Journal Entry #54

January 27, 2018

Hey, all! 🙂 I hope your weekend is going well, so far!

Except for the fact that my espresso I’m drinking right now still tastes like crap even though I returned it once saying it tasted funny; my weekend has been going amazingly.

I’m super freaking excited because I booked a solo trip for myself to go to New York!! I’m leaving Tuesday night/Wednesday morning. I’m only staying for 3 nights because it’ll be the first time boyfriend and I have been apart for even one day…I already miss him! The flight was so cheap–I couldn’t pass it up but we still couldn’t afford for both of us to go…plus boyfriend’s work schedule has already been made. I’ve always wanted to visit NY, I have NO idea what I am going to do. I just know I’m going to eat LOTS of yummy food! I’ll be flying home Feb. 3rd. 🙂 Yes, I am also very nervous but I think I’ll be okay.

Yesterday, we woke up around noon. I looked up 3 recipes for the week and made the shopping list. We went to Smith’s as usual, for our groceries. We came home and had dinner together. We finished the episode of Lie To Me that I fell asleep on then we went to get our espressos. I did my blog post and then got ready for work. I got to work kinda early like 10p…I stayed until nearly 4a. I got a little drunk…maybe too drunk, lol.

I have heart burn right now. 😦 And acid reflux.

I broke my fucking nail of my middle finger on my right hand and I was so sad! If you didn’t know, I just got them done, what? TWO DAYS AGO?!

Today, we woke up around noon, laid in bed together until almost 2p, I finally decided to shower because I needed to go to the nail salon to fix my nail and to Walmart to find a backpack for my trip and re-stock our toilet paper.

We were going to come home and make dinner but we decided to go out to eat. We wanted ramen but figured our fave spot would be busy since it is Saturday night. We went to Ohjah Noodle House in Henderson instead. We had been to this place at a different location and it was delicious. But…this one wasn’t that good.

After dinner, we went to Starbucks. Like I mentioned up top, I returned my drink because it tasted strange and got a new one but it still wasn’t better. I haven’t even gotten halfway through it. Usually I have finished my whole cup by the end of my journal entry.

I think my cats got into a fight while we were gone all day today. Twinkle has a huge scratch across her nose and past her mouth. AGH. They’re another reason boyfriend couldn’t have made the trip out to NY with me. We have no one here we trust to watch and care for them.

I am so behind on reading your blogs and I’m sorry! I’m also behind on posts that I wanted to publish. I have a My Favorite Quotes From… Emma in the Night, Recipe Review, and two unboxing posts in the making!!! I wanted to get them all out before February but I feel that might be an overload for you and for me, lol.

I’m also getting very worried because my media storage on here is nearly 90% full. 😦

I think I’ll do a Recipe Reviews post now and schedule it for tomorrow morning then get ready for work. Goodnight, babes!


xo, Hunida

31 thoughts on “Journal Entry #54

  1. All right this settles it. I am going to become and exotic dancer. Apparently exotic dancers all the time to write and eat the best foods, which is all I have ever wanted! lol. You have a great blog, I love it. – Robert

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  2. That’s awesome. I am too scared to travel alone, hence why I never go anywhere. (I have money to travel if I wanted, I just won’t go alone and have nobody to go with me). I’ve never been to NY though. It’s not really top of my list, though I would still go if given the chance.

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    1. I’m a little scared too but I know there’s nothing to worry about it! I’d rather travel as much as possible when I can instead of wait around til someone can go with me, you know?
      NY has always been #1 of my list of places to go in the USA! What’s at the top of yours?

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  3. That’s one of the bad things about the free version of WordPress. I ended up deleting a lot of older photos to clear space but of course that removed them from my older posts. Even if with optimizing photos, at some point the storage runs out.
    But, I’m excited for you going to NY lol I’d love to visit one day also. I’m sure you’ll have interesting blog posts about your time there.☺️
    I get acid reflux too, usually when I drink alcohol or soda and certain foods. 😒

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    1. Yeah I deleted some of my older posts and photos but there are no more that I’m willing to delete! I don’t want to start a whole new blog but I also don’t wanna pay for more storage space.
      I’m so excited for NY, too! I’ll def blog about it. 😉
      Ugh yeah alcohol gives me acid reflux like no other, too. It’s horrible!!

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    1. I never thought I wanted to live in Las Vegas until I came on vacation here! I hope I don’t feel the same way about NY when I go. The price to live out there is outrageous. What a dream it would be to make that much writing novels for a living!

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      1. It happened to me with coke at McDonald’s. Me: I’m sorry, sir, my coke tastes bad. Guy: oh, let me get another one for you. Me: (tries new one) sir, I don’t wanna be a pain but it tastes really weird, like bleach. Guy: uhhh… let me check it. Oh, you’re right. They’ve just washed the machine, I guess it tastes a bit like detergent. Can I get you a canned drink?


  4. Omg how exciting that you’re going to New York. I’d love to take a solo trip now more than ever but have no one to look after Ciel since Alex works all day haha. Anyway, that’s coming up real soon. I hope you have so much fun! Also, take lots of pictures, I expect a post haha
    And I don’t think I’ve seen your cats often, how do they look like? Both males, females, or one of each?
    The chicken karaage looks interesting. It looks like the sweet and sour chicken some one place over here, the chicken karaage from my favorite Japanese restaurant looks a little glazed, which I LOVE! if you guys ever come this way, I’m taking you there!
    And interesting that the beef ramen has corn, I’d love to try it lol.
    And….what else, one more thing…ah yeah, wordpress space lol. It sucks. I’ve deleted past photos, or have re-uploaded a few because the files were too big, but in the end I just left them alone. Another thing I do to conserve space is make collages, while it is a bit time consuming, it helps because I can put so many images together without worrying about uploading a bunch that take up ton of space. ☺️ there is always that option of going self hosted, I looked into it because I really really wanna do that, but it’s a bit pricey 😔

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    1. I am SUPER excited, eeee!! Aww, I hope you find someone who would be willing to watch him for a bit so you can do a solo trip someday!! Don’t worry, I will def do blog posts on my trip!! 😀
      I have 3 cats! I’m bad at taking photos of them because they won’t pose for me hahha! I have 2 boys and 1 girl. One boy is one of those gray with black stripes and spots cats, and the other is black and white. My girl is a Lynx Point mix! I’ve been planning on doing a post on them soon so I’ll try to get more photos of them!
      There was no sauce or glaze on the karaage!! It was really good though. 😀 Prob the best karaage I’ve tried so far. I would love to visit you and eat at that restaurant!! 😀 Someday I’ll have to!
      I added corn to it! Ha I always add corn and bamboo shoots to my ramen. 😀 I think I like the Pork (tonkotsu) ramen much better though. This was my first time trying beef because no other places serve it!
      Ugh yeah I deleted some photos and posts but there’s no more that I’m willing to delete. How much does it cost to just upgrade the amount of storage space on WP without going self-hosted?? I’ll have to look into at least doing that. I don’t wanna have to make a whole new blog!

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      1. Maybe once he’s older lol.
        Hmm I know nothing about cats so I have no idea what a lynx point looks like lol. I do see the neighborhood cats frequently though lol. I like the ones that are black with white on the chest because they look like they’re wearing a tuxedo lmao
        I like bamboo shoots on mine too, Alex doesn’t. I.l have to check the menu to see if they have corn at the restaurant so I can try it that way too, the more veggies on my meals the better for me anyway lol.
        I was able to delete a lot of posts so it freed up like 10% of space, but those posts were from when I started and blog about anything and everything, but people don’t like cars stuff here lmao so all that stuff came down ha
        And it used to be around $3 a month for a domain with 6GB of space, which is double what the free plan is. But now they raised it to $3.95 a month, so almost $4.
        I looked into going self hosted and my total would have been $93 with everything (domain, privacy, monthly charge for self hosting plan, and some other security thing where they tell you if someone hacked your site or if there’s a virus). I tried to do only domain and self hosted monthly plan and I think that came to be about $60 dollars, which is still pretty good I guess. It’s not as expensive if you have a job, I don’t, but also, if I go self hosted, I want to make sure that I can keep blogging otherwise that money will go to waste. And I also want to make sure that I can get money back through ads or something or earn money through blogging somehow if I do that.. idk. It’s tough, but maintaining a blog is a lot of work too.

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  5. That’s so exciting you booked yourself a trip to NY! I’d be nervous to go by myself lol. But there’s definitely so much to see and explore, I hope you have fun ☺️
    And don’t feel bad about falling behind on blogs. I thought I got myself caught up again only to fall behind 3-4 days again lol. It happens. Life that is


    1. It wasn’t so bad by myself at all except for sleeping at night in an empty bed! I did have so much fun, thank you. 😀 I am so so so SO behind on blogs–I don’t know how I’ll ever catch up and all of the comments, too. I can’t even see them all. 😦 Lol yeah, life is hard!

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      1. Awww I can imagine that sucked! Haha. But I’m glad you had a lot of fun, I need to read your recent posts 😂 and ohh you’re fine! Life gets in the way and once you fall a few days behind it gets so hard to catch up! I’ve been playing catch up for quite awhile now lol. I’m so behind again, too

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