Journal Entry #62

February 24, 2018

Hey babes! Hope you’re having fun this weekend!

Thursday night before work we stopped for a drink. I ordered a mixed drink with pineapple juice and Patron. I only had one and a few more at work that night. It was pretty dead and I wouldn’t have made anything if it weren’t for my “regulars.” I think I mentioned the one that brings me candy (he brought me sour gummy worms and regular gummy bears this time) and then another one that I don’t think I’ve mentioned before because he doesn’t come as often and he gets dances with other dancers on occasion so I don’t know if I can really consider him my regular. I got a little tipsy that night but not bad enough for a hangover, luckily.

Friday night boyfriend worked starting at 3p and he didn’t get home until nearly 10p. I had just started getting ready when he got home, hehe… I should’ve already been done.

I spent my whole day reading the second half of the Bookseller (stay tuned for My Favorite Quotes From… that book. 😉 ). While the first half was slow; I couldn’t put it down after the 60% mark.

I worked from 12a-3a last night/this morning. It was busy considering the amount of people in the club but no one was really buying dances from anyone… it was a weird night. People were there to get drunk rather than to see us.

I woke up today at around noon thirty and boyfriend had already left for work. He started early at 11a. I read some blogs then started reading The Abundance of Katherines… I like it so far even though it’s written in 3rd person. I’m only 15% through. I decided to shower around 4p and when I got out of the shower I got a text from my mom asking me why I never call her and one from my boyfriend telling me he was on his way home, yay!

We don’t have any food in our fridge right now and we’re going to eat sushi tomorrow so we aren’t going grocery shopping until Monday; we had to decide on a place to eat for dinner tonight. I wanted Thai food so we went to the usual place close by.


We got Thai Pork Sausages and Spring Rolls for our appetizers even though the rolls came last instead of first… we were given a free Thai tea for checking in on Yelp but I couldn’t have any since they put Half & Half in that. 😦 I had the Pad Thai with chicken and boyfriend ordered the Pad Woon Sen with beef, chicken, and shrimp I thought my Pad Thai was a little sweet but everything else was pretty good.

We stopped at Del Taco for some churros afterwards, hehe.


I just love churros… they’re so yummy and dairy-free. Mmmm. 😀

Then, of course, we went to Starbucks for our espressos, drove home, I started typing this while smoking a blunt that we just finished and now I’m gonna finish up a Recipe Reviews that I’ll schedule for tomorrow morning at 10a (my time). I also have an Unboxing & Review scheduled for Monday morning at 10a and I have finally received my last Etsy package!!! But, not yet have I gotten my Play! By Sephora box. I don’t think I’ll get that until Monday… how lame. Anyways… after I’m done with the Recipe Reviews post I’ll have to start getting ready for work. Hopefully I’ll get there by or before 11p.

XO, Hunida


18 thoughts on “Journal Entry #62

  1. Woman, you’re always going to the best food places – if I’m ever near you, I’m hitting you up and we’re going to EAT. Also, that sounds like a really weird night at work; who goes to a strip club not to see strippers? That’s like going to a resturaunt and being like “well, i’ve got food at home, so I’m not eating” xx

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  2. Pineapple juice and patron, I don’t think I’ve ever had patron but I do like pineapple juice with vodka lmao
    And gotta love moms. My momma does the same thing “you never call me” though she says that in Spanish lmao. I always have to remind her that whenever I call her she’s busy or working, saying she’ll call me back but forgets to do so haha.
    And yasss pad Thai!!! It’s been a while since I’ve had Chicken pad Thai, I usually get tofu lol. And churros!! Last time I had them was at the Portland night market and they were delicious my mouth is watering right now!!

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    1. Yeah! Pineapple juice with vodka is pretty good too. 😀 Yeah… exactly. I texted my mom back saying “I did one time and you didn’t answer” and she never even texted back lol. Our moms are similar!!
      Yeah.. too bad this Pad Thai was way too sweet for me. Churros are the best… mmm, I think I could eat one everyday! I bet the one you had from the market was way better than the fast food one I got, though. 😀

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