March 07, 2018

Ah, I missed two scheduled posts on my blog but I think I made up for those with the unscheduled posts I put out… I scheduled the ones I missed (favorite actors and actresses) for a later date.

The thing is… I almost finished that post last night but I had this super weird attack. I became super dizzy and lightheaded. My vision was flashing and I could barely see anything… my hearing went muffled, like I was underwater… my face was numb and I was sweating profusely. It lasted over a minute, maybe even over two. My boyfriend was holding me up as I panicked, sitting on the floor. He told me to breathe slowly and after awhile my hearing went back to normal but my face was still numb. I laid down on the couch. I made myself throw up in the toilet then I felt a little better. I took a bath until my body temperature went back to normal and my face had feeling again. After that, we smoked a blunt then, I fell asleep. I have NO idea what the fuck happened. I looked it up over and over on the internet but can’t seem to find any answers? There’s like a bunch of people explaining their symptoms similar to mine then other random people giving their opinion on forums and message boards but no real answers… I’m so confused and terrified. I never want that to happen to me again.

But anyways, yesterday boyfriend went to work. He started at 3p. I spent the whole day reading The Marriage Pact. I couldn’t put it down. (The My Favorite Quotes From… is scheduled for tomorrow morning. 😉 ) I had read through to 56% the night before and finished the rest of it by 7p last night. Then, I noticed I got my period. If I hadn’t, I would have felt guilty for not getting ready for work yet, lol.

When boyfriend came home around 9p, he made us an amazingly delicious dinner. After dinner… I was writing the post for yesterday and all of a sudden I had my attack (explained above).

Today, we woke up at 1p. Boyfriend has the day off. I read a few blogs but, had to stop to look for recipes for the week. I searched Pinterest for about an hour before I found 3 good ones. I made our shopping list then, we headed to the grocery store around 3p. One of our recipes called for “medium-bodied” beer but they wouldn’t let us buy just one bottle, we had to buy 6 different ones. We ended up buying some unique ones. I’ve never ever enjoyed hard cider or beer before but this was pretty tasty:


We also tried the Berry flavored one of the same brand, which was okay but not as good as the apple one (pictured above) then, we also tried this nasty one of a different brand: Sierra Nevada. It had coffee in it and it was the worst thing ever.

Boyfriend went out for a cigarette before he made dinner and he called me out onto the balcony because he knows how much I LOVE when the sky is pink.


Obviously, the picture isn’t even half as beautiful as it was in person but you can at least kind of see what I saw.

Boyfriend made us dinner while I attempted to start watching This Is Us. I watched the first episode and I was kind of interested because the end was a little twisty but I don’t know… the show is all cheesy, just not sure if it’s my style! I can never get into all these hyped shows. Is something wrong with me? 😦

I think I’m going to pre-write some of my blog posts because it might be weird to blog while my sister is here? She’s flying in at 7a on Saturday morning… she’s probably going to have to Uber to my place because we won’t be able to wake up that early to get her…

OOH! I’m so excited because boyfriend DOES have the 17th off. We’re going to go to the St. Patrick’s Day Festival and grub on some fair food then we’re going to see Shrek the Musical!! The festival is free to get into and I already purchased our tickets for the musical. Our seats aren’t the best but whatever… they’re not the worst, either. Boyfriend’s birthday is on  the 21st, too… so I made reservations for this popular steakhouse called The Golden Steer Steakhouse because boyfriend is simple and all he wants for his birthday is a nice, juicy steak. It’s what I’ve gotten him every year so far, haha. The Color Purple Musical is playing in April and I really want to buy tickets for that one, too. I’m anxiously waiting for the Smith Center to e-mail me about when the season subscriptions are available for purchase because I want to attend all of the musicals in the 2018/19 season. I can’t wait until the subscriptions are available! I NEED one!

Anyways… I couldn’t stand This Is Us. In the middle of the second episode, boyfriend announced that dinner was done. I was more than happy to turn off the show to watch Lie To Me. We watched a couple episodes and I started to feel myself doze off. It’s like I can’t stay awake no matter how much sleep I get the night before unless I drink coffee. I also needed woman pads, we needed to fill up our water jugs at the water mill, and we needed blunt wraps so we went out for all of those things after dinner.


I got an Iced Chai Tea Latte w/ Almond Milk + a triple shot of espresso and boyfriend got a Vanilla Bean Frappucino + a triple shot of espresso. I feel lots more awake now! When we got home, I felt up for typing this! Now, I’m prob gonna pre-write some posts that I have scheduled on the days my sister is in town. She has no idea what she wants to do except the male strip show… and sushi on Sunday. We’re gonna bring her for a night in DT Las Vegas, of course. But all of that can be done in 2 days and she’ll be here for 5. Maybe she’ll just wanna Netflix and Chill for a night or two, hehe… that’d be nice…

XO, Hunida


23 thoughts on “Journal Entry #67

  1. That sounds so scary! I would freak out too. I’ve never heard of anything like that before. It could have been a really bad migraine, but I’ve never had those so I wouldn’t know.

    That sunset is beautiful! I got to see a really pretty sunrise the other day because my cat’s belly was upset again and he had me up at 6:30 am cleaning up his vomit. Sadly I couldn’t get a picture because the trees were blocking most of it.

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    1. It was really scary! I’ve had a migraine many times and it wasn’t that. It was so weird, I can’t even explain it properly.

      Aw, hope your kitty is okay! I rarely ever get to the sun rise!

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  2. That was scary!! Do you plan on going to a doctor? I hope it won’t happen again. I’ve had vertigo before and it was the scariest thing I’ve ever experienced like everything is spinning, I got it because I slept with my head down on the floor and my body was in the bed, don’t laugh because I’m really weird sometime lol.

    I’m excited to see that Shrek show too (through your blog post) because I’ve never been to any Disney show except for a Little Mermaid musical play (I love Ariel!).

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    1. It was scary! I keep thinking I should go to the doctor but I don’t know how to explain what happened and they will probably just send me home with no explanation.
      I had vertigo, too, I just went to the doctor for that. This was much more intense and terrifying though.
      I am laughing about how you got your vertigo hahaha. 😂 sorry! You make me laugh!
      I’ve never been to a Disney show, either. I’m so excited! 😄 Can’t wait to show you!


    1. I don’t know how to explain to them and they’re just going to take my money and send me home with no answers.
      I wonder why we both don’t like the hyped shows/movies. We have the same taste in shows it seems!!

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  3. I’m with Julie. If it happens again get it checked out and try to think about what happened beforehand – that might be helpful in the diagnosis.

    That said it also sounds like a migraine aura (not all end up becoming headaches) or even a panic attack. Which is to say that just because it should be checked out doesn’t immediately mean that it will end up being something awful.

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    1. I’m so scared of it happening again, I hope it doesn’t. But yeah, when it was happening I kept screaming to go to the doctor but once it subsided I didn’t want to go anymore. I was literally looking for a good picture of a celebrity to put on my blog when it happened. A very relaxing and simple task.
      I don’t know what a migraine aura is but I saw lot of people suggesting that and panic attacks in the message boards. Nothing seems to fit exactly what happened to me when I do the research online.

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      1. Yeah – I’d say take note of anything you were doing, eating, drinking, smoking etc before it happened if there’s a next time and give that to the doctor. There are lots of reasons things like this can happen and a doctor can help sort through them.

        I would also watch consumption of mind altering substances – at least to excess in case there’s some reaction there. Or even if there isn’t, you still want to be at your most coherent if you have to go to a doctor right away.

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  4. That sounds pretty scary, I would have probably called my doctor. Luckily we are able to communicate with ours through email or phone call. If some symptoms concern them they book us for an appointment. But I hope it doesn’t happen to you again, and if it does, I’d suggest seeking a doctor 😕
    And that’s great that your bf has the 17th off, should be exciting!! And are you excited that your sister is coming over? I mean, obviously you guys don’t have much planned, but I’m sure her company will be good, right?

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    1. I asked boyfriend if he thought I should go to the doctor and he said no. They would probably just take my money and say that it’s nothing to worry about unless it happens again anyways.
      I know I’m so excited for the 17th. But yeah, I’m excited for her to come! It’ll be nice to see her for a few days and maybe do some fun things with her! 😀

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  5. Hunida did you ever get the cause of your dizziness sorted out? If that was still unexplained and now this I really think you should have at least a full blood work done, your blood pressure checked and maybe an ECG.

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    1. Ah no. I just did some exercises and sometimes, I still get dizzy but not as intensely as before. If I go to the doctor, I fear they will tell me nothing is wrong and take my money just for seeing me.

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  6. I’ve never seen This Is Us but this is the first time I’ve heard someone say they DIDNT like it! Lol. That sunset looked gorgeous! I’m the same way about sunsets. My boyfriends favorite thing to do is find new places to watch it because he knows how much I love it.

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    1. EVERYONE loves that dang show and I just didn’t… ugh. It has a little twist that I’m interested in figuring out but not really. I rather spend my time watching something else!
      That’s so sweet that your boyfriend finds new places to watch the sunset! ❤ ❤

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  7. That’s terrifying that happened to you! It makes me wonder if it had anything to do with the dizziness you were feeling a month ago? Hope all is well xo

    Ahh we carried 2 cases of a pineapple cider by the same brewery, it was really good! I can’t do Apple that much anymore because I used to drink a lot of apple hard ciders lol. And I feel like the Sierra Nevada would’ve been something I would’ve liked because I like a few of their beers 😂

    And that sunset is beautiful! It makes me happy I’m seeing more pink skies up here, too, warmer days are coming (:


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