The Consequences of Hypochondria

I remember getting off the stage at work and I felt the sharpest of pains in my upper ribs. I felt as if I had broken them or at least, I had bruised them somehow.

I was drunk and hysterically crying on the dressing room floor… I called my boyfriend and he picked me up immediately. He drove me to the ER and the doctor asked me if I had been drinking, I told him the truth and then, he told me that nothing was wrong.

My ribs literally felt like they were smashed to bits. I didn’t believe him. I thought he hadn’t taken me seriously.

I scheduled an appointment with a doctor after the pointless trip to the ER and she was surprised that I hadn’t been given an X-Ray. She gave me one but also saw nothing wrong. She said there could have been a hairline fracture that isn’t even detectable by an X-Ray machine or it was simply a contusion and there was nothing she could do to fix either of ’em. She gave me some pills to numb the pain and it went away after a few days. I still don’t know what was wrong with me.

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The second time I went to the ER… I was once again drunk at work but this time I was on the rag. I had cut the string off my tampon and stuffed it all the way in me, like all of the other girls do, you know… so I could dance naked without anyone being able to see it. When I went to the restroom, I tried to get it out and it was NOT budging. One of my co-workers tried to help me get it out and she was like, “Ohmigosh, I can’t even get my fingers in there. You need to go to the doctor! You could get toxic shock syndrome.” I explained my situation to the manager but was still forced to pay a “leave-early” fee.

My boyfriend brought me to the ER right away.

When I got there… the nightmare started. I didn’t have to wait long to get into a room but it a took a little while for my turn to see the doctor. When he did come in, he came in with that horrible, pussy stretching tool. The worst pain I’ve ever felt was when he put that cold metal tool in me and stretched me all too quickly to get out the missing tampon. I never go to work on my period anymore.

I’ve never, ever broken a bone, though. Those were my first trips to the ER and they were both probably problems I could have fixed on my own, with patience. I just freak out easily… but, after seeing the consequences (ER and X-Ray bills) of being a hypochondriac… I try not to make trips to the ER or doctor’s office a regular thing.

XO, Hunida

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23 thoughts on “The Consequences of Hypochondria

  1. I’be been to the ER twice as well: first time was when I fractured my wrist by falling off a trampoline and the second time was because the same wrist (which I don’t believe healed properly) was hurting so bad, I thought I had fractured it again, but I didn’t- they just told me to wear a brace until it felt better. I still have to wear a brace on it every once in a while, especially when I do activities where I might fall on it like snowboarding.

    On another note, have you heard of/tried a menstrual cup for your period? I just got one before my last cycle and I LOVE IT! Do some research on it- you may want to try one for yourself. That way you could still work and not worry about anything.

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    1. Aww… it does sound like your wrist may not have healed properly. That sounds like a huge nuisance.
      I’ve tried all shapes and sizes of menstrual cups and I’m just built too small for them. They’re so painful. 😛 I love the idea of them though… I totally wish I could use them!

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  2. Hmmm….the drinking thing seems to be a common denominator here? lol. Hope you don’t have anymore trips to the ER and you remain healthy. I only went to the ER 3 times in my life and it was in the space of one week. I had 3 traffic accidents in the same week and none of them were my fault. Nothing broken but i was pretty bruised up for a while. Hope you are doing well. -Robert

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  3. I do not think there was any hypochondria at play here, both of your reactions were normal and natural. Maybe the situation may seemed a little more intense from the alcohol but both were legitimate situations

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  4. It sucks that you have to actually think about whether or not to go to the ER. I’m Australian and we don’t have to pay anything to go to the doctor or the ER or to get an X-ray. I can’t imagine what I’d do if payment was something I had to worry about.

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  5. That sucks! I have a mild case of hypochondria, I would say, maybe Alex would say it’s greater than mild, lol. But I get these ideas in my head sometimes that an underlying problem is happening, like the worst case scenario. Lol. I have never been to the ER, maybe when I was younger for when I had bronchitis, but not recently. Though once last year I thought I might have cancer because I noticed little dark spots appearing on my face, my arms and legs and I freaked out!! I went to the dermatologist just to make sure and she said they were normal, that as we get older, we start getting these mole like dark spots, not really a sign of aging, just something that tends to happen, especially after someone has kids so a few factors. I had one little spot in my wrist that got dark in like one month and it gave me so much anxiety so the doctor decided “well if it’s making you anxious, I can cut it off and send it to the lab just to be sure and to ease your mind”. I’m fine, no skin cancer, but it was probably one of the worst cases of my hypochondria so far lol. I even cried to Alex like “what if I really have cancer?” And he kept saying I was fine lol. I swear, idk how he deals with me, I feel so bad for being such an excessive worrier and it’s never ending. Lol.

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    1. Hahah dude… I would’ve freaked out, too. My boyfriends hates how much I look things up. He doesn’t even believe me when I’m in for real pain. 😦 He always tells me I’m making it up and if I stop thinking about it, it would go away. BLAH lol.

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  6. Those sound awful! It is funny how your mind can trick you into feeling pain, and if you believe it’s there, you’ll feel it. The second one sounds just awful! Ive never cut the string on my tampon, not really even a fan of using them passed day one or two. But that sounds like it was terrifying! I’ve never been to the ER, but I know it’s super expensive and not fun :/

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    1. I don’t know if I was tricked into pain!! I was really hurting. I just don’t think it was like life-threatening as I believed it to be. LOL I don’t think it’s normal to cut the string on the tampons its a stripper thing!! 😛 I never use tampons at all anymore… they’re the worst!
      Yeah seriously it’s expensive and it’s never fun. If you didn’t break something, don’t go!! haha

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      1. Gotcha haha. I believe that. It’s just weird how you could feel so much pain and nothing was actually causing it! And haha that’s true! But yeah I get nervous if I use a tampon for too long so I hardly use them anymore. Plus it’s hard when you work all day to make sure you’re changing it in time. So I’ve pretty much stopped using them 😂
        Yeah it sounds like it haha.

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