Play! By Sephora | January 2018

I got my first Play! By Sephora Box a couple of weeks ago! I had tried both of the competing $10 Beauty Subscriptions: Birchbox and Ipsy a couple of years ago and always enjoyed receiving the packages but ended them both after less than a year for different reasons.

(* Spoiler Alert * I re-subscribed to those boxes and will be receiving them both in February!!)

This box ha you pay the tax fees (unlike the other two competitors I mentioned above) so the total for this box is actually: $10.83.

It is a recurring payment that is automatically taken out of your bank account every month. You can cancel at anytime though. I’m pretty sure you can skip a month or as many months as you need to, as well? I actually haven’t looked into that.

I like that there is no messy tissue paper or confetti because it’s less of a clean-up but it does make the box look a little bare and sad.

I thought the design on the bag was so cute! It says “2018 Happy You Year”! I’ve read a lot of reviews on this bag talking about how they’re cheap and useless but I think they’re super adorable, I can and will find a use for them some way, somehow. The fabric is strong and of good quality.

I loved the big “newspaper” with an explanation of each product AND tips on how to use them. The other side of the “newspaper” listed how to make 2018 a YOU year in one way for each month. These boxes also include a card that is redeemable in-store only with 50 beauty points on it! Awesome!

What Was In My Box?!:
Lancôme – CILS BOOSTER XL Super-Enhancing Mascara Base
Clinique – Pep-Start Eye Cream
Smashbox – Photo Finish Primerizer
Fresh – Rose Floral Toner

Glamglow – SUPERCLEANSE Clearing Cream-To-Foam Cleanser
Alterna Haircare – CAVIAR Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner

Lancôme – CILS BOOSTER XL Super-Enhancing Mascara Base

“A creamy, conditioning primer that preps lashes for smooth application and a boost of drama.”

My Review: I have been using this every single day since I received it. It had me doubting my favorite mascara; thinking I need to find something that doesn’t make this have so much of an effect on my lashes. It definitely helped with keeping my lashes separated and made them appear much longer and thicker. It helped me coat my mascara on evenly and clump-free. I do think it made my mascara smudge though. I’ve used the same mascara for a while now and the number one reason I’ve always loved it is because it doesn’t smudge underneath my eyes but I noticed that it does a bit when I use this. Boo.

My Rating: 4/5 stars

Full-Size Price: $25.50

Alterna Haircare – CAVIAR Moisture Shampoo & Conditioner

“Luxurious moisure-boosting shampoo and conditioner packed with  age-defying proteins, minerals, and vitamins for silky strands.”

My Review: I saw the difference in my hair after one use. Seriously. It looked so sleek, silky, and shiny, it was bouncy and flowy. I loved it. It smells good, too. The conditioner’s texture was kind of weird but it didn’t affect the results so it wasn’t a problem for me. I would buy this again but it’s quite expensive for the full-sized bottles.

My Rating: 5/5 stars

Full-Size Price (for both 8.5 fl oz): $57.00

Clinique – Pep-Start Eye Cream

“Lightweight, non-greasy primer and moisturizer delivers deep hydration while prepping skin for makeup.”

My Review: I really hated this. It was like rubbing olive oil on my face. I did feel my face was brighter the next day though. I’ll probably try to keep using it but I would never buy it again. It is way too greasy for me.

My Rating: 2.5/5 stars

Full-Size Price: $26.50

Fresh – Rose Floral Toner

“A hydrating facial toner infused with soothing rosewater for a refreshed, healthy looking complexion.”

My Review: I haven’t used it yet! I honestly haven’t even opened it to sniff it or anything. I will try it though. Under “Why You’ll Love It” in the li’l newspaper it says: “keep this by your side during flights” and I’m going on one of those soon so that’s when I plan to use it!

My Rating: TBD

Full-Size Price (250 ml): $40.00

Smashbox – Photo Finish Primerizer

“Lightweight, non-greasy primer and moisturizer delivers deep hydration while prepping skin for makeup.”

My Review: I like this product a lot!! It’s not quite as thick as I expected it to be, it’s more on the runny side (I’m not complaining). It was hard to get the product out of this little sample bottle. It soaked into my skin instantly and definitely made it feel moisturized without feeling too greasy. I don’t know if I would go as far as cutting out my moisturizer completely and instead use only this primer but, it’s a claim someone with not super extra dry skin (like my own) might want to test. It kept my makeup in place throughout my whole work shift (and I get pretty sweaty most of the time) and it made my everything a bit brighter.

My Rating: 4.5/5 stars

Full-Size Price (1oz): $42.00

Glamglow – SUPERCLEANSE Clearing Cream-To-Foam Cleanser

“Ultra-creamy cleanser uses a blend of three charcoals to clear pores and remove excess oil and makeup.”

My Review: I thought adding the water to make it turn into foam first was a bit weird and time-consuming. It was gentle on my skin and did a nice and thorough job of removing my makeup BUT the smell is of black licorice. The soap itself is black, too–that’s cool but the smell is not. I will use this sample because it does its job but I would not recommend it if you hate the smell of black licorice like I do.

My Rating: 3/5

Full-Size Price (5oz): $27.00

I will be getting next month’s Play! By Sephora Box because I was happy and excited to try each and one of the products I received this month…except maybe that toner because I’ve never actually heard of toner before but we’ll see if it “boosts” my dull skin before I start talking crap. ;D

I think my favorite product I received in this month’s box was Lancôme’s Mascara Base.

xo, Hunida

15 thoughts on “Play! By Sephora | January 2018

  1. I had Ipsy for a little over a year and recently decided to cancel since I’ve started paying a gym membership (yay me!). I cancelled my subscription in mid December and then found out that they billed me for a January bag. I was pissed! I emailed them and demanded them to remove my account and refund my money. They did after a week. I’m not sure I’ll ever subscribe to them again. They were very shady.


  2. I hadn’t heard of toners for the longest time either, but I started using them over a year ago, and I love them. They always make my face feel so refreshed. They can also help remove any makeup residue left over after cleansing. They’re also great on a hot summer day if your skin gets oily from sweat and stuff. It’s a good refresher. I recently bought a peppermint toner, which I plan to blog about sometime within the next couple of weeks, but I’m in love with it. I love how it makes my face tingle. lol I love minty things.

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  3. Haaaa yasssss!! The post I’ve been waiting for lol, well, I wait for all your posts 😉
    And I think you’ll like their silky bags a lot more than these cottons ones when you get one. 🙂
    I got 4/6 products from this box lol. Alterna has such incredibly hair care products. I had gotten some hair spray, I can’t remember the name but it was soooo good for my hair. Their products don’t seem to disappoint. And that’s cool you actually liked the mascara, I tend to be a bit fussy with them because they not all work for my small, lashes. And the toner is very subtle (to me), smells like roses (kind of), you basically use toner after washing your face. I really like it, Im thinking about buying the full size because I’m running out of my toner anyway.
    And…I haven’t tried the eye cream because I’m currently testing another one out. Hopefully it’s ok, eye creams take such a long time to finish since you don’t need a lot lol.
    I’m excited to get next months already, I’m not sure what they’ll have I think the spoilers already dropped, but I like to be surprised lol.


    1. Hahha! Maybe, hopefully Feb’s bag will be silky. 😉
      Yeah, I have noticed such a difference after using that shampoo & conditioner!! Wowza! So nice. It wasn’t really a mascara, it was a base. You put it on first, it goes on white, then you put your choice of mascara on when it’s still wet. It was cool! lol. I’ll have to try that toner!! I still forgot to!
      The eye cream I didn’t like at all, did you try it yet?
      I know, I’m already excited for next month, too. 😀 And I never look at the spoilers either, half the fun is the surprise!!

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      1. I hope so! It’s a special month so they better make it a special bag LOL.
        Oooh I guess I misread then, but I have one from Clinique that I got from this box that is a primer on one end and the mascara on the other. I can’t believe I never attempted to try a different mascara with it but at the same time I don’t like to have many mascaras opened at once since you have to toss them after three months anyway LOL.
        No I haven’t, I’m nearly done with testing the other eye cream. It takes a while to test eye creams, you don’t really see results in a matter or days. But what didn’t you like about it?

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  4. I’ve heard of this box but I think right now I’ll hold off on getting it. It does seem to offer a bit variety compared to ipsy and Birchbox, which definitely is nice! I may have to see what your next box is like before deciding if I want to give it a shot lol.
    My skin is so dry in the winter time, moisturizer has been my best friend 😂

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