Journal Entry #63

February 26, 2018

Hey, all. 😀 I took yesterday off of work and today, too.

Saturday night we stopped for a drink before boyfriend dropped me off at work. I probably shouldn’t have done that because I’m PMSing so my body gets extremely exhausted when I drink instead of the usual happy effects. I left work early around 2a. It was busy… I definitely should have stayed later. But I didn’t. When I left I felt very hungry so we stopped at this Mexican food truck that we always pass on the way home but there’s usually a long ass line so we’ve never tried it but the line was very short this time!!


I was sad because they didn’t have any hard shell tacos but I kind of expected that anyways. A few other taco trucks we’ve tried in the past didn’t have hard shells either.


I ordered the Carne Asada Torta. It was huge and delicious. There was a little bit of con queso (cheese) on there but I didn’t care since I had the next day off anyways. ;D It was well worth it.


Boyfriend ordered 4 street tacos: 2 with chorizo and 2 with beef. I personally don’t like corn tortillas (I’m probably the only one in the world, I know) so I didn’t try these. 😛

We came home and ate while we watched a little bit of TV but boyfriend had to work early on Sunday so we turned it off right when we finished eating, snuggled up in bed, smoked a blunt, and went to sleep.

On Sunday, I didn’t wake up until 2p. I took a shower right away. Read some blogs on my reader then read a good portion of An Abundance of Katherines. Boyfriend came home around 5p. He had to stop at the dispensary on the way home.

Since it was Sushi Sunday… we went to our favorite place, Sushi Neko, as usual.


We stopped at Starbucks afterwards because boyfriend was sleepy from having to wake up and go to work early after a late night; he wanted some espresso so he wouldn’t fall asleep right away. He ordered 3 shots of espresso over ice, I drank a Java Chip frapp with almond milk, and we also shared a Very Berry Hibiscus Refresher. Everything was a bit overly sweet but hey… it is Starbucks… sugar is what they’re known for, right?

We came home and I wrote up a bunch of a blog posts since I was all caught up on my reader. I have one scheduled for tomorrow morning, one for the morning of the 28th… and almost another two that I don’t yet know when I’ll post. Boyfriend wanted to go to bed at 1a since he had a bad headache we went to the bedroom, smoked a blunt, then he fell asleep right away. I read in bed for a little bit but I disappointingly fell asleep faster than I thought I was going to.

This morning, I woke up super early… probably because I got a ton of sleep last night and the night before. I was up around 8a and was excited when my Ipsy Unboxing post went live. Usually I wake up way after a scheduled morning post… unless I need to use the bathroom but I usually go back to sleep when that happens. Today, I did not.

I stayed up and read blogs all morning until around 10a. I took a shower then went to Pinterest to find recipes for the week. I found 3 that I’m excited to eat. I bookmarked them then, I laid down for only a little while longer just browsing the web on my phone when boyfriend woke up around noon thirty. He woke up, did the dishes, fed the cats, then rolled a blunt while I made the list for the grocery store. We smoked the blunt in bed then we headed to the store. We stopped at the bank to change in some dollar bills for bigger bills before we went to Smith’s.

We came home and I asked boyfriend to check the mail… I was SO excited to see I finally got my Play! By Sephora box. There are a lot of goodies to try so it will probably be mid-March by the time I get that Unboxing & Review out but I’ll try my best to get it done ASAP.

I took some photos of the contents of my box then I came on WP and edited those two posts I said “almost about earlier. We smoked a blunt while I did that. After the blunt, I ate an apple with PB while reading one chapter of An Abundance of Katheriene and boyfriend started cooking dinner. I’m starving already!

Hope you’ve all had a great start to the week!! ❤

XO, Hunida


20 thoughts on “Journal Entry #63

  1. The torta you got looks so delicious and filling. I don’t know if I would care for the tacos your bf got (even though I love tacos) because they look so plain to me. I want mine to at least have some lettuce or cilanto, onions, pico de gallo and salsa on them.

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  2. The torta looks good. It’s been a hot minute since I had a torta lol. And I don’t know if any taco trucks around here that serve hard shell tacos. Usually just corn tortillas. Why don’t you like them? I freaking love them but maybe it’s because I grew up eating them all the time when I live in Mexico. When they’re hand made they taste even more delicious, especially when they come out of the skillet haha.
    But, one thing, why didn’t your bf add cilantro or onions to his tacos?! They look plain!! Lol

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    1. It had been awhile since I had a torta before this one, too. YUMMMY! Lol. I wonder why taco trucks don’t usually serve hard shells but ah well. Idk I just don’t like the way corn tortillas taste, I prefer flour or hard shells lol. 😛 I wonder if I would like a fresh, homemade corn tortilla though.
      Lol he did add all of that stuff to his tacos after the photo. 😂

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      1. Lol well most food trucks have flour tortillas for the quesadillas, you could always ask for those instead?
        And who knows, people make them differently though and getting the dough to be just right is also something in and of itself haha. Alex tried but he wasn’t happy with it but I told him maybe he needed more heat he had it on low or medium lmao. We’re honestly not sure what went wrong lol.

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  3. I’m right there with you. I want crunchy taco shells and I don’t like corn tortillas. And have you noticed some places double up on the corn tortillas because they’re afraid the juice of the meat or the salsa will leak through? It’s not bad enough they give you one corn tortilla? LOL

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