Mar’18: Blog Schedule

I know I’m a day early but… Happy March, everyone! This month should be eventful and full of fun activities for me since my sister is coming to visit for a week during Spring Break and boyfriend’s birthday is on the 21st! I will still be posting on here everyday but there is going to be a teensy change in my schedule… on Sundays, my only post will be a Recipe Reviews. 🙂

Here’s what you can expect to read on my blog this month:

  1. Etsy Haul and Shops Review
  2. Journal Entry
  3. My Favorite Actresses
  4. Recipe Reviews #19
  5. Journal Entry
  6. My Favorite Actors
  7. Journal Entry
  8. My Favorite Unhealthy Snacks
  9. Journal Entry
  10. My Favorite Healthy Snacks
  11. Recipe Reviews #20
  12. Journal Entry
  13. The Story Of My Fur Babies
  14. Journal Entry
  15. When I Was A Thief…
  16. Journal Entry
  17. Stupid Things Exotic Dancers Can Actually Get In Trouble For
  18. Recipe Reviews #21
  19. Journal Entry
  20. My Favorite Music Artists From My Childhood
  21. Journal Entry
  22. Las Vegas As A Tourist
  23. Journal Entry
  24. My Favorite Music Videos
  25. Recipe Reviews #22
  26. Journal Entry
  27. Regulars I’ve Had
  28. Journal Entry
  29. Decorations In My Home
  30. Journal Entry
  31. My Favorite Psychological Thriller Novels

*I will also still be doing the Subscription Box Reviews and the My Favorite Quotes From… series on my blog. I am just unable to tell you what day those posts will be up as I only do the reviews once I’ve tried each product in the box and I can only do a quotes post once I’ve finished reading a book. I will also try to do some more tags and awards.*

XO, Hunida

Featured Image by Quentin Rey

20 thoughts on “Mar’18: Blog Schedule

  1. Girl girl girl….I’m so ready for march that I’m up for saying “happy march” like last week. I am loving this schedule – so many posts I’m excited about! Also, I am super into etsy atm so it will be really nice to see what you’ve been loving and buying 😀 xx

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