Journal Entry #53

January 25, 2018

Happy Jr. Friday! I guess that’s what we call Thursdays here in Las Vegas (I heard it on the radio today, lol).

I never got to writing my post I had scheduled for yesterday: My Most Annoying Habits so I will have to schedule that post for a later date. I really am sorry if you were looking forward to that one but I post every single day so I didn’t think you guys would miss me too much. πŸ˜‰

Remember when I mentioned I bought the tickets for the China Lights Festival on Groupon for 50% off? Boyfriend had the day off yesterday so I decided to take the night off, as well, so we could attend. It was held at The Craig Ranch Regional Park. It was a bit far; 30m from our place.

The walkway into the whole festival was lined with the cute little animals of the Chinese Zodiac. Boyfriend and I were both born in 1995 so we are boars aka piggies. πŸ˜€ No wonder we love to eat so much!

They had the lanterns (lights? sculptures? what should I call them?) everywhere. They even put them out by the water where there were no sidewalks to walk on. How detailed!! They were beautiful even from a distance.

Sorry for the photo overload but there were so many I wanted to share! I still have a ton that I didn’t include!

We didn’t eat beforehand so we were hungry when we smelled the food cooking. There were two food stands. We decided on the Yakisoba’s stand.

I got Teriyaki Chicken and boyfriend got Teriyaki Pork. It wasn’t amazing but it was good enough. There were also small little shops that had cute knick knacks. I didn’t want to take a picture because the shop owners all seemed to be staring at me, lol. There were not that many at all.

There was a private tour with a guide that we were supposed to be apart of but boyfriend and I went off on our own, lol.

From the other stand, we bought freshly squeezed lemonade that was a little too sweet. I was tempted to buy a funnel cake and/or deep fried Oreos but I was sugar high from the lemonade already.

There was also a parade and a show with 5 different performances. The performers travel here from China to do this show. It was so awesome!! The parade was pretty lame, though, to be honest. They walked around the crowd only once and then, it was over. The people in the parade were the audience members except for two people who wore the traditional parade dragon costume.

Out of the 5 performances my favorites were:

The 3 jugglers. These 3 men were the first act and also the last act. During their first act they juggled and in the last one they jumped through literal hoops!!

And then there was the contortionist woman. She was out of this world. In that photo ^ she is balancing Menorahs lit with real fire on the bottoms of her feet, her palms, and one in her mouth, yes!! Like I said; she was out of this fucking world!!

There was also a face-changing lady, she danced around and her mask kept changing with just a swipe of the arm of her robe across her face! There was also two girls who played with these big yo-yos. Sadly, they messed up a few times–they noticeably dropped it and/or didn’t catch it when they were supposed to. It was still a good performance, though!

When we got home from the Festival it was around 8p. We were hungry again so we made our last meal in the fridge. We need to go grocery shopping tomorrow.

I was exhausted from walking around all day at the Festival so I told myself I would eat dinner, watch a couple of episodes of Lie To Me then write my daily blog post but I was too lazy and got sucked into watching Lie to Me all night. We stayed up until 1a watching it until I couldn’t keep my eyes open anymore even though I really wanted to see the ending of that episode!

Today, we woke up around noon and I needed to get my nails done. Not only were they completely grown out, I had broken the tip off my pointing finger nail on my right hand!

I went to the nail salon I always go to but the lady I prefer to go to was busy the whole time I was there so I let another woman work on me because I didn’t want to wait for my lady. I think the lady did an amazing job, I was happy with the results and I’m glad I didn’t wait. πŸ˜€ She was a bit too talkative for me, though, lol…but that’s how all elder Asian women are. πŸ˜‰ Hahaha.

I got a gray-ish purple called Melting Violet by DND. I don’t always pay attention to the name of the color or brand of polish but I did this time for some reason.

I just had to pull a ton of knots out of my hair because that stupid drone I bought boyfriend for Christmas just got twisted up all in it. 😑 That just wasted 30m of my life and 300 strands of hair out of my head. 😑


After, I got my nails done, we went to Sephora to get my 50 beauty points with the in-store Play! card and I needed new mascara. I realized that my mascara is the only thing I use that isn’t cruelty-free but no other mascaras really work for me. I’m bad. 😦

The nearest Sephora was the was in the Fashion Show Mall which is always a shit show to get to. So many cars and tourists in the way but we made it!

We had a coupon for the Mexican restaurant at Boulder Station Casino (the same one I go to for margaritas before work sometimes). On the coupon, it said the restaurant was called Cabo Cantina, though, so we searched the casino for that restaurant. We couldn’t find it and were getting very hangry. We finally found a security guard to ask about the restaurant. He informed us that we were looking for Guadalajara which we had passed over and over again, thinking it couldn’t be it since the name was different.

This restaurant was absolutely delicious!!

They gave us free chips, salsa, and bean dip. There was a Salsa Bar with all of it so you could grab as much salsa and bean dip as you wanted. There was also a ton of different salsas to choose from. The best part: it was all free! Every Mexican restaurant we’ve been to so far in Las Vegas has charged us for chips and salsa and didn’t have as many salsas to choose from at all!

I don’t usually like bean dip but I loved this one. It was SO yummy!

None of the salsas were that spicy though even though they claimed to be “extra hot.” That was a little disappointing.

We ordered the Cholula Wings for our appetizer. They were basically buffalo wings made with Cholula instead of Frank’s hot sauce. They were good but I’m going to work tonight so I couldn’t have too much spice. I probably had more than I should with the salsa and all. I only ate two wings. Go me!

Boyfriend ordered this huge burrito called the Chimichanga De La Casa with shredded beef. It came with refried beans and Mexican rice. My entrΓ©e also came with the beans and rice. I was sad that they topped the beans with cheese, though. 😦 I tried to eat around it, lol.

I ordered the Chicken Cocktelero. I could NOT pronounce it the way our waiter did and I just now couldn’t even remember how to spell it. I had to look up the menu so I wouldn’t butcher the spelling. It was my favorite Mexican dish I’ve ever had in my whole life, seriously. So freaking delicious.

After dinner, we needed to stop at Walmart since I think I accidentally sprayed bleach on our toothbrushes when I was cleaning the shower LOL. My toothbrush tasted like poison and it wouldn’t go away so we had to get new ones…boyfriend was too scared to even brush his teeth when I warned him about it, lol, shhh! I also needed contact solution but I fell asleep in the car so boyfriend ran in while I stayed napping…we also had to hit the dispensary so I got to nap a little longer. Then, we got our espressos from Starbucks and I sipped it while trying to keep my eyes open, lol. PMS makes me mean and sleepy. πŸ˜›

When we finally got home, I edited all of the above photos and then started typing this. It’s been over an hour now. I had to cuss my boyfriend out for getting his toy stuck in my hair in the middle of it, then untangle the mess, too…lol. Now, I’ve gotta go get ready for work. I’m sleepy even after finishing my espresso–I think I need another one, ha.


xo, Hunida

31 thoughts on “Journal Entry #53

  1. Omg what an awesome festival! All of those lights are so cool! We don’t have anything cool like that near here. 😦 My Chinese zodiac is the dragon. (One of the reasons I have a dragon tattoo.) I love the new colors of your nails! That food looks so good too, that now I’m hungry again, and I just ate an hour ago. lol πŸ˜›

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  2. Heyyy I’m early lol
    Ok many things to talk about here; I’ll have to go back and forth since I’m on my iPad lol.
    1) the China lights festival, holy fucking shit! All those lights look unreal!!! Gosh it’s like looking at animation it’s so dope. I wish we had something like that because that literally blew my mind everything is so pretty I would have loved to see the monkey zodiac πŸ’
    2) the panda display and the sea tunnel are my absolute favorite!!
    3) loving the color you chose for your nails, and I love that you have your go-to lady lol and it’s nice that the other lady didn’t do a bad job 😁
    4) this might be mean but I kind of giggled when you said your hair got caught in the drone and in my mind I was like β€œooooh he’s in troubleeeeeee” πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ must have been a pain in the ass to get it all untangled though especially with your very long hair, I seriously don’t know how you manage it lol
    5) you gonna share with us your Sephora subscription? I wanna know what you got cause I’m nosy like that lmao
    6) the food looks delish! I live for Mexican food lol I love it love it love it 😍 i can never get enough, I would love to try some of the dishes from restaurants but I feel like I’m missing an ingredient or two because the flavor isn’t all there hahaha
    7) that part about the bleach in your toothbrushes I had to re-read it because I thought I read it wrong lol I would have freaked out for a second haha

    Anyway hope you have a great night goodnight!😴

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    1. I don’t know how you blog on your iPad lol mine sucks. It’s so laggy! It is an old one but it always has been that way. πŸ˜›
      Maybe there is something else for the Chinese New Year near you! I think that is the monkey in the picture by the sign! πŸ€—
      The sea tunnel was magical!
      Lol ok we laughed about it later and I had to apologize for saying mean things to him hahaha. But yeah it was a horrible mess.
      I will share the box but I haven’t tried everything yet! Soon though, promise!
      I’m sure your cooking is better than any restaurant!
      Hahaha omg I did freak out a bit. I gargled with super hot water over and over again.

      Thanks babe!!! Have a good day or night (when ever you read this)! πŸ’—

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      1. I don’t blog on my iPad, although I used to back when the app didn’t lag or freeze. Now I only use it to read people’s blogs when I’m waiting on Ciel to fall asleep.
        We have a Chinese garden on Washington Park, I’ve never been, but I’ve read that they have something coming up next month, but it’s nothing too crazy like what you attended. It says they have a few lantern sculptures, but that’s it, I’m debating on going or skipping it.. I’ll have a talk with Alex because it would be nice to go since we’ve never been there.
        Is it really? Let me look again, it didn’t look like a monkey to me haha…I just saw it again and it kind of does look like a monkey haha yay! πŸ˜€
        Oh don’t worry, take your time trying things, especially if its skincare, that takes a while to test πŸ˜€
        Nah, I mean I can cook Mexican food, but there are some traditional dishes that I can’t get right, and Mexicans don’t measure shit, they just toss it in the pot so it’s hard for me to copy what they do because my measurements are off LOL

        It’s morning! πŸ˜€ LOL I bet you’re sleeping, it’s 11:43am here, so….12:43pm there?

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        1. Yeah, we only use our iPad to watch shows or movies on in our bedroom since we don’t have a TV in our bedroom. It sucks to do anything else besides play games!
          Oooh, I’d love to see what the Chinese garden looks like. ;D
          Yeah, I might just post the unboxings before I try some things but I only have like two more products to give a go so I think I’ll try ’em first. πŸ˜€

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  3. That festival looks like it was a lot of fun! So many lights! I’ve never seen any wild performances like that up close but I’m sure it was an awesome thing to see! My zodiac symbol is the rooster lol. Your nails are always so pretty! That’s awful the drone got tangled up in your hair though, I freak out when I get a nasty knot. My hair is so thin, those hairs are valuable πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah, the lights were super awesome! I think the performances were the best part though! πŸ˜€ My sister is a rooster, too, lol. You must have been born in ’93. πŸ˜‰ My hair is getting thin and I’ve been losing a lot of hair lately so I was NOT happy about it hahaha.

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  4. My favorite of the lanterns you showed us were the eles. I love elephants. I had to Google your chicken dish and it is described this way: chicken cocktelero – braised sliced chicken breast in Mexican spices cooked in garlic and red sauce, served in a crispy flour tortilla bowl. YUM! That does sound delicious. I’ve only been to Vegas once. Overnight to see a show. Shocked that I don’t remember where or what we ate there! If I ever go again I will have a list of places and foods to try thanks to your blog! The Vegas Tourism Board should hire you to be their restaurant reviewer person. Seriously.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aww you just brought me back down memory lane commenting on this post, hehe! The elephants were super cute!! What is your Chinese Zodiac animal??

      Yess! If you ever see Cocktelero on the menu at a Mexican restaurant– get it!! You would love it since we both hate the corn tortillas. πŸ™‚ I still stand by my word of it being the best Mexican dish I’ve ever had!

      Oh!! That’s so fun that you came here for a show. Which one was it?!

      & oh what a dream it would be to be a professional restaurant reviewer!! ❀ I'm so glad I've given you some places & foods to try for your next visit! Thanks for all your support! ❀


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