Journal Entry #64

February 28, 2018

I hate that it’s getting close to when taxes are due. Ugh… I want to try to get an appointment with my tax preparer next week but I don’t really want to, if you know what I mean. I have to see what days boyfriend has off, too, so he can bring me and do his taxes as well.

My sister’s coming on the 10th and I know she’s going to want to go out every night while she’s here. I didn’t go to work yesterday so I’ll be going tonight, tomorrow, Friday, and Saturday. I wonder when my period will be here. Hopefully after this weekend.

On Monday night, after I posted my journal entry boyfriend and I made cookies! (Thanks goes out to Carly for introducing this brand: Sweet Loren’s to me. 😀 )


And thanks to all of YOU who advised me to take my cookies out of the oven sooner than the package suggests when I whined about burning them a couple times before. I took ’em out a few minutes before the back told me to and they were perfect. I don’t think these cookies were as yummy as regular, all bad for you cookies but hello, they were DAIRY-FREE. I’ll def buy these again in the future. Boyfriend liked them, too.

After the cookies, I took a 3h nap on accident.

When I woke up it was nearly 10p. I read An Abundance of Katherines on the iPad next to boyfriend on the couch who was watching this funny sitcom called Mom on Hulu. I ended up finishing An Abundance of Katherines (I have the My Favorites Quotes From… post for that book all typed up and scheduled for Friday at 10a [my time], if anyone cares!) before I fell back asleep and also, started a new book called Spin.

On Tuesday, boyfriend started work at 3p. I thought maybe I would go to work but I decided against it. Boyfriend didn’t come home until 10p anyways. I spent my entire day before he came home reading Spin… I’m really enjoying the story and am nearly 60% through. We were both HANGRY by the time he got home because neither of us had eaten all day. Boyfriend didn’t want to cook so we decided to go to the 24/7 café, Grand Café, in the Boulder Station Casino. We had never been there before and were a little bit worried because we have been to the Grand Café in the Palace Station Casino before and it was completely terrible.


At first, it seemed like the waitress wasn’t paying attention to us at all but it always seems like they get a bit nicer and more attentive after they see me take photos of the food… lol, maybe they are worried about bad Yelp reviews?? Anyways, to me it doesn’t count when they start off shitty then completely change after they see me take my phone out and pretend to be a photographer.


We ordered the cute Cocktail Shrimp to share. There was a good amount of little shrimpies and the cocktail sauce was normal, probably out of a bottle but whatever, I liked it.


Boyfriend ordered the Hangover Burger with two meat patties, hash browns, bacon, an egg, and cheese on it and of course, fries for the side.

Oh, if you see that red card in the corner that says “PREFERRED” on it and are wondering what it is– it’s a Station Casino Rewards card or something like that. When I ordered off their “specials” menu, on the bottom in tiny print it says that you have to be a member to get the low price so after we ordered boyfriend had to go out of the café and find the place he could get this reward card from. They’re free and pointless (since we don’t gamble) but, she made us.


The reason why we needed the card was the eggs, hashbrowns, sausage links, and toast plate I got. It was only $3.99 with the card… I didn’t even check how much it would have been without it. I got 2 over-easy eggs, sausages instead of bacon, and wheat bread that I gave to boyfriend. I also got a huge plate of Bananas Foster French Toast it was freaking delicious. I ate almost all of it except I had some hash browns left, boyfriend ate my wheat toast, and two pieces of my French toast. We left very satisfied and pleasantly surprised!!

After that, we came home, I did some blog things; reading and writing. It was past midnight before I got my daily post out… I was a little disappointed in myself but ah… I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: better late than never.

After, I posted it I was already feeling sleepy. I took the iPad and sat down next to boyfriend to read a little bit of Spin but could barely keep my eyes open after less than 5 pgs. so I put my head down and boyfriend knew I was going to fall asleep (so did I but I hate to admit it, lol) so he kept an eye on me and right when I closed my eyes… he was like “okay, let’s go to the bedroom!” hahaha.

This candle is making my apartment smell absolutely amazing!! I bought it from Smith’s but, you can buy it: here.

We woke up around noon today. I read all of the blogs on my reader and one chapter of Spin before I decided to take a shower. It was 3p by that time. After my shower, we smoked, then boyfriend made dinner… after we ate, I read a few blogs while resting my stomach before we headed out to Starbucks for coffee.

We came home, we smoked a blunt then, I started to type this journal entry. I’m gonna go get ready for work after I post this.

I’m sad because there’s a crack in the middle of my thumb nail (they’re my real nails); my hair keeps getting caught in it and I’m terrified if it breaks– it’s going to hurt SO fucking bad. Should I superglue it or just be careful until it grows out? I also have to re-paint my nails but I doubt I’ll get to that tonight… plus, I don’t want to get the cotton ball hairs stuck in the crack of my broken nail. I hope no one notices my chipped paint job tonight. :/

XO, Hunida


25 thoughts on “Journal Entry #64

  1. Taking a 3 hour nap after eating cookies is not “on accident”. The technical name for it is “early onset diabetes”. lol. Kidding, maybe, if it happens a lot after eating sweets make sure and tell your doc on your next visit. Great post, as always. – Robert

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  2. I’ve never had a burger with an egg on it, but I’ve always wanted to try that. It looks so good! I just love shrimp and cocktail sauce, but man, that shrimp looks so plain. lol I cannot eat shrimp without some delicious Old Bay to spice it up. (I’m from Maryland, what do you expect lol)

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  3. In Australia they do a hamburger called “with the lot”
    it comes with fried egg, beets, sometimes grilled pineapple, bacon, lettuce, tomato, onion
    The egg has to be runny so when you bite into the burger the yolk dribbles everywhere

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