Journal Entry #65

March 02, 2018

I’m exhausted and I’ve only worked 2 days in a row. I’ve got tonight and tomorrow night to go before I’m taking a day off.

One of my nails broke last night and I’m quite upset. Now I have to cut them all down and I’ll have short and stubby nails. I do have to repaint them tonight, too. They look horrid. Yesterday, boyfriend had someone else cover his shift at work because he had a super late and short one aaaand… I needed to go to Sephora to get mascara and concealer. We woke up around 2p, after he got his shift taken care of, we started our day.

We were gonna head out to the Fashion Show Mall at a little before 4p but when we drove out, we were barely moving. The traffic was super backed up so we decided to just turn around and come home to make dinner first. We came home, boyfriend cooked, we ate and then we headed back out to try again.

First we stopped for coffee at Starbucks, as usual. There was still traffic (it was around 6p) but not as bad as before.


We made it to the mall, ran in and out as fast as possible because that mall is always so hectic with people walking in every which direction, bumping into each other. I got to use my in-store beauty points card that came with my Play! By Sephora box (p.s. I am almost done trying all of the products from my Feb’18 box so keep a look out for that Unboxing & Review soon! 😉 )

After the mall, we stopped at CVS to get new contacts solution and nail polish remover because the one I had been using made my fingers smell very, very strongly of vinegar.

We came home and it was a little past 7p. I started my Etsy Haul post and it took me almost 2hrs to finish… even though I already had all of the photos edited and uploaded to WordPress beforehand. I started getting ready at nearly 10p then left for work at a little past 11p.

When I got to work, it wasn’t midnight yet but I wanted to wear these fishnets I had tangled up in my locker… so I took nearly half an hour untangling them… then, when I finally was able to put them on, I decided on a completely different outfit.

I came home at almost 3a last night and found some recipes on Pinterest, made a shopping list, then went right to sleep. It wasn’t quite 5a yet but it was very close to.

We didn’t wake up until 2p today. Boyfriend had the day off. When he woke up he did the dishes and rolled us a blunt to smoke. I read a few blogs on my reader while we smoked then we got up and dressed immediately afterwards to go get our groceries at Smith’s. We also had to fill up our water jugs at the water mill before we could head home.

When we got home, I took a shower right away then we smoked a blunt, I made a little salad with the leftover meat from a previous dinner and it was so freaking delicious. Boyfriend is making dinner now and it’s already filling the house with good smells!!

I hope you all have an amazing weekend!! ❤

XO, Hunida


13 thoughts on “Journal Entry #65

  1. I love how your days are usually so eventful and busy. I know sometimes that can definitely be tiring though. I had a busy day yesterday and was happy about it because I don’t get out too much but I’ve been really tired since

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    1. Ah it is tiring. My boyfriend and I always say we want to have a day where we never leave the house once but we always need to go to the store for something or other. Ugh.
      Hope you get some rest after your busy day!! ♡


  2. Traffic freaks me out. I think because I live in a town and not a city. Any time I see traffic from other cities, it gives me anxiety. lol Last time I was in D.C. I had bad anxiety when we are driving, and I wasn’t even the one behind the wheel. LOL I guess because I’m not used to it. I bet Las Vegas traffic is crazy too.

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    1. I hate driving, period. Lol being behind the wheel gives me anxiety automatically! And I absolutely hate traffic! It’s not super bad here except on the strip and when there’s a huge convention in town or something. 😛

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