’s Town Casino. Boyfriend and I had never been to this casino before. We were all surprised to be welcomed by this beautiful little forest equipped with a waterfall and everything.


We walked through the forest and the slot machines to find the bowling alley. It was super busy, we had to wait 40m to get a lane. We decided to get a drink at the bar. My sister got a gin and tonic, boyfriend got a Seagrams 7 and coke, and I went with my pineapple juice and Patron.


When they called our number, we went up to get our lane number and shoes… but they had already given our lane away and it literally took us less than a minute to walk there! We had to wait a bit longer until we finally got our lane!


I lost every single game. My boyfriend won 1 and my sister won 2. We were pretty drunk after having 2 drinks each… for me and my sister. Boyfriend had 3, lol.


My sister read on their website before we went that they were supposed to turn the lights off at 9p and turn on fun music but, it was past that time and they hadn’t turned the lights off yet. My sister went to ask them about it and they made some lame excuse and two min. later they turned the lights off!


After we were done bowling we were hungry but we still wanted to drink more. We went to Albertson’s and we bought bottles and juice/soda for our freezer so we wouldn’t have to spend SO much at the bars.

We dropped it off at home and we smoked another blunt. Boyfriend and I had been to this bar once before and I remember the food was awesome so we called and made sure they served their full menu all night, and they did!! So off we went to Bar Code Burger.


We sat at a table instead of the bar and we had a wonderful waitress. My sister ordered a white wine of some sort, boyfriend ordered his usual drink, and I ordered a Moscow Mule.


Boyfriend and I ordered a cheeseburger to share and we all shared some BBQ wings, deep-fried pickles, and deviled eggs. It was all so delicious! We definitely made the right choice going there!



After that, we were all stuffed and ready for bed. We came home and started a movie on Netflix with Dylan Sprouse in it but my sis fell asleep right away.

Boyfriend worked at 11a on Sunday morning. I woke up around 12p but didn’t get up ’til 1p. I got showered and dressed by 2p and then we called an Uber to go to the Fashion Show Mall!


My sister loved it, especially the outside part. She had heard about the famous drinks from the Sugar Factory so we stopped at their outside bar and she ordered a martini.


I’m so happy that the weather was so nice yesterday and it looks that way today, too!! We’re just waiting for babe to get out of the shower because my sis wants to go to Fremont Street to do the zip line!


We also tried some macarons from a kiosk inside the mall that weren’t the best.


When boyfriend got off work he picked us up and we went to Chinatown to our favorite Vietnamese restaurant Viet Noodle Bar. We all ordered different varieties of the noodle salad and we all had spring rolls for our appetizers.


We stopped at Starbucks for my espresso. We came home and watched a Netflix movie about prom before I got ready for work. We all had a drink at home then, off I went. I worked 10:30p-2a. It was kinda busy but not really busy. It was the first time I worked on a Sunday and I didn’t hate it!!

When they picked me up, they still had some party left in them so we went to Fremont Street. We got one drink each from the Four Queens Casino. All of the stores were closed and there were very few performers left. Like I mentioned, we are about to go back today so she can see the street in action!!



We stopped at Jack in the Box for the worst meal, we came home and ate it, then we all went to sleep.

Now, it’s time to start another day!!!

I’m taking the night off again and we’re going to get sushi tonight. Can’t wait to show my sis Sushi Neko!

Hope you all have a good start to your week. ❤
XO, Hunida


31 thoughts on “Journal Entry #69

  1. Did you finish Distressed with Dylan Sprouse? And F the Prom was so funny! Yes, I’ve been binging a bit on Netflix.
    Say HI and have fun!
    Btw, I’m like her in the smoking department but I would have a regular smoke while y’all do that. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. We did end up finishing it! I feel like the ending was a bit too rushed! I was kind of rooting for him to get away haha and YES, F the Prom was funny. LOL I love how you knew exactly which movies I was talking about. 😀 My sis says “Hi” back! And boyfriend would smoke a regular smoke with you! 😉

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Yogurtland looks yummy. We have Sweet Frog here, which is basically the same thing, but I’ve actually never been to it because it’s all the way on the opposite side of town. I need to eventually try it though.

    I haven’t been bowling in over a decade! I would really like to go again. Although I’ve only ever done the duck pin bowling.

    I love fried pickles and deviled eggs! Now I really want some. lol You always make me hungry. 😛

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Cute! Sweet Frog! 😀 Hope you get to try it someday! I’ve never heard of duck pin bowling. What is that? I love fried pickles & deviled eggs, too!! Sorry for always making you hungry, hehe. ;D

      Liked by 1 person

  3. The casino looks amazing and I would love the fashion show mall! I wish I could fall asleep as quickly as your sister lol! Frozen yogurt shops are one of my favorite places to go after shopping, usually when it’s hot out though it’s been too cold lately. Can’t wait to see what else you all have planned✨ so many fun possibilities I know

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I wish I could bring you to the Fashion Show Mall & the casino, too! I think you would love it, too! I fall asleep quickly like her, too… I think it runs in our family!! LOL. Frozen yogurt shops are the best!! All of the toppings and flavors make me so excited. Hope it warms up where you are soon!! Thank you for reading! 😀

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Off to a great start it seems! 😁
    I literally wanted frozen yogurt today cause we were in the area, it’s a place kind of like this one, but it was closed because they’re waiting for a business deal (I think they’re getting sold) lol. Bummer, I really wanted it and I’m reading this now 😭 haha
    And I’ve never seen a bowling place where you take selfies hahaha that’s awesome

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Wow! All these frozen yogurt places getting shut down! 😦 I love frozen yogurt and all the toppings are always so fun! I hope you can find another one that’s not out of business near you!
      And I had never seen that before, either! It was nifty lol.

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  5. Fashion Show Mall is my favorite place to shop in when I go to Vegas. The Forever 21 Store is one of the first shops I go into. I ALWAYS find something there. 3 years living in Vegas and NEVER have been to Sam’s Town, even though they make it easy for tourists to get there with the shuttles from California and Fremont Hotels. Going to be staying at the Four Queens God willing in June. I’m afraid of that zip line thingy too.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. My boyfriend hates the Fashion Show Mall, lol but it’s my favorite, too!! It’s hard not to find something to buy there hahah! It was my first time in Sam’s Town, too! They always change their display I guess and in the winter it’s like a wonderland and they advertise all about it on the radio over and over.
      Hope to see you in June! We definitely won’t be doing the zip line thingy hahaha!


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