Influenster VoxBox | Proactiv MD 3-Piece Acne Treatment

Disclaimer: I received this 3-Piece Acne Treatment System with Adapalene complimentary from Influenster & ProactivMD for testing purposes, but all opinions are my own.


I was pretty surprised that I qualified for this box but at the same time I wasn’t because there was a question in my survey to get in for this box that asked: “would you be willing to try a 3-step skin care routine?” I clicked “yes” of course because I’m willing to try anything once.

I was excited when I got the e-mail from Influenster with the subject line: “YOU’RE IN!!” but I have to admit that my excitement did fade a bit when I saw that it was a box of ProactivMD products… I’ve seriously heard nothing but bad things about this brand from family and friends and don’t get me started on those damn commercials!


The box was a good size to fit the three products inside. When I first opened the box I was welcomed by this postcard:


The back side of it:


I was interested to know that Proactiv is offering products over-the-counter now and was actually getting a little bit excited to be able to try this 3-step face care routine.


I thought everything was packaged a little messily but oh well, everything was perfectly in tact.


The first step to the face care routine is the Deep Cleansing Face Wash. The directions tell you to use this twice a day. Once in the morning and once at night but it doesn’t mention anything about removing makeup–just daily dirt and oils so I only used it during the day because at night; I need a face cleanser that removes makeup so I stuck to my usual one (First Aid Beauty’s Face Cleanser).

I used this face cleanser for 4 days in a row before I had to stop. It seriously dried my skin out. It’s been 3 days since I stopped using it and I still have chapped, white spots on my face from dryness. I don’t see a difference in the cleanliness of my face… my blackheads and whiteheads are still quite noticeable… there are no less than there were before I started using this cleanser.


The second step is an Adapalene Gel Acne Treatment. It doesn’t really give great direction on when to apply this gel but I decided to use it shortly after washing my face with the Deep Cleansing Face Wash in step one. I smoothed a thin layer over my nose where I have the most blackheads and on my chin where my whiteheads live… I know the Deep Cleanser caused the dryness because I scrubbed it around my nose the most and that’s where my chapped, white skin is. This acne treatment wasn’t the cause for the dryness… but I didn’t see it do much at all. I don’t have acne so I couldn’t really test it on that.


Step three is the Daily Oil Control w/ SPF 30. The directions on the back of the bottle tell you to apply it 15m before you go out into the sun. I mentioned (above) that I did this routine for only 4 days but, I actually forgot to use this third step on the first day… I didn’t forget on the second day, though. My face became extremely itchy not too long after applying this–I was surprised I didn’t break out into a rash nor did my skin turn any shade of red. I do think this cream caused the itchiness and it definitely helped the cleanser dry my skin out, too.

Steps 1-3 in chronological order from top to bottom.

I am sad that I used these products on my face and am desperately trying to get my face back to a nice, healthy moisturized state now. I do not recommend this 3-step skincare routine to anyone. I’m sure there are plenty of better serums, creams, and gels out there.

XO, Hunida

19 thoughts on “Influenster VoxBox | Proactiv MD 3-Piece Acne Treatment

    1. Ugh! I’ve just not heard one good thing about Proactiv, ever. I’ve never heard of Aapri Apricot but will def check it out if I need a face scrub in the future. 😀 Thanks for the recommendation!! ❤


    1. Oh my gosh. I had never tried anything by Proactiv before but I hate them now, too.
      I didn’t need the treatment in the first place but in case I’m jinxing myself by saying that… I will keep Mario Badescu in mind! Thanks for the recommendation, love! ❤

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  1. Yikes! I can’t believe how dry it made your skin! That’s only going to worsen the problem for those suffering with chronic acne; once your skin is extremely dry, it over secretes oil to try and balance itself. So it’s literally a hampster wheel of dry and oily (with breakouts in between). Dang, because I would love a 1 stop shop for my skincare routine!!


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    1. I know, right?! It looks like I edited my before picture to give me clear, moisturized skin lol Proactiv ruined me!!
      I think Korean & Japanese Face Masks are the best. The one that focused on acne got rid of this one pimple I had on my forehead after one use; it just shriveled up and disappeared.

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  2. I’ve only used a couple ProActiv products before. (The green tea moisturizer and the blemish spot relief). My skin was fine with both of those, and I really liked them.

    I will say that ProActiv products are better suited for people with oily skin. I know you mentioned before how you don’t really have issues with acne (so I’m assuming you don’t suffer from oily skin). You probably have normal to dry skin. Therefore, these products were absolutely not suited for your skin type at all, and it very much shows in your before and after photos. I think these products might be okay for someone who really has oily skin. It really is all about using the correct products for your skin type because everyone is different.

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    1. Interesting! Okay, you’re the first person that has ever said anything good about Proactiv. Maybe I was too hard on them because you’re right; my skin is already super dry. I only made it worse with this treatment but maybe someone with an actual oily face (their real target) would have different results with this…

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      1. Yep, that’s what I’m saying. This was just all wrong for you. I love Influenster, but I think they need to improve what boxes they sent to who. I mean, it’s like me receiving the Becca Bright Eyes box, and I don’t even have under eye puffiness or really dark circles. 😛

        I think your post is great though, as it really sends a message about what type of products you should use with your particular skin type. 🙂

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  3. that totally sucks that it didn’t work out for you but honestly, as you mentioned too, I have heard NOTHING good from their products either lol. I think someone once told me that they tried it and it really did clear their skin BUT when they stopped using it, their face started breaking out. so literally, their skin got addicted to whatever is in those products and without them, you break out… like wtf… if that’s not some gimmick to keep you purchasing whatever bullcrap they’re selling than idk what is..

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  4. I’ve never used proactive but I’ve heard terrible things about their products. You just further convinced me of that. And you’re skin is already so clear!
    On a side note, I did get my first Influenster box a couple weeks ago but I’ve had like no time to review it so I don’t know if I’ll qualify for any future ones 😂

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