My Favorite Quotes From… Emma in the Night by Wendy Walker

Emma in the Night By Wendy Walker

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Originally Published: August 08, 2017

“But I guess that’s the thing— we all change so gradually, a little every day, that we don’t notice it.

“She thought then that his pain had been a parasite, feeding on him all this time. And nothing could bring back the parts of him that had been eaten away.”

“She was very good at taking cues when she didn’t want anyone to see what was in her mind. Or her heart.”

“But mostly she would sing until she cried and I would just drive and watch her from the corner of my eye and be frozen by the sight of her. It was like watching a tornado. Beautiful. Terrifying. Sometimes I wished I could be like that, and feel things like that.”

“I think there are two types of people. Ones who have a scream inside them and ones who don’t. People who have a scream are too angry or too sad or laugh too hard, swear too much, use drugs or never sit still. Sometimes they sing at the top their lungs with the windows rolled down. I don’t think people are born with it. I think other people put it inside you with the things they do to you, and say to you, or the things you see them do or say to other people. And I don’t think you can get rid of it. If you don’t have a scream, you can’t understand.

“Like your thoughts about them being wrong are crazy because they’re saying all these things that sound right. And because there are these moments when it seems as though the love is real.”

Narcissists had to become master manipulators. They surrounded themselves with people they could control and dominateand they developed an eye for them.

“–the rude awakening was not what she had said, but instead the realization that grown-ups can be wrong, they can be stupid and inept and lazy at their jobs, and that they won’t always believe you even when you are telling the truth.”

“You know how sometimes you have two parts of yourself— one part that wants you to do something crazy and the other part that sees how crazy it is but doesn’t do anything, because it doesn’t want to upset the crazy part? You don’t want to cut yourself in half…”

“I would smile as I thought my own mean things and said my own nice things.”

“First kisses. Graduations. Weddings. Sports Victories. They never feel the way we think they will, and they never go quite the way we dream about them.”

“Love, obsession, whatever it was behind those feelings, they were so big that he would sooner destroy her than see her with someone else.”

“The only greater obstacle to thinking clearly than pain and vomit is fear.”

“I need a good night’s sleep so I can reset my brain. Sometimes your own thoughts can do you in if you don’t get rid of them.”

“But something happens when you hold someone or when they hold you. It makes you feel better. It takes away the bad feelings of being worthless.

No matter where we are and what we are subjected to, we will eventually settle into the new reality and try to find pleasure, even if it is nothing more than a warm shower or food or even a glass of water.”

I know that we all need people. I mean, we need to trust people and we’re always seeking out love, aren’t we? But I can’t ignore what’s in my head. Everyone I could ever trust, everyone you could ever trust, could betray you. It doesn’t matter who they are or whether they mean to do it. Your friends. Your husband. Your wife. Your siblings. Your child. Even your parents. Some people just do it and they don’t care. They don’t think twice about it. But others do it and they justify it in their heads so you can’t even blame them. They have their reasons.

“I thought it would be a relief, but he was not doing very well and I felt myself being pulled into his emotional storm.

“I never want to want anything after seeing the damage wanting brings.”

“When I think about it, I feel sick in my stomach with shame and disgust and also from the knowledge that there is evil in the world and that evil can dress up as love so convincingly that it blinds you to the truth.”

“Not knowing, not seeing, being deceivedit makes you question everything you have come to trust.

“I would rather live half as long feeling alive than twice as long feeling dead already.”

“When a scream wants to come out, nothing can stop it. Not rules. Not restraints. Not even the common sense to want to stay alive.”

“What I have come to know about death is that it is not like that. It is not fair. It does not add up your cigarettes and drinks and irresponsible behavior and come for you when you’ve reached your quota. People die all the time who were very good, very responsible. And people stay alive to the bitter end of their natural lives who were very bad and who did very bad things.”

“They were all vulnerable to other forces more powerful than friendship or even love. That was the lie people told themselves–that love could make people faithful.

“I know from experience that when someone is that upset, they can’t just go and rest without taking some kind of drug.”

“That is what happens when we lose faith in a person. We have to see the evidence. Words and promises are no longer enough.”

“It’s so easy to think that we are important and that the things that happen to us are important. But the truth is, we are so small, so insignificant in the scope of even just our solar system, which is itself meaningless in the scope of the Universe. The truth is, nothing really matters unless we decide it matters. We could set off every nuclear bomb we’ve ever made and kill all life on the planet, and the Universe would just shrug and yawn because within the next five billion years while the  sun is still shining, some kind of new life would come and we would be talked about by them the way we talk about dinosaurs.

Synopsis: “One night three years ago, the Tanner sisters disappeared: fifteen-year-old Cass and seventeen-year-old Emma. Three years later, Cass returns, without her sister Emma. Her story is one of kidnapping and betrayal, of a mysterious island where the two were held. But to forensic psychiatrist Dr. Abby Winter, something doesn’t add up. Looking deep within this dysfunctional family Dr. Winter uncovers a life where boundaries were violated and a narcissistic parent held sway. And where one sister’s return might just be the beginning of the crime.” 
(via OverDrive)

Genre: Fiction, Suspense, Thriller

My Rating: 4.5/5 stars

xo, Hunida

7 thoughts on “My Favorite Quotes From… Emma in the Night by Wendy Walker

  1. I really love a lot of these quotes. I definitely agree with the one about screams. I definitely have a scream inside of me. And the one about Narcissists 🙄. Great post hun! Makes me interested in this book!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I have to thank Good Reads, Over Drive, & Amazon for recommending to me the books I choose to read! 😉
      I think you’d like this one a lot! I have nearly 300 books on my TBR list lol so I know exactly how you feel, it is def an ever-growing pile!


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