Journal Entry #68

March 09, 2018

I decided that we’re going to pick my sister up from the airport. She’s landing at 07:40a so we’ll just get her and bring her back to our place… maybe go back to sleep, if we can. My period is getting lighter so I might go to work tomorrow night so my sister and boyfriend are going to hang out while I work, lol. I’m happy boyfriend has the day off tomorrow, at least. 😀

Yesterday, boyfriend worked from 4p-9p. I was so hungry I couldn’t wait for dinner to be cooked and boyfriend didn’t really have the energy to cook anyways. I really had enjoyed the dinner from the night before so we had a leftovers-for-dinner night. We watched Lie To Me after I did my blog post quickly. We stayed up until 2a and I was surprised I didn’t fall asleep earlier. I usually do after an episode or two. We watched more than that last night, I’m pretty sure. We only have a few more episodes left before there are no more. I’m getting bored of the show anyways. I’m ready for a new show to watch on my own time and now the show that boyfriend and I watch together is almost over so I’m in dire need of some show suggestions, if you have any?

We woke up today around 11:30a because we had some errands to run and chores to do. I wanted a simple and cheap haircut. I went to the almighty and trustworthy Yelp app and found that the nearest salons to me with the best ratings were Fantastic Sam’s and this place called Tatjana’s Salon. I was a little weary of both places but I decided to call Fantastic Sam’s and ask for an appointment with one of the ladies that were constantly raved about in the reviews. The receptionist had an attitude and even though their Yelp page said that you could request an appointment apparently, they didn’t take any. I didn’t want to wait and I knew I’d have to at a Fantastic Sam’s on a Friday… plus, the lady was a major bitch on the phone (luckily, my boyfriend called her for me but, I could hear every word). Also, the owner messaged me on Yelp and had quite the attitude, too. They seemed butt hurt as fuck about one of the girls I requested no longer working at their salon. I decided to give Tatjana’s Salon a call and she was able to fit me in right away. I went in and she jokingly told me I had too much hair which I already knew, LOL. She immediately asked me where I wanted her to cut and maybe I said “right there” too quickly but my hair is shorter than I expected it to be… I think I would be sad no matter how much was cut off, though.

She did such an AMAZING job of washing my hair and she gave me the perfect layers but I think I hurt her feelings when I cried, “OMG it’s too short!!” when she showed me the back with a mirror… but I did tell her it felt and looked beautiful now. She still kept trying to convince me my hair was still long but I know that it no longer is. I really did like Tatjana, though. She was so very sweet and even though her shop was a bit on the dingy side; she did a very good and caring job on my head of hair.


Can you guys believe how much I got cut off!?! I’m wondering how long it will take for it to grow back? 😦

After, my haircut we went to Walmart for a whole list of stuff. A doughnut was not on that list but, I got one and it was so very delicious!! Boyfriend and I both bought razor heads and I think those are the most over-priced things in the world!!


In the parking lot, boyfriend signed this petition for using more solar power and as I was enjoying my doughnut, the advocator asked if I wanted to sign. I didn’t listen to the dude’s whole spiel. All I heard was that he was bothering me, so I shouted “no!!” when I heard him ask if boyfriend thought “his friend” might want to sign, too. When boyfriend came into the car and told me what the petition was for I felt a bit guilty because I’m all for that solar power stuff… oops! Another lady in the Walmart parking lot gave us some coupons and a menu to this AYCE sushi place only 10m away from our home! It just opened very recently. I was like… dang, she knows us too well!! So, even though we have food in the fridge to cook, we are naughty and went to try this place but HEY! We had coupons to use!!


The restaurant was called Sushi Cruise. You could hear crickets in the parking lot of this plaza. There were no customers anywhere. But, the outside of the restaurant was quite cute. 🙂 I loved the red doors.


I thought this place was very fancy!! On one side they had cubed lanterns above the tables and on the side we were sitting there were spheres above us. I love lantern lights, they’re so freaking cute!


Other than the discount on AYCE coupon, we also had a free house sake coupon. I’ve never drank sake before. We used the coupon and… I’ve still never drank sake! LOL. I smelled how strong it was when boyfriend poured it into the little cups and I was like “HELL NO.” Call me a pussy… whatever you want, you drink it, then!! It was interesting because it was warm. Boyfriend tried it and said it was like dry white wine warmed up.


As I mentioned, it was our first time here so we had to try as much of the menu as we could. Here are some of our appetizers:


We also got more appetizers and sushi but, I just stopped taking pictures because it was too much and we also were getting repeats of items.


On their dessert menu, it was the usual mochi ice cream, variety of ice cream scoops, and deep-fried ice cream but, unlike any other sushi restaurant we’ve been to, they had DEEP FRIED OREOS which are the absolute best deep-fried food in the whole wide world!!


Some AYCE restaurants allow you to order only one dessert off the whole menu of desserts but, the cool thing about this restaurant was that they allowed us to order each dessert off the dessert menu once. So boyfriend and I each got a plate of deep-fried Oreos. Boyfriend also got the deep-fried ice cream which I didn’t like so much and I tried their green tea ice cream– it was alright… but, it tasted floraly? If that makes any sense. Overall, we enjoyed our food but it was definitely not on Sushi Neko’s level. I would rather pay full price at Sushi Neko next time. I don’t regret trying the place, though, especially not at the discounted price we got!


After that, we came home and smoked a blunt and I immediately took a nap. When I woke up, boyfriend went to get me a frapp from Starbucks with a triple shot of espresso, lol. He did all of his part of the cleaning (everything except the bathroom) while I was sleeping so when I woke up, I did my part (the bathroom) then, I took a shower. We smoked a blunt when I got out and I made the photo collages for this blog post. When we finished smoking, I replied to my comments and then, I started typing this. 😀

I have typed up and scheduled all of my posts on my Mar’18: Blog Schedule for while my sister’s here except my journal entries, of course. I’ll be typing those in real-time still. 😀 Just probably on my phone instead of the computer.

Have a nice weekend, my loves! ❤
XO, Hunida


30 thoughts on “Journal Entry #68

  1. Even after your haircut, your hair looks soo long lol. And I always wondered how other people handled advocates/petitioners. Sometimes I’m just not in the mood to listen to someone’s spiel or learn something new, especially when I’m caught off guard or they ask at the end of the day, so I always end up saying no!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m glad you still think it’s long!! It feels and looks so short to me. LOL at least I’m not the only one who ignores them. I feel like an ass but they just pick the worst times to approach me!


  2. Still love the hair. I remember when my college g/f told me that her hair, which I thought was pretty long already, told me that her hair used to be as long as in your “before” photo. I asked her to let it grow that long again, but she told me it took forever to wash and dry. I offered to help and she just laughed. Of course, she was 5’11 so her hair was probably even longer than yours to reach as far down in comparison… except now that I think about it, most of the height difference between us was in her legs; we looked like a normal couple sitting down.

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  3. Your hair looks lovely!!
    Have fun with your sister.
    Was this an all you can eat restaurant or did you have to pay for each of them appetizers? that is whole load of food, even with coupon it looked like it would have been expensive!


  4. Wow, what bitches, I’m glad you went to the other salon. The other one didn’t deserve your business. But holy shit, you did cut off a lot haha. I think it looks great but I’m sure it will take you a while to get used to the new length. I’m still gettin used to mine a week later haha.
    And that’s awesome that you guys were trying so many different dishes off the menu they all look delicious, especially dessert! And girl, I won’t call you a pussy for not drinking sake, I’ve had it before and omg that shit is strong as fuck but it’s also very smooth. I’ve had both cold and warm sake and i think I like the cold one better but they’re both pretty strong. I ordered the warm sake once and I had to drink it all by myself 😭 lmao Alex had two or three little cups, but I had to drink the rest which was like 8 of those tiny cups (shots?) and that fucked me up but I felt better as we were walking out.


  5. Ahh your hair was so long! Lol. I think your hair is probably how long my hair is right now. It’s heartbreaking when you don’t get it cut for awhile and you wind up getting more chopped off than you actually wanted 😭 it definitely will grow back though! And I’m sure it’s a tad easier to manage now, too (:


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