February 12, 2018

Hey, all! 🙂

I hope you all had an enjoyable weekend and that your Monday wasn’t complete shit.

I have a huge bruise on my shin because on Saturday night, I was bringing a customer into the VIP room… the bouncer (who is half-Korean) always jokes with me and says “no Asians allowed.” The customer I was bringing into the room was also Asian and extremely drunk… he was actually really offended by the comment; you could see the steam coming out his ears. He shouted, “what the fuck did you just say?!” and the bouncer… in my opinion, shouldn’t have gotten so mad but, he did. They kept going back and forth–even when the bouncer told him it was a joke and that he was half-Korean, the customer was still fuming. They got all up in each other’s faces (the customer was less than half the bouncer’s size so he was obviously drunk to the point that he didn’t know what the fuck he was doing because no one in their right mind would ever try to fight that guy).

Anyways… the bouncer pushed the customer onto the floor very hard. When he fell onto the ground his foot came up and kicked me in the shin… that’s how I got the bruise; it’s huge, ugly, and painful. 😦 I watched for a little bit but then decided to run down the stairs before the tussle was completely over. I’m glad I got the money from the customer before he got knocked and kicked out but, I did feel a little bad for him… he was so tiny and so drunk.

It was super busy that night; I am truly grateful. I got a little drunk but I stayed at a good level… I left work around 4a even though it was still busy… I always feel bad if I stay too late when boyfriend has work early in the morning because he usually can’t get to sleep without me. I kind of wanted to stay to make more but boyfriend is more important to me so, I came home.

He worked Sunday morning and came home around 4p. I didn’t even wake up once to use the restroom while he was gone… I was dead asleep when he came home and was shocked at how late it was when he woke me up, lol. We smoked a blunt on the bed and hung out together for a little while… then we went to our favorite restaurant, Sushi Neko, for Sushi Sunday!


We got coffee from Starbucks afterwards because boyfriend didn’t want me to come home and watch TV for 30m and fall right asleep (I would def have done this without the coffee). I tried their iced chai tea latte with 3 shots of espresso and almond milk. I had never tried it before but it was YUMMY! It reminded me of the miels I used to get from Amore Coffee in Minnesota.

I wrote up a few blog posts and read a few blogs before boyfriend wanted to go lay in bed for the night… around 2a. We smoked a blunt and I read Behind Closed Doors while he watched TV on the iPad. He fell asleep much earlier than I did.

I can NOT wait for Valentine’s Day. Boyfriend agreed to go to the Greatest Showman movie after our dinner. I can’t decide which I’m more excited for but… who am I kidding? You all know, it’s the FOOD!

Today, I don’t know what I did. I just browsed the web, doing nothing, since boyfriend left for work around 1:30p, I finally got up for a shower at around 5p and then I walked to the teriyaki chicken place down the street.


I got my brown rice with teriyaki chicken to-go; I wanted to get home asap since it was already dark outside. I got home and ate it in front of the TV. I’m all caught up on episodes of The Good Place (which I usually watch during dinner) so I just decided to turn on a film. I’m still watching it… it’s some romance film with Justin Long in it, forgot what it’s called, though. I found it on Hulu… I just love Justin Long. ❤

I hope boyfriend comes home soon… I want my coffee, lol. I’m working tonight and tomorrow night then I’m taking Wednesday off… because Valentine’s Day, DUH!!

I should paint my toes and nails but I’m lazy and SO bad at it… I haven’t done my own nails in YEARS. I hope it’s not too difficult… lol.

OH! I just ordered a few items on Etsy and I cannot wait ’til they get here!! I’m already excited for my sub boxes I’ll be getting this month, too!! I have been testing the products I recently received from Influenster but I’m gonna give it a whole week before I write an Unboxing and Review for you guys!!

I’m probably gonna read a few blogs on my reader and MAYBE paint my nails before I start with my makeup. I hope tonight at work isn’t a complete snooze fest as it has been every day on the weekdays since Feb. started.


XO, Hunida


22 thoughts on “Journal Entry #58

  1. Holy crap! I can’t believe you got hurt in that mess. That’s awful!
    I’m glad you’re work is busy again though, it was so slow for so long!
    I’ve been watching Netflix a bit too much lately but i dont know who Justin Long is.

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    1. I know… I was too close to the action! Ouch! Lol. Yes… January wasn’t so bad but this month has been rather slow. I think it was just a Saturday thing and that it will still be slow tonight but am still going!!
      There is no such thing as too much Netflix… lol. I want to watch everything. You might know Justin Long by his face but not by his name! He’s in a ton of films!!

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  2. Damn, im sorry you got hurt but the whole brawl seems kinda funny, a tiny drunk guy tryna pick a fight. 😅 but its great that things are getting busy as you’d wished! Have a great valentine’s day! Cant wait to see the post! 😄

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    1. Hahaha! I was mad I got hurt in all of the mess but it was kinda funny… & also, sad!

      Thank you! Hope you have fun on Valentine’s Day, too! 😀 Can’t wait to share our Valentine’s Date with you! ❤

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  3. The poor guy! I’ve never been drunk but they say you can feel like you can totally take any guy in a fight lol he might run from the big guy had he been sober. Poor you, I have no idea how you deal with the idiots and drunks, that has to be the worst part of your job. And now you have a bruise to show it. Get some ice on it, girl. You know I always have so many questions because we live such different lives so I hope you don’t get offended. You don’t have to answer them, obviously. First question is how can you take being drunk so often? Do you have to get drunk to work? Do clients get you drunk? How don’t you get sick? And you don’t gain weight either lol second question is, is it cheap to eat out where you live? You guys seem to go out for food quite often. We would go broke if we would do the same. Dinner for two is never less than 20$ here.

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    1. You’ve never been drunk!? Wow! What a life accomplishment, seriously… lol. I totally wish I could say the same for myself.

      I believe that guy wouldn’t have made a single peep if he was sober even if he was offended, haha. Yes… the drunk idiots are def one of the worst parts about my job. I try to avoid them as much as possible unless they are handing me cash without me even speaking to them first as this guy did, lol.
      Does ice make bruises go away faster?! I hate the cold… but if it helps, maybe I will have to ice it.

      I’m not offended at all, Cheila!! I know you are open-minded but curious. 😉 I love answering your questions & I’m curious, too… to know what kind of questions you have.

      I don’t drink as often as I used to anymore. I used to feel like I needed to drink every night because it made me a more fun, bubblier person but now a days… I rarely drink & even refuse to drink when customers try to force me to which yes, they often do. Weight gain was the reason why I quit drinking every night actually then I realized I was able to make money at work without being drunk but some nights… being drunk is okay. It makes the night go by faster and I do have a little more fun. It’s just bad when I go overboard & blackout… and I usually do get sick from drinking if I go overboard but eating before bed always helps. I also don’t drink anything that isn’t top shelf–like the “rail drinks” will give you a hangover immediately.

      No… it’s not super cheap to eat out here. I mean, we can go to Chipotle and get us both a meal for under $20 but people might consider that fast-food and a lot of the Asian food places are rather cheap… we can eat out for two a little over $20 but under $30.

      We have been trying to cut back on eating out though, it def gets expensive… we used to go out every single day. Now we try to eat at home at least 3x a week.


  4. That sucks that you ended up getting hurt. In my opinion, the bouncer should have just left it alone, I mean, I know they’re technically there to protect the dancers, but still, hurting the customer over a joke? Knowing the customer was drunk. Should have just kicked him out instead of going all out. But what do I know, I’m not a bouncer lol.

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