Petit Vour | January 2018

Have you guys heard of this box? I hadn’t heard of it until I ordered it last month. It’s a completely cruelty-free beauty box! They send you 4-5 products a month, mostly sample sizes. It can cost as low as $15/mo but if you pay monthly (like I chose to) it will be $18/mo.

The box is my favorite color of pink and it fit right into my mailbox. I loved that I didn’t have to go to the office of my apartments to pick it up.

Everything about this box is just so freaking adorable!!

The first thing I saw was this cute little card (cover art by @athingcreated).

When I removed the card, I was so excited to find this face mask underneath!! I have really been wanting to try more face masks and skin products lately.

Underneath the face mask, there was some cute scrunchy paper confetti protecting the rest of the products. I removed some of it to reveal everything else.

I thought everything was packed in nicely and I was happy to see that nothing was damaged. 🙂 yay!

What Was In My Box?!:
Aromatherapy Assoicates – Hydrating Revitalising Face Oil
We Love Eyes – Eyelid & Eyelash Foaming Cleanser
Andalou Naturals – Instant Hydro Serum Facial Mask
K Voss – Cinnamon Lip Plumper

Aroma Therapy Associates – Hydrating Revitalising Face Oil

“A facial oil that nourishes and revitalizes the skin like a rich cream yet absorbs instantly like a serum. Suitable for all skin types, and perfect for dry or mature skin that needs a boost of vitality.”

My Review: I’ve only used this once. I didn’t really notice a difference but I probably won’t use it again because of the scent. It smells like a corner store smoke shop. I did like how the oil wasn’t super greasy. It seeped into my skin instantly and didn’t make me want to wash it off my face afterwards.

My Rating: 2/5 stars

Sample Size Price: $15.20 Full-Size Price: $76

We Love Eyes – Eyelid & Eyelash Foaming Cleanser

“Take it all off with this makeup remover that soothes sensitive, dry, and itchy eyes. Perfect for use on eyelash extensions, too!”

My Review: I LOVE this product. I have been using it ever since I received. It works just as well as the face wash I currently swear by (First Aid Beauty’s Face Cleanser) but I love the pump-style of this bottle. It makes it so easy. There is a subtle smell of tea tree oil but it’s barely noticeable. It didn’t burn or irritate my skin or eyes in any way. It does work best on getting off the mascara but it’s able to get your face makeup off, too.

Retail Price: $20

K Voss – Cinnamon Lip Plumper

“A lip balm and plumper in one with the hydrating powers of coconut, almond and olive oil and the plumpling action of pure cinnamon oil.”

My Review: Okay, it’s nearly impossible for me to use lip balms that you stick your finger into. I always have long stiletto nails sooo….this doesn’t work for me! I tried my best to get some on my lips and I felt the tingling sensation like I have with other plumpers. I thought it was a little dry and rough though. I didn’t notice a difference in plumpness.

Retail Price: $18

Andalou Naturals – Instant Hydro Serum Facial Mask

“An entire spa treatment in one sheet. Curated to your beauty profile, this mask is a perfect match for your skin type.”

My Review: When I pulled the face mask out, the package still felt heavy and full of liquid so I dumped it all out onto the face mask so I wouldn’t be missing it. This made it very wet and drippy. Once I got it adjusted onto my face it stuck on. The mouth part was too tiny for me. It took awhile to massage the rest of the serum into my face after removing the mask. I licked my lips a little later in the day and it tasted like poison–I think it was the serum. I see a very, very small difference regarding the brightness of my face.

Retail Price: $5

I actually will NOT be receiving this box again. I have already cancelled my subscription. I do love that all of their products are cruelty-free and I want to get to know more brands but the other (cheaper) beauty boxes often send out cruelty-free products as well. I just know that I won’t ever buy the full-size of a product that isn’t cruelty-free. I decided to cancel this one and replace it with Ipsy and Birchbox. So next month I will have those two and my Play! By Sephora box!!

xo, Hunida

19 thoughts on “Petit Vour | January 2018

  1. I’ve never heard of this box, but the products you got are intriguing. I would be up for trying them. My ipsy is getting so repetitive. I wish they would send me a lip plumper or eye cleanser. I love cleansers that can get eye makeup off without burning your eyes.

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    1. Yeah, I noticed that Ipsy and Birchbox get kind of repetitive. That eye wash was so good, I think I’m going to buy the full-size. It’s just that it cost $18 so I could pay $2 more and get 2 more boxes. I chose quantity over quality, though.

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  2. I definitely never heard of this box before you mentioned it to me the other day! It’s definitely a cool idea to focus solely on cruelty free products, but, like you said, other boxes often send at least a few products that are, and they’re cheaper. The eye cleanser looks like it may have been the best item you received! I use more eye makeup than anything and I swear it’s a pain to fully get my eyeliner off lol

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  3. You’re the second or third blogger who has actually tried this box and I’m always like “eh..idk if I would want to try it”. I may never actually try it to be honest, I’m pretty happy with what I’m currently subscribed to lol.

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