Birchbox | February 2018

I was subscribed to Birchbox for 5 months back in 2015 but had to cancel it because I couldn’t stand all of the dry shampoo they sent me (one in every box)… I saw Laken’s recent unboxing posts and she convinced me that Birchbox has upped their game a little.


I was confused when I first received the box because it read “BirchboxMan” on the outside of it. I was really worried that I accidentally subscribed to the men’s box but realized it had to be impossible because I remember the extra gift they let me choose for re-subscribing.


The bubble wrap matched the color of the big men’s box… Uh oh.


Is it sexist to say I was thrilled to finally see pink?! Everything was upside down even though I opened the outer box the right way… that made me kind of upset.

The white bag on the side was the extra gift. The pink box needed to be opened still.


It took a little strength to get this bugger open… yes, I ended up needing to ask boyfriend to help me.


Dun dun dun… my worries faded. I got the Women’s box!! Yay! I thought the design on the box was super cute and perfect for the month of February. I loved the light pink color, too.


I pulled the Birchbox out of the mini box. The packaging seemed a bit excessive, don’t ya think?


The first thing I saw when I pulled the cover off was the postcard (shown in the picture above). On the back of the postcard there is a description of each product and the retail value of each, as well.


Everything was kind of a mess but there was nothing that was damaged, thankfully!

What Was In My Box?!:


MDSolarSciences – Daily Anti-Aging Moisturizer SPF 30

“This multitasking, derm-approved moisturizer minimizes the look of wrinkles, hydrates, and protects skin with SPF 30.” –via the back of the postcard

Full-Size Retail Value: $68

My Review: I had to look up on the Birchbox website how-to-use this product. There weren’t any instructions on the back of the sample bottle nor were there any on the back of the postcard. The instructions on the site told me to use it right before I do my makeup… so I did. The scent was very perfume-y which is strike one for me… the second strike for me was that it left my face feeling heavy and greasy. I had to wash it off a little bit with water before I applied my makeup. I don’t know if it has done its job of preventing wrinkles and sadly, I don’t think I will give it another chance because even though I can’t think of a strike three… the first two strikes I gave this product are enough for me to know I wouldn’t spend $68 to get the full-size.


Avene – Hydrance Intense Rehydrating Serum

“Boost hydration and your subsequent skincare steps with this soothing serum that’s safe for sensitive complexions.” –via the back of the postcard

Full-Size Retail Value: $38

My Review: Ah… I only gave this product one chance, as well. It left me with the greasy feeling and there are just too many other moisturizers out there that have figured out how to moisturize without leaving that heaviness. Also, everything is written in French on the box and bottle… couldn’t read a thing. You’re supposed to use your favorite moisturizer after applying this to your face… it’s just all too much. Pass.


MAC Cosmetics – False Lashes Mascara

“This mascara’s brush delivers volume, curl, and lengthened lashes with its densely distributed bristles. The pigmented and thickening formula creates a full-feathered effect.” –via the back of the postcard

Full-Size Retail Value: $23

My Review: It did make my lashes look a little longer but that’s about it… and oh my gosh, did this run!! It was all over, smudged under my eyes after just a few hours of not checking my face. I was so embarrassed; I really wish I had checked my face in the mirror sooner so I could have wiped it away. I will NOT be using this product again.


The Beauty Crop – Wing Woman Liquid Eyeliner

“This easy-to-apply liquid liner will become your new best friend. Use the budge-proof pen applicator to trace along your lash line or to create a more dramatic winged look.” –via the back of the postcard

Full-Size Retail Value: $17.50

My Review: I don’t have one. I don’t use eyeliner so I don’t want to waste my time by trying to. It looks nice though and it’s cruelty-free!


Number 4 – Super Comb Prep and Protect

“Shield your strands from heat damage and UV rays with this leave-in conditioning mist made with natural hydrators like black currant and soy yogurt. Spritz onto hair, then comb.” –via the back of the postcard

Full-Size Retail Value: $32

My Review: I like this stuff. I’ve been using it everyday since I received it. Everything on the bottle is written in French so I had to go onto the Birchbox site to learn how-to-use it. This spray doesn’t tell you to skip the shampoo and conditioner in the shower… you do all of that first then spray this on before you brush your hair through. At first, I thought the bottle was broken… I kept pumping the nozzle; nothing would come out but eventually it did after much perseverance. A wispy, light mist came out– I was transported into a field of flowers. I love the scent but a little goes a long way. You don’t need much for this spray to work its magic and if you do spray too much, you may be overwhelmed by the scent. The spray made it much easier to brush my hair; the brush flows through and I don’t pull as many strands out but I don’t know about the heat protecting part. My hair feels softer the day of use but a bit dryer every morning.

For the extra gift I chose…


MAC Cosmetics – Matte Lipstick in Velvet Teddy

Full-Size Retail Value: $17

My Review: Everyone knows how good MAC lipsticks are. They give you kissable lips  (no transfer) and are always very pigmented. Before I knew how cruel they were to animals; I only used MAC lipsticks and honestly, I still haven’t found anything better. I rather have bare lips than use MAC products… though, what a pretty color, right? 🙂 I’ll use this sample up, of course, I just won’t ever purchase the full-size.

will be getting this box again next month. I enjoyed the variety of products that I was given this month so why not?! It’s only $10/mo. If you’d like to sign up for this box, you should do so by clicking here! 🙂

XO, Hunida

17 thoughts on “Birchbox | February 2018

    1. Yeah! That’s definitely what it felt like! Yuck!! I think the Birchboxes are so cute, too. 😀 I’ll prob keep ’em forever for no reason. The products I don’t like I tell myself to throw away but they end up sitting in my makeup bag forever haha. I was thinking about doing a giveaway for the products I don’t even use though like the black eyeliner.

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  1. That’s too bad that you didn’t like some products. I’d pass on the mascara too lol. I remember wanting velvet teddy too but I can’t justify buying such an expensive lipstick and they’re not even cruelty free lol. I’m almost glad I never gave them my money to begin with lol.


  2. The only thing similar in my box to yours was the Avene moisturizer, and I didn’t care for it either lol. I’m glad that you got a few decent products – hopefully next month is a better selection ☺️ I do kind of hate opening the boxes – it’s so much work 😂

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