My Top 5: Favorite Super Unhealthy Snacks

1. Zebra Cakes

zebra cakes

I have always and will always love Zebra Cakes. No matter how much they make my tummy hurt.

2. Potato chips doused in Frank’s Red Hot Sauce


Put the potato chips into a bowl and then drizzle (or pour) the hot sauce all over the potato chips. So yummy!

3. Brownies


I love every single kind of brownie. They are my weakness. I crave them daily. Seriously, after every dinner… I dream of eating a brownie.

4. French fries with sweet and sour sauce on the side


Who doesn’t love French fries? They are seriously the best snack ever. I love to dip mine in sweet and sour sauce if the place I’m getting them from has that. If I’m at home and I make them in my oven; I like to dip them in Mae Ploy – Sweet Chilli SauceWe always have this because it’s good with chicken, too, but mostly for fries.

5. BBQ potato chips with BBQ sauce on the side


I don’t pour the BBQ sauce over my chips the way I do the hot sauce. I put the BBQ sauce in a small bowl and dip my chips into it. Boyfriend got me into this– he just decided to do it one day and now, we always do it… it just makes the chips taste so much better. I especially love Famous Dave’s – Devil’s Spit BBQ Sauce.

What are your favorite super unhealthy snacks?!

XO, Hunida

*All images used in this post were found on Google Images*
Featured Image by Katherine Chase

42 thoughts on “My Top 5: Favorite Super Unhealthy Snacks

  1. Potato chips, especially Wise Honey butter barbecue chips, Cheesecake , and Oreos cookies, which now come in different flavors besides the original white creme filling. I had never heard of putting barbecue or hot sauce on my chips.

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    1. I’ve never heard of Wise Honey Butter BBQ chips… but those sound AMAZING. I love cheesecake and Oreos and Oreo Cheesecakes LOL. ❤ But oh my gosh, yeah… I saw SO many flavors of Oreos at Walmart. Like Cinnamon!!
      Lol my boyfriend and I are a bit odd with sauces and chips. 😀


  2. Mmm yummy stuff! I’ve always liked Zebra cakes too. I’ve never had actual hot sauce on potato chips, but I have had the Red Hot flavored chips and they were yummy. I have never thought of french fries and sweet and sour sauce together. I like french fries with Old Bay (but that’s a Maryland thing lol)


  3. I will eat the brownies with you ANY day of the week!! Yummy…OMG with icrecream especially….Dang now I am hungry for brownies and ya just can’t get a good brownie in Australia

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  4. Ah yes, French fries, I use ketchup though, idk what it is about it, I just fucking love it lol. And I’ve never heard or seen zebra cakes haha. Rarely have I eaten brownies as well. One thing I do is pour hot sauce on potato chips and other kinds of chips and even popcorn (I know that’s really weird but I love them). One thing though, it HAS to be guacamaya sauce from Alex’s land in Mexico lmao. Only very few stores stock them and I’m glad we have a store here that has them. I haven’t had any other hot sauces, not even tapatío, because guacamaya is way more delicious in my opinion lmao

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    1. Sorry Rossy, I don’t know how I missed this comment!! I used to hate ketchup, then I LOVED it, now I’m indifferent towards it lol.
      I can’t believe you’ve never heard of zebra cakes… I’d say you should try one but they’re so unhealthy… maybe you shouldn’t? Lol. Ugh… brownies are my weakness!
      Oh my gosh! I’m glad I’m not the only one that does the hot sauce with chips! I’ve never tried it with popcorn but it sounds yummy?! I will absolutely be looking out for guacamaya hot sauce next time!!!

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      1. Lol. I feel like I’ve always liked it. I eat it with fried potatoes too, I just can’t eat fries without it lol.
        Hahaha I’m trying to hard to cut out junk food girl but at hard!, and now I’m on my period again and I’m craving everything on sight 😭😭
        Lol hot sauce with popcorn sounds weird I know but I actually enjoy it 😬 do let me know if you can find it in Vegas, they might be sold only in Mexican stores

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        1. My sister is that way, too! Any type of potato she eats, she dips it in ketchup first. Lol.
          I know! It’s easy not to eat junk food when you’re not close to or on your period but then the days kick in where your body is preparing for your period and you’re just like “oh fuck it gimme all the chocolate!!” 😂
          There’s a huge Mexican grocery store near me that I haven’t been into before but next time we pass it, I’m gonna ask to go inside to look for that hot sauce!

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          1. Lol yay!
            And I’m slowly cutting out junk food but it’s not easy. Ugh! I don’t eat much chocolate so great for me but other junk food is just as bad if not worse.
            And awesome, let me know if you find it

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