Feb’18: Blog Schedule

I’ve got my blog schedule for February 2018 ready for ya!!!:

  1. Day Two of My Solo Trip to NY!
  2. *NO POST*
  3. *NO POST*
  4. Days Three & Four of My Solo Trip to NY!
  5. NY HAUL
  6. Journal Entry
  7. Hour Long Shows on Netflix or Hulu
  8. Journal Entry
  9. Songs That Made Me Tear Me Up Hour Long Shows on Netflix or Hulu
  10. Journal Entry
  11. My Favorite Love Films
  12. Journal Entry
  13. Boyfriend Tag
  14. Journal Entry
  15. My Past Vanilla Jobs Journal Entry
  16. Journal Entry
  17. Non-Mattress Sex
  18. Journal Entry
  19. Regulars I’ve Had
  20. Journal Entry
  21. My Favorite Khmer Dishes
  22. Journal Entry
  23. My Top 10: Favorite Boy-Girl Duets
  24. Journal Entry
  25. Pet Peeves Pt. 2
  26. Journal Entry
  27. My Trips To The ER
  28. Journal Entry

xo, Hunida

18 thoughts on “Feb’18: Blog Schedule

  1. It’s cool that you do that. I just sit down and write. If I set a schedule I will not follow it so I don’t waste my time. Lol. Have a good writing day! -Robert

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    1. Yay! I hope you’ll enjoy them. 😀 Whenever I have an idea I just write it down in a list and now I just title the lists by months. I don’t want to forget my ideas so I have to write them down!! 😛 I love all of your posts! You always have unique ideas!! ❤ I think it's awesome that you can just wing it!

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