Today, I woke up a little later than I anticipated. I snoozed ’til 11p. When I looked online for “must eat” things and places in New York nothing really seemed that amazing except the breakfast/lunch at Okonomi in Brooklyn. Luckily, it closes at 3p (it becomes a ramen shop) so I was able to make it still. ๐Ÿ™‚

They serve a traditional Japanese breakfast/lunch. You don’t get to choose from a menu. Everyone gets the same things.

Today, they were serving Tuna Belly with their usual fixings: hot tea, soup, and rice. When I was almost done and a new group of people came in, they were able to choose from mackerel or tuna belly. I was mad I didn’t get to choose but it would have been the hardest decision for me anyways. I added the egg and uni which was extra, it was for the rice but I think the rice was better without the egg.

The restaurant was so very tiny and cute. I loved it. The food was absolutely amazing. I’ve never been anywhere quite like it. After that, I realized I forgot my Hop-On, Hop-Off bus tour pass. Ugh. I had to find the train to get back. Luckily, it didn’t take too long.

I had gotten two free passes from buying the bus tour ticket. One was for a magic show and the other was for a museum. The magic show pass wasn’t going to be expired until my trip was over but the museum would have expired by the end of the night. I had to make the decision to not get on the tour bus. I wanted to see the museum and the magic show more. Tomorrow is my last night here so I don’t want any set plans. I just want to go with the flow and explore without worrying about making it somewhere else on time.

I was able to choose from either the Historical Society Museum or the New York Museum. After browsing their websites; I decided on the New York Museum. I found the train to get there and I think I walked through the Uptown Area.

There were so many shops and restaurants. I would have spent more time looking at the shops but it was already 4p and the museum closed at 6p, I also needed to be at the magic show by 7p.

I wanted to be able to see and read everything at the museum but there was SO much. It was already nearly 6p when I left the museum and I was only able to really read my favorite pieces.

I didn’t realize until afterwards when it was already dark that the famous Central Park was right across the road. I wish I would have walked over there first just to see it when the sun was still up. I don’t think I’ll be going back there tomorrow or Saturday.

This museum was so beautiful, you guys. I took too many pictures so I’ll just have to share my favorites.

We were able to write a “What If…” statement and set it in the grid. I wrote “What if there was no such thing as ‘competition’?” Others wrote a lot of wonderful things, too.

I love anything about the “Roaring Twenties” so much. The flapper dresses, speakeasies, rebellion. I love it all.

These were the actual shoes of the women who walked this platform in the middle of New York. They did it to represent how much walking NYers do and how diverse everyone is. We were even able to lift the speaker and hear what their footsteps sounded like.

This was only 8 years ago in 2010. This museum wasn’t just about the way back past. There were pieces from as late as 2013 in here that I saw. I wouldn’t be surprised if I missed something that was even closer to 2018.

I loved loved loved that they had a BLM Movement section. It gave well-deserved recognition to those who were unjustly shot by the police. It made my heart warm to see this. ๐Ÿ’—

I had never heard of Keith Haring before but his little section was super interesting to read. He stole his own fingerprints from the police! He was arrested for making public art. He made big, awesome sculptures, too.

This doll house created by Carrie Walter Stettheimer was so freaking adorable and intricate! She worked on it for two decades and wasn’t even finished when she passed away. I couldn’t stop looking at it.

Even when you walk up and down the stairs there are little snippets on the wall for you to read.

I saw this Mod New York exhibit on their website and it was ultimately the reason why I ended up choosing this museum over the other one.

Reading and seeing all of the old fashion was so cool. Some of the clothes had a “no photos” sign by them. It was the only room with a security guard watching. I don’t think you’re able to see any of the ones I wasn’t allowed to photograph in this photo (hopefully). The guard didn’t say anything when he saw me taking this one though? My favorite outfits were by Betsey Johnson and of course, Coco Chanel. That was the last exhibit I really read and paid attention to. (It will all be taken down in April so go see it before then!) I went to the gift shop and bought some cute little knick knacks then headed out to find my way to the magic show.

It was already dark and a little rainy but not bad. My GPS told me to walk through Central Park but it was really dark in there so I took the long way around it, lol.

I made it to the magic show which was smack dab in the middle of Times Square at the LoL Comedy Club.

My GPS’ walking directions were so fucked up in Times Square. It wouldn’t update where I was, I made the wrong turns a couple times but I was so glad I still made it to the show around 6:40p, whew!

The magician was Eric Walton and I truly believe he is magical. He was incredible, you guys. I highly recommend you go and watch him, it’s only $20 for a ticket which is such a low price for some really great NYC entertainment.

He kept asking me to help and tell the audience that I didn’t see any funny business going on since I was in the front row. He even made me go on the stage once. Some of the audience members asked if I knew the guy or something afterwards, haha.

It was so fun!

There was also a comedy show that started at 8p but I wanted to see the magic show and they told me I could go to the comedy show, too, if I wanted to. The magic show didn’t end until 8:30p though and when I walked into the already going on comedy show the comedian on stage at the time kept making horrible jokes and no one was laughing. After every joke, he would say “ah okay, you guys didn’t like that one.” I walked out after 5m.

I had the absolute hardest time finding the subway station I needed. My GPS kept going in circles.

I passed a sandwich and pizza shop called Pax Wholesome Foods while I was lost. My phone was dying and I really wanted to just get back to my hotel by that time so I ordered my sandwich to-go.

I finally asked some nice security guards for directions and they helped me get to the train. It was a quick train ride to my hotel.

I ate my delicious Cajun Chicken sandwich and BBQ chips while video chatting with boyfriend. (I realized we don’t have iPhones and I called it “face time” in my last post, oops.)

Boyfriend went out with his buddies so we hung up and I started this post.

I’m so sleepy now. It’s already 1:30a and I want to wake up a bit earlier tomorrow but I probably won’t, knowing me. I’m for sure gonna have to go to a Broadway show tomorrow night. I’ll watch any of ’em so I’m going to just check out the discount ticket booth. I hate Times Square though! I’m also planning on going to Chinatown tomorrow. I don’t have any real set plans though!

XO, Hunida

23 thoughts on “Day 2: My Solo Trip to New York

  1. It is so great to catch up a bit with you (I’m still behind as you can see). What a fantastic and wonderful trip. I’d love to go to that museum. It looks like you made a great choice.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Todd! ๐Ÿ™‚
      Always nice to hear from you! I’m very behind on reading blogs, too, no worries!!
      The museum was awesome. I think it was better than the bus tour, too, lol. ๐Ÿ˜›
      Thanks for stopping by!! โค


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