Ipsy Glam Bag | February 2018

I jumped back onto the Ipsy bandwagon! I haven’t received a Glam Bag since the beginning of 2016. I had been subscribed to it for about a year back then.


I was excited to start my subscription in February because as I expected the bag was pink and super cute. The bottom left corner of mine was bent in and permanently stuck that way, sadly. The fabric of this bag seemed kind of cardboard-y.


The first thing I pulled out was the postcard. The theme for this month was: Unzipped. The front was a photo of women of all sizes, shapes, and colors and on the back there was a short spiel about how being sexy is all about being you.

Honestly, I was disappointed to see that there wasn’t a list of the products I received and a description of each on the postcard instead but I can find all of that info on the Ipsy app and website, I guess.

What Was In My Bag?!:


Luxie Beauty – Blending and Shading Eye Brush 249

“One brush to get any eye look you dream up? You bet. This ipster-exclusive, double-sided beauty is tapered on one end (for packing down your powder shadows) and fluffy on the flip side (for oh-so-easy blending).” –via Why You’ll Love It on Ipsy

Retail Value: $10-$14

My Review: The bristles of this brush are SO soft. I’ve only used it with loose powders, so far and it seemed to catch all of the product each time I dipped the brush in. I usually only use one color of eyeshadow and I don’t really even know how to blend it so I don’t want to be the one to tell you if this brush is good for blending or not.


PureHeals – Propolis 80 Cream

“Raise your hand if you want smoother, brighter, softer, more glowing skin. Good news: THIS is your dream cream for getting it. It’s infused with antioxidant-filled propolis extract (a therapeutic natural mixture created by bees), which helps improve your skin’s elasticity and texture.” –via Why You’ll Love It on Ipsy

Full-Size Retail Value: $28-$30

My Review: Love this! It’s not thick at all but it’s not runny or liquid-y. After application, my face felt just a little bit sticky but after patting my face a little with dry hands, it absorbed into my skin very quickly– no heavy feeling leftover. The scent is light and fresh, like a dryer sheet but not as strong (this is a good thing for me). I use it after I wash my face every night now and every morning ever since, I wake up glowing… I never knew my face could be so soft, too!! I honestly think I prefer this over my go-to moisturizer BUT, I can’t purchase the full-size because I read somewhere that this product is NOT cruelty-free. 😦


Marsk – Loose Eyeshadow in Foiled Again

“This metallic loose powder is really easy to apply–and can be used dry (for a subtle shimmer) or wet (for major drama). Keep your eyes on the furry-friendly prize. This stuff is 100% cruelty-free.” –via Why You’ll Love It on Ipsy

Full-Size Retail Value: $22.50

My Review: Eh. I’m not into sparkles on my face. I do think this could have been a bit more pigmented… the powder is a metallic dark grey that sits so pretty in the jar but it’s only silver sparkles when brushed onto the skin. I haven’t tried it wet yet though so I can’t give it a complete review since I’ve experienced a ton of eyeshadows that perform 100x better with a spritz of water.


Sand & Sky – Brilliant Skin Pink Clay Mask

“It’s packed with nourishing ingredients like aloe vera, mangosteen, and organic licorice that help tighten pores and brighten your complexion–and it’s gentle for ipsters with sensitive skin. No animal testing went into this product. Slather it on and relax with your furry friends (they won’t mind).” –via Why You’ll Love It on Ipsy

Full-Size Retail Value: $49

My Review: I have never used a liquid mask like this before… I’ve only ever tried sheet masks. It was kind of difficult to spread this across my face. It really did feel like wet clay when it first came out but much more liquid-y. It dried onto my skin so quick– you have to move fast! It smells a little like hand sanitizer with a bit of tartness. The color was a brown-ish pink when it came out but once it dried it turned completely white. In the instructions on how-to-use this product they told me I can only use it 1-2x a week since I have dry skin. The bottle was more than halfway filled with air and I’m not sure if I’ll even be able to cover my whole face the second time I use it but I will give it a second go this week. I liked that I could feel this mask doing its job, you can even see it working around your pores. I’ve been using that Propolis 80 Cream so my face has already been brighter since I received this bag. Not sure if the mask helped that or not and my pores seem around the same size. I do believe this mask will do its job in time but not after only one try.


Mellow Cosmetics – Precision Liquid Pen Eyeliner in Black

“Into thick lines? How about thin lines? Flicks and wings more your thing? The precise felt tip on this liner makes getting *any* liner look really simple.” –via Why You’ll Love It on Ipsy

Retail Value: $14

My Review: Like I stated in my Birchbox Unboxing & Review where I received a liquid liner almost exactly similar to this one: I don’t use eyeliner and don’t want to waste my time/get myself angry by trying to.

I already can’t wait for next month’s bag! This subscription is only $10/mo. If you’d like to start receiving them you should do so by clicking here!

XO, Hunida

23 thoughts on “Ipsy Glam Bag | February 2018

    1. Ever since I saw this horribly sad photo of baby kittens and puppies a few years ago I’ve tried my very best not to support any companies that test on animals of any species. It’s just makeup… no need to kill animals over it. I eat enough of them lol. I do hope I’ll receive a CF product like the Propolis 80 Cream in one of my future subscription boxes!!
      So glad you enjoy these posts, thank you! ♡♡♡

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  1. The corner of my bag is like that too, and I’ve had that happen with other bags as well. I’ve never heard of the PureHeals brand, but I love propolis. It really is fabulous for the skin. I received that same eyeliner in my bag, but I haven’t used it yet and probably won’t. I already have another liquid liner that I got from ipsy a while ago to use, and I rarely use it because I just don’t like liquid eyeliner that much. I still need to put my glam bag post up on my blog. I’m running late with it this month, but I’m hoping to have it up tomorrow night or Wednesday.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I know I’ll probably never use the bag again but I was still sad to see it was smushed, lol.
      I had never heard of Propolis before but yes, wow… my face has never been so soft. Love what it has done for me but I’m sad because I don’t want the sample to run out, lol.
      Yeah… I’m not into eyeliners that much. I’d rather try a diff color than black if I were to try one so I won’t use mine either! 😛
      Can’t wait to see what you got in your bag!! ♡

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  2. Awh I only recognize the like brush and I love it lol. And I used to use silver shades for Eyeshadow when I was in high school, that and black, but I don’t think I would use silver shades now a days anymore lol.
    And I would have loved getting that eyeliner. Mellow Cosmetics is pretty cool, I received one of their lipsticks last year, I’m curious about their eye makeup products

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The brush is so soft and fluffy! I love it, too! 😄 I looove black eyeshadow but I’m too messy with it unless I take an extra, extra long time lol the silver sparkles… I’m not too sure about.
      Maybe I can send you that eyeliner if you want it?


      1. I love black eyeshadow too but I need to practice more with it lol. And if you wanna keep it for a future giveaway I don’t mind! 🙂 I mean, I do have like three other liners that I have opened lol.


  3. I love the fact that we had nothing similar in our bags – while Birchbox seems to kind of give everyone at least one or two products that are similar. I’m finding I prefer Ipsy and may eventually quit Birchbox lol. Looks like they mostly gave you stuff you liked, too!

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